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Ultimate Success Advice For Students And Young People

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2021)

Many young people are confused about how to become successful in life. They search on the internet and watch motivational talks to find ultimate success advice.

Are you one of them looking for ultimate success advice? This post may help you to find the answer.

Ultimate Success Advice For Students And Young People

Everyone wants to have a happy, healthy and successful life. Do you want to make a better world, be significant and have a positive impact on people around you?

Some people spend their entire lives wondering how to become successful in life but never figure it out. Many successful people share ultimate success advice from their life experience that is motivational for young people.

Success Advice For Students And Young People
Success Advice For Students And Young People

1. Discover who you are

What do you need to have long-term sustainable success, both happiness and fulfilment? You need to understand and discover who you are.

Do you think it is a funny thing? You may say, “Well, I know who I am.”

Do you really know who you are? Many people do not know who they are because they have never tried to discover that.

Discover your top five feelings in life. What are meaningful to you and what are the things you want out of life?

You may know and remember something vaguely. But that is not complete. Make a list of the above and also from mistakes, failures, challenging experiences. Study about each item and that will clear a lot of things up for you. This is all about a matter of clarity and articulation.

If you follow this process, you realise that you don’t know as much about yourself as you think you do. You will discover what you want out of life. That’s the foundation. Successful people know what they want and they focus only on that. 

Successful people know what they want and they focus only on that.  Click To Tweet

2. Identify the purpose of your life

What is the purpose of your life? What do you want to accomplish in your life?

Successful people lead their actions towards some point, day-to-day, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Focus your actions towards a purpose and something positive to the world.

Success is not money but a state of mind, it's all about how you feel inside, deep in your heart. Click To Tweet

Jack Ma’s Ultimate Success Advice For Students And Young People

Watch this video to learn Jack Ma’s ultimate advice for students and young people.

Who Is Jack Ma?

  • Jack Ma is a real inspiration who believed in himself and didn’t give up on failures. 
  • Failed his college entrance exam 3 times.
  • Applied for 30 different jobs including KFC, but got rejected all. 
  • Applied to Harvard Business School 10 times and got rejected. 
  • Started Alibaba with a loan and had zero revenue for the first 3 years.
  • Today Jack Ma is one of the richest people in the world and a well known successful entrepreneur.
  • Read about Jack Ma’s Success Story

These are common in the life journey

  • Some people get a good education at a young age, but do not get a job even after many years. 
  • Some people start their career immediately after completing a certain level of education.
  • Many people who do not have a good education become successful at a young age. 
  • People found a job straight after completing a minimum education and making decent money are not happy because they didn’t choose the right career.
  • There are people who set a career goal at the school level but change their mind after higher education.
  • Some people are single but have children.
  • There are married people who do not have children for many years. 
Have patience and remember that everything happens at their own pace and time. Click To Tweet

Easy And Ultimate Success Advice

1. Set goals and focus on commitment

Goal setting and focusing on commitment is important for success. Before starting a journey, you set a destination point and purpose of the journey. Life is a journey. Set effective goals and work hard to achieve success.

2. Learn for knowledge and not for results

Many parents and children are studying for better results, good marks. But after the examinations, they forget what they have learned. Worry a little about good marks, but give priority for better knowledge.

Your priority should not be on the symptoms or the leaf, but should be on the root. Click To Tweet

3. Get rid of negative thoughts

Remember, your thoughts influence feelings and feelings to determine the results of the work. You have a lot of thoughts in your brain. But you have the option to stay positive and unstuck the negative.

4. Avoid being nice to yourself

It is not necessary that your all actions bring results as per your dreams. Click To Tweet

It is not necessary that your all actions bring results as per your dreams. When you face a difficult situation, you prefer to be nice to yourself. It is the common nature of many people. Instead of taking the challenge to move forward, you wait for the perfect timing, for an opportunity.

This makes you drive yourself into stagnation and sometimes even into depression and other mental health problems. You should get out from this situation,  challenge yourself, push yourself to do something you want to do. Have courage and be fearless of failures. 

5. Get rid of distractions

While on a journey, you have to go through difficult roads. In the Life journey also you have to face many distractions. Learn to overcome distractions and focus on what is most important. Make a list of time-wasters and hold yourself accountable to avoid them.

Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Jay Shetty’s Ultimate Success Advice for Students And Young People

Jay Shetty is an award-winning host, viral content creator and storyteller. Jay Shetty launched his video channel in 2016. Jay’s viral wisdom videos have garnered billions of views and gained millions of followers. Today he is one of the most viewed people on the internet. Jay Shetty YouTube Channel

Fast forward from where you are today, look at yourself in 10, 15, 20 years time, and ask yourself is that where you want to be?

Jay Shetty

We have a lot of good thoughts, dreams, plans and ideas in our mind. But if we only think and take none action, everything will become waste. Hence, it is important to take action and make the dream come true.

Have courage and be fearless of failures in life. Click To Tweet


To become successful you have to develop positive and powerful habits. Being goal-oriented, practising self-discipline and staying organised will help to achieve success.

I thought it is good to share a few tips learned from reading for a successful life.

Are you a successful person? If yes, why don’t you share your secret tips in the comment box to help others achieve success?

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  1. This post was inspiring. As a young child, I always knew I wanted to be an author but this year, I’ve really begun to learn who I am at my core and why I want to be an author.

    I think there need to be more sites like this out there, particularly for young people. 🙂

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