Importance Of Exercise | The 7 Top Excuses For Not Exercising Enough

Importance Of Exercise | The 7 Top Excuses For Not Exercising Enough

Do you exercise regularly or find excuses for not exercising enough? Are you aware of the importance of exercise in your physical and mental health? How many times your Doctor advised you to maintain regular exercise and reduce medication for better health? Do you encourage your relatives and friends for regular exercise for a healthy life?

Women and men need to exercise regularly to stay healthy. However, when it comes to working out, some people use any excuse to avoid it. The health repercussions of not exercising are just too costly and exacerbate health issues. Men and women who need to find their motivation again can read through the 7 top excuses for not exercising enough.

Why Seek Addiction Treatment? How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Getting Your Life Back In Order: How Much Does Rehab Cost?

When considering the cost of rehab, people often overlook the cost of addiction. They simply take into account the cost of the next 12-pack of beer or the next bag of marijuana. By doing so, they completely ignore the social and health costs of addiction. Many individuals look at the cost of rehab and feel they cannot afford to seek treatment. Let’s find How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Girl From Kerala S. Sushree IPS

How A 23-Year-Old Girl From Kerala S Sushree Passed The UPSC Exam

Have you heard the inspiring success story of S. Sushree IPS, 23-year-old girl from Kerala who qualified the UPSC exam in her first attempt and secured 151st rank? After completion of her training at Dehradun and National Police Academy at Hyderabad subsequently, on 11th November 2019, Sushree has joined Odisha cadre. Let’s find glimpses of her success story. Her success story proves that hard work and support from parents are necessary for the success of a child.

Time Is Precious And Priceless To Become The Master Of Your Life?

Why Time Is Precious And Priceless | How To Become The Master Of Life?

Do you waste your time on unnecessary matters? Are you always staring out the window for countless minutes, even though you have work to do? Do you research useless information or play games on the Internet when you know you have more important, pressing tasks? It might be time to admit that you have a tendency to procrastinate. Remember, time is precious and priceless. Make use of time wisely to become the master of your life,

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