How To Turn Failure Into Success?

Face Challenges Fearless Of Failures And Turn Failure Into Success
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(Last Updated On: May 20, 2020)

Do you fear about failures in life? If yes, nothing to worry much about this problem. Many people are fearful of failures. And that fear doesn’t allow to move forward and achieve success. Let’s find how to face challenges fearless of failures and turn failure into success.

How To Turn Failure Into Success?

You may have the talent and skill to achieve success, but the fearful mind does not allow to take action. Challenges are part of life. Without facing and overcoming challenges you can never achieve success.

It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.

Bill Gates

We all celebrate success, but do we heed the lessons of failures? Most people will answer ‘NO’. Success makes us happy and failure gives unhappiness and stress thinking about the failures. While failure feels bad, you can end up on top with the right attitude. How?


Easy Solutions To Turn Failure Into Success

1. Identify your mistakes and accept them

The most important step is to identify and accept your mistakes and learn how to approach problems in a better way. Always listen to feedback from others and try new ideas. The important thing is asking yourself what lessons you learn from your failures.

You might have worked hard on something but you couldn’t achieve success as expected. You must acknowledge and accept that it didn’t work.

Some people have a habit of blaming others for failures. Never blame others for your failures. Have the courage and take responsibility. It may hurt your mind, but accept it as your mistakes and determine to do better for next time.

2. Take a break to refresh your energy

A break or a pleasure trip is good to refresh the mind to relieve the stress of failure. This will help you to approach the project with new eyes and a fresh mind in the future.

This doesn’t mean to quit, but just leave it for a while to refresh your mind and energy. It is not necessary that you have to take rest, but you can work on other projects.

3. Find out the reasons

Try to analyse and find the exact reasons for the failure. If you failed in an exam, check the study time table, method of study, the exam writing method and other matters related to study. This may help you learn from the experience and do better on your next exam.

Learn How To Solve Study Problems Without Help

Make a note of everything that caused problems. Pinpoint each mistake and weak area and look for better solutions.

4. Learn from your mistakes

Time is precious and hence don’t waste your valuable time on analysing each silly mistakes. Focus only on the lessons what you have learned from these mistakes. These lessons will help you to improve and do better next time.

5. Never evaluate yourself as a failure

Your hard work didn’t give good results doesn’t mean you have failed in all areas of your life. So don’t evaluate yourself as a failure. Always believe in yourself and have faith in your ability and self-worth.

See yourself through the lenses of your kindness, hard work, sincerity and other such good qualities.

Always dream big to realise the power of dreaming big.

6. Enjoy your failures

You might have seen in Television competition programmes the judges congratulate the failed candidates for their efforts. The same thing you can apply to your failures. Instead of getting down on yourself for the failure, you can congratulate yourself for putting yourself out there and making an effort. You covered many steps and closer to success next time.


Many think failure as the opposite of success. But failures are in fact the stepping stones of success. Failure is necessary for you to learn lessons and take bold steps.

How to convert failures into success – Vivek Bindra

In this epic Video by Mr Vivek Bindra (International Motivational SpeakerLeadership Consultant, and CEO Coach) discloses the secret to converting failures into success.

Watch this video for failure stories of successful people and to know how to convert failures into success.

How can become fearless of failures?

You might have heard some people saying that the talk from almost everyone including close friends, family, and relatives is discouraging. Because they are saying he/she is the best example of a failure in life.

If you want success in life you should keep failing and learn from mistakes. Don’t give much attention to comments. Move forward fearless to achieve success.


We all face failures in life. Some are fearless of failures, but many fear failures and hence they are unable to move forward facing challenges in life.

The word failure itself causes a lot of discomfort and fear when it shouldn’t.

Winston Churchill’s Quotes

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

Failures are part of life. Everyone has to experience failures in life. That can be a failure in friendship, in a study, in a relationship, in business, in the family etc.

Some people would rather talk about a problem forever instead of trying anything better. Failure helps you to find your inner strengths which make you brave.

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. 

Bill Gates

Failing is a crucial part of achieving success. Failure is not permanent, but it is a temporary situation helpful to learn lessons.

If failure was the end of the story there would be no great people. Failure did not keep these great people away from achieving goals and becoming extraordinarily successful.

People who accept failures in life have a far greater chance of self-improvement and success than other people.

Failure is not the end of your story. It is the start of your comeback story. Click To Tweet

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If you want success in life, then you have to fail, and you have to fail often. You have to learn from each failure and then you can become fearless in failures.

Fear of failure immobilises you, prevents you from moving forward in life and hampers your chances of success.

Don’t ever let the fear of failure stop you from pursuing the desired goal.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Colin Powell

Learn From Mistakes And Turn Failure Into Success

Bad grades show a failure in your school not the failure in your life.

If you fail at work, it’s because you lack certain skills. Try to learn those skills. It may take time, but eventually, you will master them.

If you fail in dealing with people, fail in a relationship with parents or others, that may be because you expect too much from others.

Never give up on  your dreams

The bottom line of failure is that success happens the moment you decide you will achieve whatever you desire and take the first step towards it.

Sometimes failure happens the second you give up on your dreams or don’t even try at all.

If you are aiming to succeed big, you must be ready to risk failing big.

Most times, you must go through the process of failure many times before you get to be where you want. You should learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and move on the road to success.

Failing is not scary, but if you give up yourself for it,  you are really failed.

Do everything you can to lean on them. Success will follow.

Keep failing. Learn from your mistakes. But Never Give Up. Winners Don't Quit. Click To Tweet

Winners don’t quit – Motivational video

Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.

Shah Rukh Khan

Final Thoughts

It is not necessary that you win every time. Have the courage to face challenges. Learn from the failures and try to improve without wasting time on thinking about the failure. Remember, successful people have struggled a lot and faced many failures in their life to achieve success. If you read their stories and listen to their talk, you will be surprised to notice the struggle they faced in life.

How do you handle failures in your life?

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