Farmer And Weaver Moral Story

Farmer And Weaver: Moral Story For Kids

Updated on July 5, 2024

The moral story of the farmer and weaver teaches a lesson about the power of comparison. The farmer represents the hard work and dedication required to cultivate and harvest crops, while the weaver symbolizes the patience and skill needed to create something beautiful out of raw materials. A good comparison is to learn excellent skills from others for self-improvement. But most times, comparison can be a major roadblock to happiness. It can lead to feelings of depression, an inferiority complex, and a general sense of discontent. In the short story, you can learn more about it.

Farmer And Weaver Moral Story

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived two best friends – Jack and Jill. Jack was a hardworking farmer, and Jill was a skilled weaver. They were both successful in their respective fields and were content with their lives.

One day, a traveller passing through the village noticed Jack’s farm and praised his hard work. Jack was happy to receive the compliment but couldn’t help feeling jealous when the traveller went on to say that another farmer in a nearby village had a much larger and more productive farm.

The next day, Jill received a similar compliment from the same traveller about her weaving skills. She was pleased to hear it, but when the traveller mentioned that a weaver in another village made much finer clothes, she couldn’t help feeling inadequate.

As the days went by, Jack and Jill became increasingly obsessed with comparing themselves to others. They began to feel dissatisfied with their own accomplishments, always measuring themselves against the achievements of others.

Their once-happy lives were now filled with envy and bitterness. They no longer took pleasure in their work, and their friendship began to suffer as well. They were always competing with each other, trying to outdo each other in an attempt to prove their worth.

It wasn’t until a wise old man visited the village that Jack and Jill began to understand the power of comparison. He told them a story about a man who was always unhappy because he was always comparing himself to others. The man never realized that he had a unique set of talents and gifts that were valuable in their own right.

The story resonated with Jack and Jill, and they began to see that their worth was not determined by the accomplishments of others. They decided to focus on their own strengths and talents and celebrate each other’s successes rather than competing with each other.

Over time, their friendship was restored, and they found happiness in their own lives. They no longer felt the need to compare themselves to others and were content with their own unique paths in life. They realized that the power of comparison is a dangerous trap that can rob us of our happiness and contentment. Instead, they chose to embrace their individuality and appreciate the value of their own accomplishments.


Hope the farmer and weaver’s moral story inspired you and helped to understand the power of comparison. From the story, you understood the impact of comparison. Don’t compare your life with others. Everyone has individual skills and talents. Try to improve your skills and achieve goals. That is more important than wasting your precious time in comparison which affects your mental health.

What did you learn from the moral story of the farmer and weaver?

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