Aryan Mishra 18 Year Old Indian Astronomer

Inspiring Story Of Aryan Mishra 18 Year Old Indian Astronomer

Updated on July 5, 2024

Are you familiar with the remarkable journey of Aryan Mishra, the 18-year-old Indian astronomer who, driven by his curiosity about the cosmos, unearthed an undiscovered asteroid during a nationwide asteroid search campaign? While most 18-year-olds grapple with decisions about their academic paths and future careers, Aryan Mishra is charting a different course, navigating the celestial realm, uncovering asteroids, and delivering inspirational talks on a global scale. Join us as we delve into his inspiring narrative to understand the path that led him to this extraordinary achievement.

Who Is Aryan Mishra?

  • Aryan lives in a slum colony in New Delhi.
  • He is the son of a newspaper seller.
  • He is a passionate space enthusiast.
  • At the age of 11 Aryan was known as a Psycho, people used to call him a mad and crazy child.
  • At 11, he bought his first telescope by skipping canteen meals and walking to school and started looking at the sky.
  • He kept his passion hidden from his parents and observed the night sky with his telescope.
  • Aryan wakes up at 4 o’clock every morning and helps to sell newspapers before going to school.
  • At 14, he discovered a near-Earth asteroid in the All India Asteroid Search Campaign.
  • When discovered an asteroid, he was mesmerised by the night sky.
  • He shared his passion with many students, getting many interested in astronomy.
  • His humble beginnings did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. 
  • He shared his knowledge of astronomy with thousands across the globe through Skype.
  • His discovery has been designated as 2014 00372.

Look up at the sky! Aryan Mishra | TEDxDelhi

Space has been an unexpected and unfamiliar zone for most of us. It was a curiosity of the unknown that led me to the mystical cosmos.

Aryan Mishra

During his captivating TEDx talk, Aryan Mishra reflected on his childhood perspective, sharing, “As a child, I used to consider myself a part of this magnificent planet, Earth. When I gazed up at the night sky, I couldn’t help but ponder what lay beyond the glimmering stars, the radiant moon, and the enigmatic darkness. This contemplation inevitably brings to mind the memory of the late Indian-American astronaut Kalpana Chawla. We all know that she was not only the first woman from India to venture into space but also a vital part of two NASA missions. Tragically, she lost her life during the re-entry of the Columbia shuttle disaster on February 1, 2003.”

Live your dreams – Aryan Mishra

Advice from a newspaper vendor’s son Aryan Mishra

The compelling narrative of his life serves as a wellspring of motivation to pursue your own dreams.

He wrote on Facebook

When I look up at night, I can truly feel my own smallness and insignificance. 
Sometimes this makes me feel melancholy because I see that I don’t really matter to the universe.

I believe in the power of stargazing. I use the night sky as a metaphor for life. Life is so full of small bright spots and beautiful surprises, even in the darkest of times.”  Aspiring Astronaut – Aryan Mishra

What is Aryan Mishra’s message for the youth?

In an interview with The Logical Indian, his reply to a question “Do you have any message for the youth?”

Aryan Mishra's Message for the youth
Message For Youth – Aryan Mishra

 “To all the youth out there, I believe that one should always follow their passion, be hardworking. I even tell that one should draw a balance between their studies and ambitions.” Never disqualify yourself, belief in yourself. There is a quote I always say at the end of my speeches,“Your dreams are your wings that help you to fly, go face the world and reach for the sky!”

Aryan Mishra – An Event In The Gurukul School Chandigarh

Aryan Mishra The Gurukul School Chandigarh
Aryan Mishra – An Event In The Gurukul School Chandigarh

One of the agenda in my life has been getting people outside and show them the stars. Somehow, I have done more than 1k observations with people in more than 100 schools and meeting 200k people. Sometimes I think I should stop but the expressions and excitement after looking through the telescope is something which never stops me to do this. When you reach your goals, come back push others, help them to reach their goals. This is called wisdom. Astronomy is something which has been inspiring so many people to find there passion and peace too. Who doesn’t likes to look up the stars!
This picture is from an event I did in The Gurukul School, Chandigarh. (Source of image and caption: Facebook)

Aryan Mishra With Cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma

Aryan Mishra Astronomer With Cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma

What an honour to meet the one and only Cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian in space.

After a long time met him and it was so beautiful to talk to him. Our meeting was pending for a long time.

He has been a big inspiration for me and for the last two years he has been guiding me in my up and downs.

I remember when I was 6 years of age I read about him and standing next to him everytime is always thrilling.

Photo and caption source: Facebook

Aryan Mishra with NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams

Aryan Mishra with NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams
Aryan Mishra with NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams – Source: Facebook

Aryan Mishra constructed Astronomy Lab in Sonipat school


From a slum in Delhi, being a newspaper vendor’s son, to discovering an asteroid, this teen prodigy is inspiring people worldwide.

Aryan Mishra is an inspiration to all the youth. Follow his motivational words “One should always follow their passion, be hardworking. One should draw a balance between their studies and ambitions.” “Your dreams are your wings that help you to fly, go face the world and reach for the sky!”. 

Parents should allow their children to choose right career as per their skill and ambition.

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