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About Simply Life Tips

Simply Life Tips is a blog dedicated to fostering positive transformation in the lives of all our readers. Our primary goal is to empower you on your journey to a successful and joy-filled life.

At Simply Life Tips, our focus is on delivering practical, actionable advice aimed at enhancing every facet of your existence. Our content spans a wide spectrum of subjects, encompassing health, relationships, personal development, finance, and much more.

Our website boasts a rich array of resources, including informative articles, engaging videos, and visually appealing infographics, all crafted to guide and inspire you on your quest for a more fulfilling life. We also showcase inspiring narratives and motivational quotes to uplift and invigorate your spirit.

Simply Life Tips is a valuable companion for anyone seeking to institute positive changes in their life and reach their goals. Whether searching for strategies to improve your well-being, financial management insights, or advice for cultivating stronger relationships, you’ll discover a wealth of useful content on this platform. Join us and embark on the journey towards a brighter, more enriching life

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Mathukutty P. V. – Founder

Meet Mathukutty P V, the founder of this blog. Following his voluntary retirement, he embarked on this blogging journey in September 2017, seeking to fill his free time with creative and helpful endeavours for others. Today, he leads a ‘Free lifestyle,’ embracing a passion for continual learning.

Mathukutty discovered that blogging was the ideal channel for sharing his interests with the world, providing him with an unanticipated sense of freedom. He wears multiple hats as a Blogger, Content Writer, Influencer, and YouTuber, all fueled by his unwavering enthusiasm for acquiring new skills.

Through this blog, he takes pleasure in imparting the knowledge he has accumulated over the years from his extensive reading and life experiences.

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Mathukutty P V Simply Life Tips

Mathukutty P. V.


Mathukutty P V is a multifaceted individual, excelling as a Blogger, Content Writer, Influencer, and YouTuber. His passion for acquiring new skills is a driving force behind his success.

Manu Mathew

Manu Mathew


Manu Mathew is an accomplished professional with an impressive educational background. He graduated from IIT and also earned an MBA

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