Aryan Mishra 18 Year Old Indian Astronomer

Aryan Mishra 18 Year Old Indian Astronomer

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2019)

Have you heard about Aryan Mishra, the 18-year-old Indian astronomer whose curiosity in space led him to discover an unknown asteroid in a nationwide asteroid search campaign? At an age when most children confused what to study next, which career to choose, Aryan Mishra is busy scaling the night sky, discovering asteroids and giving inspirational talks worldwide.

Aryan Mishra 18 Year Old Indian Astronomer

Aryan Mishra At Mission Control Centre Space Camp Huntsville
Aryan Mishra At Mission Control Centre Space Camp Huntsville

About Aryan Mishra

  • Aryan lives in a slum colony in New Delhi.
  • Son of a newspaper seller.
  • He is a passionate space enthusiast.
  • At the age of 11 Aryan was known as a Psycho, people use to call him a mad and crazy child.
  • At 11, he bought his first telescope by skipping canteen meals and walking to school and started looking at the sky.
  • He kept his passion hidden from his parents and observed the night sky with his telescope.
  • Aryan wakes up at 4 o clock every morning and helps to sell newspaper before going to school.
  • At 14, discovered a near-Earth asteroid in All India Asteroid Search Campaign.
  • When discovered an asteroid, he mesmerised with the night sky.
  • He shared his passion with many students, getting many interested in astronomy.
  • His humble beginnings did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. 
  • Sharing his knowledge on astronomy with thousands across the globe through Skype.
  • His discovery has been designated as 2014 00372.


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Look up at the sky! Aryan Mishra | TEDxDelhi


Space has been an unexpected and unfamiliar zone for most of us. It was a curiosity of the unknown that led me to the mystical cosmos.

As a child, I used to think that I’m a part of this wonderful planet Earth and when I used to look up at the night sky, I used to wonder what lies beyond the stars the twinkle shiny moon and dark sky.

This takes me to the memory of Indian-American late Astronaut Kalpna Chawla as we all know she was a first woman from India in space and she has been the power of two missions of NASA. But she died during the re-entry of Columbia shuttle tragedy on February 1, 2003.

It is not just the aura that surrounded Dr. Chawla, it were the values which she lived her life and that inspired me to follow her footsteps. When I was 11 I was I joined my school astronomy club with the intention to explore the universe. At that time I was not aware that this hobby will soon turn into a passion that ties my life.

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Initially, my excitement was lessened when nothing seemed to be happening in the club. But one evening it so happened that our school astronomy club organized an evening sky observation where all the club members gathered in the school premises at 6:00 p.m. All of us were enthusiastically waiting for the Telescope to be assembled. I was one among kicked out who was eagerly waiting to explore the night sky. The moment I saw the breathtaking visual of the Saturn rings the nice guy seemed to have assumed a new meaning in my life.

Height Requirement Of An Astronaut
Height Requirement Of An Astronaut

From that day, I started looking up at the night sky almost every night. It became obvious to me to take my passion to the next level I need to buy myself a telescope. A telescope would help me to explore a lot more. At first, I asked my parents but they refused it. They felt that astronomy is a big field with no career prospects. Then I again I asked my parents they said they said that I’m just wasting my time looking up at the night sky.

I realized that my space going to be easy. if I needed to be taken seriously I needed to prove that it is more than just a bit. I ended up by saying I will save my money from my pocket money. It was a long tiring and a difficult wait for one year. This time duration did not fade away my position of sky gazing all along nurtured the stream. When finally I was able to collect enough money for my telescope it was the best moment of my life. The thrill I felt when I held the instrument is something I cannot describe. It was sense of accomplishment and itself.

I still remember it was August month and when I looked through the telescopes it was cloudy. Before one week I was not able to see anything in the sky. And I was struggling I could really see anything in the sky. After one week I got the first glimpse of the full moon and was stunning. I shared this experience with my club members. Seeing their enthusiasm
it dawns on me perhaps to share this experience with others. But first and foremost I should have a good knowledge.

I started finding about local astronomy even southern end planetarium in New Delhi where I attended several talks, where I was able to match up a lot of information, lot of knowledge on different types of telescopes solar system and different forms of life in the inner planets.

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After that day I started organizing public events where I used to get my telescope to the
neighboring areas where I should attract onlookers and help them to experience the same
feeling what I felt. On 18th April 2013 organize my first workshop for the students of class 6 to 8 where I was able to amass a lot of an knowledge about galaxies. I showed them planets through the telescope and the enthusiasm was totally awesome.

I broadened my horizon by giving talks all around the world via Skype covered more than 50 countries of the world. Now spoken around thousands of events all around the world like countries like USA Germany Canada Israel to name a few. A medium to came in my discovery after rigorously dedicating myself for a month me and my friend Keerthy Vardhan discovered an asteroid. We use a software called astrometric ax and the images were provided by International Astronomical search collaboration and we had a guidance from space. And it was a it was a result of a hard work tenacity and perseverance and it was exhilarating to see your name featuring in the newspaper.

This is when my parents started believing in my dream and as the token of their appreciation, they bought me my second telescope. And I can clearly mark that motion best moment of my life when they said we are proud of you are in. After that, I started the looking I started organizing more events and I started inspiring more people. You know being a part of a developing country like India it is not easy to dream a space. It’s it requires a lot of hard work, requires a lot of confidence for me as a 16-year-old to get inspire people it’s not an easy work.

I would like to end by quoting a few lines which  run through my mind every morning and
that is “Your dreams are your wings that help you to fly who face the world and reach for the sky look up

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Weight On Earth And Mars
Weight On Mars
Your dreams are your wings that help you to fly who face the world and reach for the sky look up. Aryan Mishra Click To Tweet

Live your dreams – Aryan Mishra

Advice from a newspaper vendor’s son Aryan Mishra

His inspiring real story will give you all the motivation to chase your dreams.

Images Credits : Facebook Photos

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He wrote on Facebook

When I look up at night, I can truly feel my own smallness and insignificance. 
Sometimes this makes me feel melancholy because I see that I don’t really matter to the universe.

I believe in the power of stargazing. I use the night sky as a metaphor for life. Life is so full of small bright spots and beautiful surprises, even in the darkest of times.”  Aspiring Astronaut – Aryan Mishra

Photos Of Aryan Mishra

Images Credits : Facebook Photos

Do you have any message for the youth?

In an interview with The Logical Indian, his reply for a question “Do you have any message for the youth?”  “To all the youth out there, I believe that one should always follow their passion, be hardworking. I even tell that one should draw a balance between their studies and ambitions.” Never disqualify yourself, belief in yourself. There is a quote I always say at the end of my speeches,“Your dreams are your wings that help you to fly, go face the world and reach for the sky!”

To all the youth out there, I believe that one should always follow their passion, be hardworking. I even tell that one should draw a balance between their studies and ambitions.Aryan Mishra Click To Tweet


From a slum in Delhi, being a newspaper vendor’s son, to discovering an asteroid, this teen prodigy is inspiring people worldwide.

Aryan Mishra is an inspiration to all the youth. Follow his motivational words “One should always follow their passion, be hardworking. One should draw a balance between their studies and ambitions.” “Your dreams are your wings that help you to fly, go face the world and reach for the sky!”. 

Parents should allow their children to choose right career as per their skill and ambition.

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