Duty Towards Neighbour And The Importance Of Good Neighbourhood

Duty Towards Neighbour – The Importance And Benefits

Updated on July 5, 2024

We all have neighbours near our home. You might have experienced being on good terms with your neighbour has many benefits. If you do not have a good relationship with your neighbour that can make your life frustrating, day after day. Do you have a good relationship with your neighbour? Do you know what is your duty towards your neighbour?

What is your duty towards neighbour?

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Bible – Mark 12:31

The above is the answer Jesus Christ gave to a question asked to him.

So your duty towards your neighbour is to love him as yourself.

Duty Towards Neighbour

Duty Towards NeighbourYou should hurt nobody by word or deed. Be true and just in all your dealing. Bear no malice or hatred in your heart.

Ensure a safe and friendly neighbourhood and everyone carries out their own responsibilities. Also, ensure that you show your neighbours the same respect that you expect from them.

Avoid making too much noise and disturbing the neighbours. Aged and sick people may need calm and rest. Too much sound can be a disturbance to them and also for the children studying in your neighbourhood.

Duty Towards Neighbour

1.  Warm welcome

Do you show your neighbour a warm welcome and extend a helping hand?

Warm welcome - duty towards neighbour
Lady standing at the door with a smile

When your neighbour visits your home, welcome him with a warm smile. Talk to him and ask for any help needed. Extend your helping hand whatever possible. Visit neighbours and also invite them to your house. Sometimes sharing their problems with you may help them to relieve stress and a peaceful mind.

2. Help the neighbour

When your neighbours need something from you, do you provide them with it when you can?

Some people are shy to ask for help. If you feel they need some help, ask them and that will give the courage for them to tell the truth. Always help your neighbours. You don’t know when you may require the help of your neighbour. You may think, you have enough money and hence you don’t require the help of neighbours.

Help your neighbours
A sick lady on the bed

That is wrong thinking. Imagine you are alone at home and you become sick and in an emergency to go to the hospital. But you are in a stage where you can’t go without the help of others. What will you do at that time? You will call the neighbour and he will help you to go to the hospital.

The same thing can happen to your neighbour also. At that time, you should offer him help and take him to the hospital at the earliest. Sometimes your that timely help will save his life.

3. Never ignore helping neighbours

Do you ignore helping them, especially elderly or disabled neighbours?

Some people do not like to help others even though they can. Helping doesn’t mean money only. There are many other ways of helping. Sharing knowledge, giving the things needed and many other things.

Sometimes your neighbour may be sick and unable to cook food for their children. You can help them by cooking or giving food to them.

Aged or disabled neighbours may need help to get up and walk. Help them as and when required.

4. Respect your neighbour

Are you kind to your neighbours and respect them?

Most people respect their neighbours. But some people do not give proper respect to neighbours. They think the neighbours are not up to their status. Do you think it is good? Not at all. Always respect your neighbours. Be kind to them.

If they do something wrong to you, try to have a discussion and solve the problem. Forgiving others is the best thing to have a peaceful mind. If you keep anger in your mind, that will make you stressed.

5. Ease the pain of neighbours

Do you try to ease their pain when they are sad?

In this world, everyone has problems and pains. Understand the pain of your neighbours and try your best to console and help them to become happy. Never make fun, laugh or feel happy about their problems. Your words should not make them more painful.

6. Don’t make fun

Do you make fun of the way they live, talk or dress?

Never make fun - duty towards neighbour
A small hut

Today fashion is changing day by day. It is possible that you are not aware of new trends. Some people may not have enough money to buy good clothes.  When you see your neighbour in a new fashion dress or with a torn old dress, don’t make fun. Sometimes your neighbour may not have enough money to live a lifestyle like you. Never make fun of or laugh about the way your neighbour lives, talks or dresses.

Importance of good neighbourhood

A good neighbourhood is very important for a healthy community. Always have a good relationship with your neighbours. Avoid quarrels with neighbours. In case of any misunderstanding or other problem, try to solve it at the earliest. We have a short life on earth. Don’t waste your time on quarrelling and fighting. Time is precious and hence make use of it in a positive way. Share your love with others. Your loveful words can make others smile.


Good neighbours are always there to help others. Your relatives may be staying far away from your home. Your neighbours are the ones who will come first to help you in trouble. Keep a good relationship with your neighbours. Visit their house often. Enquire about their problems and extend help. Some neighbours may be shy to ask for help. But it is your responsibility to understand their shy nature and help them. Hope that you could find out what is your duty towards your neighbour.

How do you deal with your neighbours?

Are you happy with your neighbours?

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