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Every life has a purpose. Simply Life Tips is designed to help you find your life’s purpose and make it successful. This blog is for everyone who wants a positive shift in their life journey. Ignite your power by discovering your greatest strengths and put yourself on the road to success and happiness.

Life is not what you have, but what you make it. It is not important how long you live, but how well you live. Keep life simple, stay happy and live life to the fullest! Let’s strive to go beyond our boundaries to reach out to the unknown and make life successful and full of happiness!


Career Articles


Key topics include overcoming procrastination, setting effective goals, and boosting productivity. By implementing these strategies, readers can enhance their career prospects and achieve a more fulfilling and balanced life​.​

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Parenting Articles Simply Life Tips

Family & Parenting

Insights on fostering healthy family relationships, unlocking children’s potential, and effective parenting strategies. The articles emphasize the importance of family as a foundation of support, love, and shared memories.

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Health Articles

Health & Lifestyle

Guidance on maintaining physical and mental health, overcoming addictions, and fostering a balanced lifestyle. This section often includes advice on healthy habits, mental wellness, and strategies for dealing with stress​.

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Moral stories, and valuable life lessons to foster growth and character development in children. Dive into a treasure trove of moral tales and creative adventures designed to educate, entertain, and inspire young minds.

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Self-Improvement Articles Simply Life Tips


Articles on developing self-belief, embracing simplicity, decision-making, and the importance of hard work. These pieces often provide practical tips, inspirational quotes, and stories to motivate readers to strive for personal growth and success.

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Success Stories

Success Stories

These inspiring stories showcase perseverance and creativity, highlighting individuals who overcame significant challenges to achieve their dreams. Let them motivate and empower you on your path to success.

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The Powerful Family

Mathukutty P V Founder Simply Life Tips

Mathukutty P. V.

Founder And Admin

Mathukutty P. V. is a dynamic individual who excels as a blogger, content writer, influencer, and YouTuber. His unwavering passion for learning new skills drives his continual success and multifaceted career.

Manu Mathew Co-Founder Simply Life Tips

Manu Mathew


Manu Mathew is an accomplished professional with a distinguished educational background, a Graduate of IIT, Kharagpur and an MBA from ISB, Mohali.

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