Ways To Stop Procrastination

Easy Ways To Stop Procrastination With Self-Improvement

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you have the habit of always procrastinating, over analysing things and overthinking? If yes, nothing to worry much about it. You are not alone, in today’s world, many are facing the problem of procrastination and that becomes an obstacle to their success in life. In this article, let us discuss how to stop procrastination and make changes in your life.

How To Stop Procrastination?

Ways To Stop Procrastination
Ways To Stop Procrastination
  1. Identify why you procrastinate
  2. Start with small steps
  3. Make it a big priority
  4. Create accountability
  5. Avoid judging yourself
  6. Don’t make procrastination your enemy
  7. Do you just work better under pressure
  8. Understand the difference between time and energy

Ways to stop procrastination with self-improvement

1. Identify why you procrastinate

The first step is identifying why do you procrastinate. Have you ever wondered why do you overthink that you want to get this done, you want to make progress in your life? It is true that for some reason you just can’t seem to stop your overthinking.

Many people procrastinate because of a lack of value associated with the task. Sometimes you think that you are not going to achieve the real value as per your expectation, or the value is too far from you in terms of time. And finally, because you’re very impulsive as a person. Identifying your procrastination helps you to understand the real challenge and the issue without blaming yourself and without thinking that something is wrong with you.

2. Start with small steps to stop procrastination

Why do most people never get started? Do you have a problem with starting? Because your goal is so big and you think you have to achieve that in a day. You think that if you don’t get there you can’t start. This is the most debilitating frustrating feeling. You have to simplify and create a first small step that is easy to handle. Start with a small step and then gradually you will be able to handle anything. Starting with a small step will surely help you to achieve a big goal.

3. Make it a big priority

Give priority to one goal at a time and be focused on that particular goal. If you try to do many things at a time, you may not succeed. You feel tired and lazy. You can improve one thing at a time and hence you need to choose that wisely and give priority.

4. Create accountability

Sometimes you don’t feel like doing something because you have no accountability. You overthink and get distracted. When you really need to work on something and improve something you often have to do it. When you are responsible, accountable for something, you will not procrastinate, but you will surely do it.

5. Avoid judging yourself to stop procrastination

Do you have a bad habit of judging yourself? When procrastinate, do you have the problem of negative thoughts and self-doubt coming to your mind? It is because of a lack of self-confidence. You judge yourselves and make yourselves feel guilty and feel something wrong with you. You say to yourselves that you are lazy, worthless, not smart enough to handle things. When you have this kind of negative thinking you are putting yourself down and this makes your mind and body weak. This way you create a prison of guilt in your mind that is difficult for you to break easily. Stop judging yourself. Teach your mind that failures are part of life. Don’t worry about failures because better chances and results may be awaiting you.  Failure is not the end, but a chance to learn from your mistakes. Learn to convert failure into success.

6. Don’t make procrastination your enemy

Don’t make procrastination your enemy. Do you think procrastination is bad and useless? Does it show that you are fearful or insecure? Sometimes procrastination can often be the greatest space for creativity allowing yourself to doodle, allowing yourself to think and do things freely.

8. Do you work better under pressure?

Do you just leave things to do till the last minute? Many people have a habit of doing everything under pressure at the last minute. They think they can do better under last-minute pressure. Sometimes you are not aware of the facts and procedure, you find it difficult to deal with that situation and feel stress and anxiety. Learn to overcome stress and cope with anxiety. If you plan well and set a deadline and proceed in time you will do better.

7. Understand the difference between time and energy

Many people say we don’t have enough time to do this and hence they postpone their work. They don’t understand the difference between time and energy. Do you know when you are present and focused on something, that’s more powerful than any amount of time? If you are alert and ready to, you can make more progress and effective in less time than what you actually needed. When you feel you don’t have enough time, ask yourself how can you make your presence to that particular task within the available time limit. Learn to stay motivated in hard times. Remember, time is precious and priceless, never waste time.

7 Traits of successful people:

Traits of successful people
Traits of successful people
  1. Not paralysed by obstacles life throws their way.
  2. Tend to look at setbacks and failures as learning opportunities to do better.
  3. Focus their energy more on things and situations that are within their control.
  4. Avoid negative thinking at all costs.
  5. Committed to the goals they’ve set for themselves and the pursuit of their dreams.
  6. Only in competition with themselves.
  7. Know when to let go and let God.


Hope that you could find a few simple and easy tips about how to stop procrastination. Remember, time never wait for you and also you can never get back the time and opportunity missed. Set your goals, be focused and be dedicated to your work. Challenges and failures are part of life. Be strong, move forward fearless of failures and achieve success and happiness in life. Learn to stop procrastination and make your life successful.

Do you have procrastination?

How do you manage procrastination?

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