Lead A Happy Life

An Eye-Opener To Lead A Happy Life

Updated on July 5, 2024

Are you happy in life? If not, this article is an eye-opener to lead a happy life. It is a fact that everyone wants to be happy in life. Individuals may define and measure happiness differently. But there are some basic qualities of a happy life that seem to be universal. The most important thing is you handle your happiness and success in life. Don’t blame others for your failures or unhappiness. Learning to feel more positive about the world around you and how to live better can help you live a happy and meaningful life. Continue reading to read a wonderful story, an eye-opener to lead a happy life.

Lead A Happy Life

In the present world, many people are feeling dissatisfied and unhappy in their life. They have enough money and everything they need but still, there is dissatisfaction. What is the reason for this? Mostly this is happening to high-class people only. Middle-class people and lower-class people are fine and they are happy with what they have.

What are the main reasons for unhappiness?

Their greediness is the main reason. They are not happy with whatever they have. They want more and more. Greediness is spoiling their mind.

Another thing is jealousy. Wherever you go everywhere you can find jealous people. When you have jealousy, that reflects on your mind and face. So keep away from these jealous people. Let’s find out how to overcome jealousy.

Do what you want, think about your capacity, improve your skills, and learn something new that comes up in your life. Never stop learning at any age, always update your knowledge.

Another thing is comparing with others. A good comparison is ok, but a negative comparison is bad. Taking any good personality as a role model, wishing to become a successful person like others, and developing new skills and self-improvement by following a good person are good comparisons. Negative comparison will always drag you down the success ladder.

Greediness, jealousy, comparison and dissatisfaction, all are reasons for unhappiness.

A wonderful story – An Eye-Opener To Lead A Happy Life

Once there was a king. He was a very rich person.No problem at all. In his country, everything was going smoothly and all were happy. But he was feeling a kind of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in his mind. He could not understand what is happening, something is triggering his mind and not happy. He met a spiritual leader and asked, I’m not feeling happy in my life, can you tell me how can I lead a happy life?

The spiritual leader gave a small smile and said, don’t worry. try to wear a chappal of any happy person from your kingdom. You have to wear the chappal of any happy person who belongs to your kingdom. The king immediately called all the people of the country and announced, can anyone say that you are happy and please come forward? He wanted to take the chappal from that happy person.

No one came forward. All were questioning themselves that I am not happy, I am not spending my life happily, and there is some kind of dissatisfaction. Is there no one happy? When he found it is not possible to find a happy person through the announcement, he said “l search that person who is happy in our kingdom.” Then he started moving from his place and found a small boy gazing at the cattle enjoying singing songs, humming and happily doing his work. He went to that boy and asked, “are you happy, are you satisfied”. The boy said, “I’m happy, I don’t have any problem, I have enough food, I have work, what else is required? I’m happy.”

Then the king felt very happy and said, “I’ll give you lots of money, give me your chappal.” the boy laughed and said, “oh gentleman, I don’t have a chapel because I don’t wear chapel. So where is the question of giving you.”

The king realized a person who does not have chapel is happy. He has food and works for that he is happy.

The king asked himself a question. “I am King, I have all the facilities, I have food, I have lots of people who are working under me, I am the king of the entire country. What happened to me? Why I’m not happy compared with this boy? Then he understood he should be happy because he has everything. He went back to his kingdom and started living happily.

From the above story, you found that unnecessary negative thoughts disturbed the king’s mind. He had everything, but he was not satisfied. When he found the poor boy is happy with whatever he had, the king understood the reason for his unhappiness. That was an eye-opener to him on how to lead a happy life.

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Reduce negative self-talk and think positive

At some point or another, everyone engages in negative self-talk. Some people may find it motivating, but from your experience, you might have noticed that negative self-talk actually contributes to stress, depression, and poor coping skills. Approach every situation in life, both good and bad, with a positive attitude and a growth mindset.

Here are some examples of negative self-talk and how you can apply a positive thinking twist to them:

Negative self-talkPositive thinking
I’ve never done it before.It’s an opportunity to learn something new.
It’s too complicated.I’ll tackle it from a different angle.
I don’t have the resources.Necessity is the mother of invention.
I’m too lazy to get this done.I couldn’t fit it into my schedule, but I can re-examine some priorities.
There’s no way it will work.I can try to make it work.
It’s too radical a change.Let’s take a chance.
No one bothers to communicate with me.I’ll see if I can open the channels of communication.
I’m not going to get any better at this.I’ll give it another try.
Source: Mayo Clinic

Manage stress in your life

Causes Of Workplace Stress
Causes Of Workplace Stress – Stressful lady sitting in the office

In the present busy world, you cannot avoid stressful situations. But you can control or relieve your stress. There are many simple ways and relaxation techniques, such as meditation to overcome stress. Diverting your mind through engaging in physical activities also helps to reduce mental stress.

Face challenges fearless

Don't Worry About Failures JACK CANFIELD Quote
Don’t worry about failures – JACK CANFIELD Quote

Challenges are part of life. You may find it easier to avoid the challenges in life than to face them head-on. Remember, avoiding problems will only lead to more problems and make you feel a lack of control. Acknowledging and facing challenges fearlessly is the best way to deal with struggles in your life. Never allow obstacles to break success in your life. Learn to face challenges fearless of failures and turn failure into success. Try to see problems as opportunities. Don’t waste opportunities because missed opportunities will never come back. Learn to grab the opportunity that life gives you.

Practice gratitude

Stack Gratitude - Self-Care Practice
Stack Gratitude – Self-Care Tips

Gratitude is not just an action but it is also a positive emotion. Everyone in the world has countless things to be grateful for in life. But in the chaos of day-to-day life, many times we forget or ignore to practice gratitude. Be grateful to the almighty, be grateful to others and for every situation. Practising and increasing gratitude in every little situation and circumstance in life can help you feel better and find a greater sense of purpose in your life. When you show gratitude to others, you are sharing your love and joy with them, which makes their lives happy. You may like to know how the power of gratitude can change your life.

Forgiveness and self-forgiveness

When thinking about the pain given by someone, forgiveness is one of the hardest things to offer to someone who has hurt you. Sometimes, when you have done something upsetting, it can be very difficult to forgive yourself. But it is very important to practice forgiveness and self-forgiveness because harbouring anger, resentment, or even guilt can be incredibly damaging to your mental health and well-being, and also affect the healthy relationships in your life.  Forgiveness is essential for your well-being and peace of mind. Forgiveness leads to light, love and joyful life.

This is not a complete list to lead a happy life. There are many simple ways which you can follow to lead a happy life.



Everyone wishes to live a happy life but a happy life may not come easily. You need to take a lot of work and self-awareness on your part. Stop dwelling on negative thoughts, and quit bad habits, greediness, jealousy, comparison and dissatisfaction. Be happy with what you have, and find happiness in every little thing. Help others in whatever way possible. That is the way to lead a happy life.

You should practice working towards a happier life every day. Initially, it may be difficult, but over time it will become a habit, and it will come more easily. Always be grateful to everyone in your life. If you have the right attitude and the right support, your life can be wonderful.

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