Stop Dwelling On Negative Thoughts

How To Stop Dwelling On Negative Thoughts?

Updated on July 5, 2024

Are you facing the problem of negative thoughts disturbing your mind often? Do you think that negative thoughts are reserved for just a few people and you are one of them? Not at all. Many people are struggling with this problem and it affects their life badly. It is very important to stop dwelling on negative thoughts for a healthy and successful life.

How To Stop Dwelling On Negative Thoughts?

Stop Negative Thoughts
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You should realise that many people are plagued by the problem of negative thoughts coming often into their minds. This affects their daily life and productivity. They find it difficult to concentrate better on the work assigned to them.

In fact, having it is a normal phenomenon. It is true that there could be many different reasons for your negative thinking. But you can learn to catch them and challenge them out of existence.

It is very necessary to have control over your thoughts. Otherwise, negative thoughts will affect your growth mindset and slowly it will put you down. That can be unpleasant and counterproductive. That can even lead to chronic depression.

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Meditation, mindfulness, and other tools can help us avoid unwanted thoughts, says social psychologist Daniel Wegner.

A few techniques to stop negative thoughts

Try to say “stop!” to yourself when you notice that negative thoughts or images are entering your mind.

Recognise and write on a paper the specific emotion like fear, anger, or jealousy linked to your negative thinking. Don’t keep the paper, but destroy it. That will symbolise your commitment to moving on.


Remember that you are human and negative thinking cannot be totally eradicated.

But with time the frequency will decrease and you will find it easier to stop your negative thinking.

Take a conscious effort to change your thought patterns and embrace positive and proactive thinking.

Many people ask these questions.

  • How to get rid of negative thinking?
  • Does negative thinking affect manifestation within the law of attraction?
  • What are the techniques and exercises that can help in removing negative thoughts?

This video will help you get into the habit of being in a positive state of mind. You will reduce your negative thoughts.


How to Control and Stop Negative Thoughts?

1. Note Your Thoughts

When you are negative toward yourself, identify problem behaviours and make a thought journal.  Examine your journal and ask yourself some hard questions.

2. Change Your Harmful Negative Thoughts

Be deliberate with your thoughts and remind yourself that thoughts are thoughts only.

Acknowledge all thoughts, including the negative ones.

Find the triggers of your negative thoughts and filter them. Watch out for emotional reasoning and never try to jump to conclusions.

3. Cultivate Self-Love

Try to cultivate mindfulness and find flexible alternatives.  You should aim for a balanced view of yourself. Show yourself compassion and always focus on the positives of life. Always try to use only positive, hopeful statements and language.

4. Get Social Support

Avoid the influences of others, and surround yourself with good friends and positive social environments. Never keep bad friends. Try to extend a helping hand to others.

Consult a mental health professional.


Negative thoughts are very dangerous. It can damage your mental health and also force you to take the wrong decisions in life. Try to avoid negative thinking, always think positively, and lead a happy and successful life. Keep busy, and do physical activities. That will help you to divert your mind to positive and creative thoughts. Spend your free time with good friends, children, and grandchildren and play with them. Storytelling is a good thing to keep the mind busy. Read good books and also have some good entertainment.

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Are you struggling with negative thoughts coming into your mind often?

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