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How to Protect Your Immune System

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you know how to protect your immune system? Do you know what you should eat for maximum immune health? A common man doesn’t have an idea about what is the immune system.

We all know the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly and makes headlines in the media. Health experts are advising to improve your immune system to protect yourself from the attack of COVID-19. It is a great time to think about how to improve your immune system naturally.

Protect Your Immune System
Protect Your Immune System

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What is the immune system?

Dr. Steven Gundry, Cardiac Surgeon

Immune system
Protect Immune System

The lining of our gut is actually the same surface area as a tennis court there. And unfortunately for us, the lining of the gut is only one cell thick. And so imagine one cell thickness keeping everything you eat or everything living in you like bacteria separated from you. And they’re all held together locked arm in arm with tight junctions. Now on the other side of the wall is your Border patrol your immune system and 65% of all the white cells in our body are up against this wall.

Why are they there? Because that’s where the problem is going to happen if it’s going to happen. So when these foreign proteins get across the wall the immune system basically sounds the alarm sounds the air-raid sirens. We go to threat level five, we scramble the fighter jets and we actually go to war status and as I talked about in the book that war status has manifested in multiple ways.

Whether it’s brain fog, arthritis whether it’s depression or anxiety, whether coronary artery disease which is how I got interested in and in the first place and all of these things come right back to what Epocrates said 2,500 years ago that if you want to cure the disease head to the gut.

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How the immune system is based on the gut’s microbiome?

Naveen Jain, Founder and CEO – Viome

As you know 70% of our immune system is along our gut lining what we eat is what feeds our microbiome and that actually trains our immune system and when your microbiome is out of balance, your immune system is out of balance, and when your body is out of balance. It is not at ease and which is what we call disease.

How do we level up our immune system? 

Rangan Chatterjee, Physician and TV Host

Herbs Fruits Immunity
Herbs Fruits

People don’t realise that food is information. It’s not just calories, it’s not just blood sugar information. The food that you eat interacts with your gut bugs and interrupts your immune system. So I think of these three things diets gut microbiome and immune system and these three things interact with each other.

When people talk about inflammation a lot of people have heard that chronic inflammation is behind many of the conditions we see today. Whether it’s obesity, type 2 diabetes, or some cases of depression all kinds of things come from inflammation. Inflammation comes from your immune system and most of your immune system resides inside your guts. So if you eat food that’s going to give you your body the information that everything.

Describes the incredible diversity of gut bacteria

Jillian Teta, Gut Health Expert

There’s actually a hugely intimate connection between the microbiome and the second brain. So the microbiome is a term for a V colony of bacteria that live reside in the large intestine. We also have a microbiome on our skin, in our mucous membranes, in our genital urinary tract and like in our scalp the one the microbiome in the gut. They number between one trillion and ten trillion cells. So humans are we humans each of us has about a trillion cells. So we are at least as much bacterial as we are human if we took all the bacteria out of like an inch and a half of your large intestine more bacteria lived there than all humans that have ever lived since the dawn of our species. 

What exactly should we be eating for immune health?

Dr. Mark Hyman, Functional Medicine Doctor

Broccoli Soup Immunity
Broccoli Soup Immunity

All food is information not just calories. It’s all information. It’s instructions. It’s very like coding the programs your biology with every bite.

Every bite of food you take can change your gene expression across a whole range of genes. So you eat green, you drink green tea or eat broccoli, and you up-regulate the gene called glutathione as transferase that helps you detoxify heavy metals environmental chemicals metabolic toxins so. So it regulates our genes it regulates our hormones. So if you have a lot of starch and sugar it increases insulin lowers testosterone, and increases estrogen. For example, it affects your brain chemistry.

And what your hunger hormones are your craving levels and what food you’re attracted to it affects your immune system and it regulates inflammation or it’s anti-inflammatory. It regulates your microbiome with every bite. So every single system of your body is regulated by the quality of the food you eat and when you realise you should just focus on calories, you should focus on quality and the information you’re eating changes everything. So that’s really what I have people focus on. And I think when people do that then you have a different leadership to your food, you go well. I’m eating am I gonna eat toxic information or am I gonna eat healing information. 

