Two pots animated moral story

Two Pots Animated Moral Story For Kids

Updated on July 5, 2024

Two Pots’ animated moral story for kids teaches the lesson that you ought to never put down anybody by ridiculing their shortcomings. When you track down shortcomings in others, do you suppose you are exceptional and have no shortcomings by any means? Nobody is amazing in this world, everybody has shortcomings. Certain individuals track down their joy in ridiculing others. This is totally off-base.

Two Pots Animated Moral Story

Long long ago there lived a hard-working artisan by the name of Bhimayya. He used to carry water to his landlord’s house in the two pots that are tied on either side of a log. One pot was leaking, while the other pot was perfect. One day as Bhimayya was carrying water, the perfect pot said to the leaking pot, “Ha ha ha ha you are broken and of no use to the owner. You waste more than half of how much water he carries. I am more useful. I am more helpful to him than you are. I am superior to you.” The perfect pot felt greater all the time and it belittled the leaking one. And so the leaking pot felt very bad that it is not being able to be useful to the artisan. It bets ashamed that it cannot carry water like the perfect pot.

One day Bhimayya was carrying water like always. The leaking pot said to him, “Dear, please exchange me for a better one.”

He said, “But why?”

It continued saying, “I am not able to carry all the water. The crack in me is leaking it. I am a burden to you and I am of no use.”

Bhimayya understood its misery. He said “Don’t feel bad. Look at the flowers lying next to you.”

The pot turned to its side with curiosity and was very thrilled about seeing them.

Then Bhimayya said, “If you observe it, those flowers are only on your side and not on the other side. When I am carrying water I’ll make sure that the water you are leaking is going to those flowers. It means that you are only watering those flowers which are used in prayers. If it wasn’t for you and the water you leak, there would be no flowers to offer to God. Do you see how useful you are now?”

The leaking pot thanked Bhimayya.

The perfect pot heard the talk and felt very sorry for its behaviour. It apologised to the leaking pot saying, “Forgive me, my friend. I insulted you by stressing your weakness. I realise my mistake”

Bhimayya heard it all and said, “You are both useful to me when you are together. Let’s stick with each other and work happily ever after.”

What did you find in the story?

The ideal pot put down the spilling pot without knowing reality. The spilling pot didn’t know about the way that it was watering the plants which assisted the plants with creating blossoms helpful for supplications. Never Judge A Person Without Knowing The Truth

Lesson to learn

We should not belittle anyone by making fun of their weaknesses. We should help one another and grow stronger. Helping Others Will Brighten Your Life


Did you like two pots animated moral story for kids? Specific individuals have actual shortcomings, medical conditions, trouble talking, and different shortcomings. Those are not their deficiencies, but torment for them to convey throughout their life. At the point when somebody ridicules their shortcomings, they are making the injury more excruciating for them. Rather than disparaging, help them be sympathetic and caring. Energize them, support their self-assurance, and assist them with making their life blissful and fruitful.

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What did you learn from two pots’ animated moral story for kids?

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