The Ant And The Grasshopper

The Ant And The Grasshopper: A Moral Story Of Responsibility

Updated on July 5, 2024

The Ant and the Grasshopper moral story teaches a good lesson about friendship and responsibility. Do you like to work hard or play hard? Do you think it is better to be prepared or to live in the moment? In this story, you will meet an ant and a grasshopper who have very different views on these questions. They are both insects that live in the same field. But they have very different lifestyles and attitudes. Who do you think will be happier and more successful in the end? Read on and find out!

The Ant And The Grasshopper – Moral Story For Kids

Once upon a time, on a summer day, an industrious ant was collecting food for the winter. Despite carrying a heavy grain of wheat on her back, she kept working tirelessly, sweating and panting.

While she was working, she spotted a grasshopper nearby who was playing his violin and singing merrily. The grasshopper, noticing the hardworking ant, asked her why she was working so hard and invited her to have fun with him. But the ant declined, explaining that she needed to store up food for the winter, and advised the grasshopper to do the same.

However, the grasshopper scoffed at the idea of working and insisted on having fun. The ant left to continue working, and the grasshopper continued to play.

As autumn approached, the ant had stored up a substantial amount of food in her nest, while the grasshopper still played his violin, though he now wore a scarf and hat.

When the grasshopper asked the ant again why she was still working so hard, the ant repeated her earlier advice, but the grasshopper still refused to heed her words, insisting that the future would take care of itself.

As winter arrived, the ant was warm and comfortable in her nest, with enough food to last her through the season. Meanwhile, the grasshopper was freezing and starving, with no food or shelter.

The grasshopper asked the ant for help, but she refused, stating that he had made his choice to waste the summer and fall and that he now had to face the consequences of his actions.

Moral of the story

The story teaches us the importance of hard work and planning for the future, rather than living only in the present and being lazy.


This story teaches us a valuable lesson about the importance of hard work and planning. The ant was wise and diligent. She worked hard and saved food for the winter. She was prepared for the hard times and enjoyed the good times. The grasshopper was foolish and lazy. He played all the time and did not save any food for the winter. He was not prepared for the hard times and suffered the consequences.

We can learn from the ant and the grasshopper. We should not be lazy and waste our time. We should work hard and plan ahead for our future. We should also enjoy our presents and have some fun. But we should not forget our responsibilities and goals. We should balance our work and play. That way, we can be happy and successful in life.

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