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Why processed foods and sugar are so inflammatory?

Dr. Jolene Brighten, Naturopathic Physician explains

vegetables Avocado Fruits
vegetables Avocado Fruits

No cruciferous vegetables are always part of the playlist daily. We love Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels, and Sprouts.

We actually get exposed to a lot of environmental toxins on planes and that’s why we love cruciferous vegetables. And if you’re someone so as you were saying like. So if your partner has digestive issues like cruciferous vegetables, especially broth that’s not going to work for you. You can actually select for sprouts instead. So this is a really economical and really nutrient-dense approach to broccoli and sprouts. If you have about a quarter cup of them it’s equivalent to one over two pounds of broccoli itself can give you in terms of sulfuring and the molecules. That eventually becomes dim and dim helps with liver detoxification.

And so when it comes to the fat we do want to have variety but we want to avoid things like hydrogenated fats or anything. Again if they have a chemist who made it you probably don’t want to eat it because mom and nature won’t get it wrong very often. But humans we get it wrong a lot and then it’s like generations later that were like oh what did we do so when it comes to fats.

I like to look at whole food fat. So egg yolks, getting avocados, coming in eating nuts and seeds. So bringing those into part of your diet maybe it’s part of seed cycling or you’re just adding them. I think seeds are such a great economical and nutrient-dense way to really boost your nutrition.

Getting other foods like Coldwater fish in some well-caught salmon, sardines, and mackerel. These fatty fish are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids you would all be worried about metal heavy, metal worse. Smaller the fish the better. that’s what we’ve come to understand.

We have to understand design as women especially since we actually require our own natural estrogen to make the conversion from plant-based omegas into the EPA and DHA that we use as anti-inflammatory great for the brain. So if you’re on hormonal birth control though you’re not making your own estrogen and if you’re inflamed and you’re having mood symptoms you may very well need to start thinking about going with fish oil. So with those facts, the other thing is bringing in grass-fed butter coconut oil.

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How To Protect Your Immune System | Health Experts Show You

This special clip episode of Health Theory brings together some of the finest minds in functional medicine to discuss the immune system with host Tom Bilyeu. In this video health experts Naveen Jain, Steven Gundry, Rangan Chatterjee, Jillian Teta, Mark Hyman and Jolene Brighten explain everything you need to know about the immune system to protect you from COVID-19. Watch the video full to get the correct answers to your questions about improving the immune system.

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Steven Gundry says that if you want to cure a disease, head to the gut.
  • Naveen Jain explains how the immune system is based on the gut’s microbiome.
  • Rangan Chatterjee illuminates the connection between your gut, diet and immune system.
  • Jillian Teta describes the incredible diversity of gut bacteria.
  • Dr. Mark Hyman explains that all food is information.
  • Mark shares a list of recommended foods to improve immune system functioning.
  • Many processed foods are even worse for you than table sugar.
  • Dr. Jolene Brighten explains why processed foods and sugar are so inflammatory.
  • Jolene recommends the best way to get healthy fats and protein.
  • Dr. Steven Gundry says that if you want to cure a disease, head to the gut.
  • Naveen Jain explains how the immune system is based on the gut’s microbiome.
  • Rangan Chatterjee illuminates the connection between your gut, diet and immune system.
  • Jillian Teta describes the incredible diversity of gut bacteria.
  • Dr. Mark Hymanexplains that all food is information.

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Hope you found some useful tips from the health experts talk to protect your immune system. Depending on your age and health, you should boost your immunity power to protect you from infections such as the Coronavirus disease. Strong immunity power and good hygiene can protect you from the attack of COVID-19. A good immune system is important for good health. Try your best to improve and protect your immune system naturally.

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Do you have a good immune system? What do you do to improve your immunity power?

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