Never Lose Hope

Why You Should Never Lose Hope?

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you lose hope when you face challenges and failures? You should never lose hope because challenges and failures are part of life. If you look at the stories of successful people, you can find that they faced a lot of challenges and failed multiple times. They became successful because they learned from their mistakes and moved forward with self-confidence and a positive attitude.

Never Lose Hope

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Why Should Never Lose Hope?

If you want to achieve success in your life, you need to work hard with confidence. You should live with determination and patience. Even after following all the positive things, still, you have to face challenges in your life. When you fail you should not become hopeless. Hopelessness is the biggest enemy of success. When you become hopeless, you lose everything and your mind and body will work well. The following short story of Giraffe teaches us to never lose hope.

How does a baby Giraffe learn to stand up and run?

When the mother Giraffe gives birth to a baby, the mother Giraffe is very tall and the baby Giraffe falls to the ground with a force. And as it tries to understand where it has fallen, mother Giraffe stands over it and kicks it really hard. The baby Giraffe falls at a distance and tries to gather its senses, again the mother Giraffe comes and stands over it and again gives it another hard kick. The baby Giraffe understands, ‘If I don’t act now, I will keep getting kicks.” It starts trying to get up on its wobbly legs. Then, again the mother kicks the baby and again the baby falls and understands, ‘If I don’t stand and run, I will be kicked again and again.’ Now, the baby Giraffe starts running.

And at that moment, the mother comes and starts kissing and embracing the baby. The mother Giraffe is aware that there are ferocious animals in the forest Tiger, Wolf etc who love the soft flesh of newborn animals. And the mother Giraffe can’t stay with the baby all the time. So, if it goes away, who will protect the baby? That is why, as soon as the baby is born, the mother kicks the baby so that it learns how to stand, She kicks again so that the baby remembers how to stand. Again she kicks the baby so that the baby not just stands up, but starts running.

Lesson from the story – Never lose hope

In the life journey, we have to face many challenges, and many times we may fail. No matter how many times we fail, we should learn to get up and move forward and turn failure into success. If we learn to get up and start running, we will surely achieve success in life. Failure is not the end, but a chance to learn from mistakes. We should never lose hope. Learn to overcome obstacles and reach the highest peak of success.

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Do not lose hope in failures

When your parents give you small kicks, you should not feel sad. That is a way to teach you how to stand up and run to achieve success. When you fail in your studies or in your career, never lose hope because failure is not the end but a chance to learn from your mistakes. You should be fearless of failures and move forward to achieve success.

Never lose hope and follow the below

How does a child learn to stand up and run? The child falls many times, but never lose hope. After each fall, the child tries to get up and stand. When parents hold his/her hands and teach to walk, the child trusts the parents and learn to walk. If you have hope and faith you will achieve success.



You can’t expect success every time. You have to face failures. Have the courage to face challenges and move forward to achieve success in your goals. You should never lose hope whatever the situation may be.

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