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How To Grab The Opportunity That Life Gives You

Updated on July 5, 2024

Many times you might have heard people saying, “Grab the opportunity.” What does it really mean? Everyone wants success and happiness in life, but only a few grab the opportunity that life gives them and take proper action. Many people have a wrong thinking that successful people have never struggled in their lives. They became successful because they always remain ready to accept all kinds of challenges.

Learn To Grab The Opportunity

In the present world, many people do not pay attention and ignore opportunities. They really don’t realise the importance of opportunities. They do not take action or respond to the opportunity in a lethargic manner over a prolonged time.

Throughout your life, opportunities always knock on your door, mostly during the most hectic days. You should never miss or ignore opportunities, but always be ready to give a warm welcome and grab the opportunity and do your best to take full advantage of that opportunity.

Many people dream a lot but they ignore opportunities. You have to open your ears and eyes and wait for the opportunity and when an opportunity comes just grab it. If there is no opportunity, then you have to search for the opportunity and create the opportunity. This is life. There is an interesting story which will make you think about how to grab the opportunity.

Grab The Opportunity – An Inspirational Story 

There was a young boy who was working in a petrol pump. Daily he used to fill petrol on cars and while looking at the cars he had a dream to buy a beautiful car. One day he was filling petrol in a beautiful and costly car. By looking at the car he dreams to buy that type of car. He said to himself, how can I buy such a costly car because I am just a petrol-filling boy with a small salary? When can I earn such a huge amount?

He was looking at the car curiously and he asked the owner, Sir, may I know what the cost of this car is? The owner replied it is 75 lakh. The owner observed the curiosity of that boy and gave him his visiting card and asked the boy to meet him in his office the next day. He told he will teach the boy how to earn money and he may become an owner of a new car.

After the rich man left this boy was looking at the vising card seriously and was confused about what to do. Many thoughts came into his mind, what he is going to do? How he is going to show me to earn money? Could it be a straightforward way or some illegal activities like smuggling? It may be some kind of fraudulent activity. He was very much tensed. It may not possible to earn money through straightforward.

I don’t want to involve in any such kind of wrong activities. Finally, he decided not to visit the rich man. He tore that visiting card and threw it in the dustbin. He felt very happy and cool and thought I am peaceful now, my job is ok, and I don’t want to involve in any kind of wrong activities.

After four years he found the same kind of car once again for petrol filling. He was searching for the owner but this time owner was a different person. He went to that car and he was looking at the car. The owner of the car called his name and asked do you recognize me? He replied, no.

The owner said, four years back I used to work in this petrol pump to sweep the floor. You threw one visiting card in the dustbin and that card changed my life. I took that torn card from the dustbin and with great difficulty, I joined the card and found the phone number of that rich man.

I called him and made the appointment with that rich man and he gave me a job. The job was interesting. I was curious and put in all my efforts. I got a lot of promotions and recently I purchased a bungalow as well as this beautiful costly car. All the credit goes to you because you threw that visiting card and that has changed my life.

Always grab the opportunity

Many opportunities come to our doorstep, but many times we doubt and ignore them. But the moment you act properly automatically it is going to change your life. If that boy would have acted positively, he would have contacted the rich man. If the rich man was saying something fraudulent activity, then he could have withdrawn it. But before meeting that person he decided that this was something doubtful.

There are two types of people. The first type of people are dreamers, who just dream, but don’t have any goal or take action to achieve the goal. The second type of people have self-confidence and they make their dreams come true. Which category are you in?

If you are in the first category, you should change your attitude. Goal setting helps you to take control of your life’s direction, help to focus on the correct direction and achieve success. Your positive attitude and optimism will change your life. Do you know the power of dreaming big? You should always dream big and take action to achieve success in life. Remember, you will never get back missed opportunities and wasted time in your life.


Remember, if you grab the right opportunity at the right time, you will achieve outstanding success in your life. Have trust in yourself. Never stop believing in yourself. You must scratch negative phrases that affect confidence and positivity. Search for opportunities and create opportunities. Don’t waste opportunities.

Always grab the opportunity and move forward fearless of failures. Automatically your life will be changing. Never waste your time because time is precious and priceless. Never get into any kind of bad habits. Never allow bad friends because they will damage your life. Never allow obstacles to break success.

Do you grab the opportunity that life gives you?

How many times have you ignored opportunities and felt sad about them?

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