What Is Beauty

What Is Beauty? Who Can Judge Beauty In A Single Word?

Updated on July 5, 2024

What is beauty? A question is as old as human consciousness continues to elude a precise definition. It’s a concept that dances on the edges of our understanding, morphing and evolving with every perspective it encounters. Beauty can not be encapsulated in a single word or confined within the boundaries of consensus. Beauty remains an enigma—a realm where subjectivity reigns supreme. In a world where our definitions of beauty are as diverse as our fingerprints, where even the criteria for crowning the most beautiful individuals spark debates and disagreements, it’s clear that beauty is a personal and elusive concept.

In this exploration, we embark on a journey to unravel the layers of beauty, challenge our conventional notions and delve into the profound, multi-faceted nature of beauty. It’s a journey that will take us beyond external aesthetics, urging us to contemplate the inner beauty that resides in each of us and to recognize that beauty is a perspective, a perception, and a force that shapes our lives in ways we may not always see.

What Is Beauty?

What is beauty, if not an elusive concept that defies precise definition? Who can claim to judge beauty in a single word? The consensus on what constitutes beauty remains an ever-shifting terrain, one that cannot be universally defined because, at its core, beauty is profoundly subjective. It’s a realm where even the criteria for anointing the world’s most beautiful and handsome individuals can spark vehement disagreements.

From scrutinizing strangers and questioning their suitability for titles like “Miss World” to pondering whether the world’s most beautiful individuals truly embody beauty in our eyes, our perceptions of beauty are as unique as our life experiences. And yet, amid this diversity, one ancient saying endures: “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” What captivates one person may not resonate with another. It’s a reminder that beauty is a deeply personal and ever-changing facet of our lives.

Many among us might find ourselves lowering the scores of strangers, pondering whether they could ever be crowned Miss World. And yet, an ancient adage reminds us that beauty, much like art, resides in the eye of the beholder. What appears beautiful to one may not carry the same allure for another. Our perspectives on beauty are as unique as our fingerprints, and that’s why I can appreciate the beauty you see in people whom I might not find beautiful, and vice versa. In essence, I might not entirely agree with your concept of beauty, and you might not resonate with mine either.

What Is It About Beauty That Captivates Us So?

But what is it about beauty that captivates us so? Is it merely skin-deep, a matter of colour, height, and physical form? Or does it run deeper, dwelling in the realm of inner qualities, radiating from a good heart and genuine thoughts? Is beauty only visible, or does it transcend the visual, revealing itself through love and kindness?

Each person’s yardstick for beauty differs, often hinging on external attributes. The interplay of colour, height, and physical shape can significantly influence our perceptions of beauty, making us more drawn to certain individuals. Yet, it’s the realm of inner beauty that often retains our attention. Even those who don’t align with the common standards of physical beauty can radiate a captivating allure.

Isn’t it intriguing that even those who might lack conventional beauty traits often exude a profound beauty of their own? Everything transforms when viewed through the lens of love and approached with an open heart. When we close our eyes, we discover that everything becomes indistinguishable.

Beauty, it seems, is an entity apprehended only through sight. However, perhaps it’s time to redefine our notions of beauty, to transcend the superficial aspects that conventionally define it. After all, beauty should be gauged by perspectives that extend beyond appearances.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


Beauty Is Omnipresent

In truth, beauty is omnipresent; it’s just that not everyone recognizes it. It’s like an ever-present undercurrent, hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be acknowledged. It resides in the small acts of kindness, the genuine thoughts shared by a person, and the very elements that constitute life itself. There’s beauty in the forgiving nature of an individual, in the love they exude, and in the goodness that emanates from within.

Every person possesses their unique beauty, a radiance that might not be visible at first glance. It’s a beauty that becomes apparent when we approach life with an open heart and a spirit of appreciation. In the end, beauty is as much about perception as it is about existence. It’s about celebrating the diversity of beauty in the world, acknowledging that each one of us, in our way, possesses an intrinsic beauty that shines when we embrace it. When we radiate our beauty, the world around us transforms, becoming a more beautiful place in every sense.

Authentic Beauty Lies In The Acceptance Of Oneself

I believe that authentic beauty lies in accepting oneself, including what may be perceived as flaws, and recognizing that these imperfections are integral parts of one’s unique identity. It emanates from a luminous spirit characterized by depth of character and kindness toward oneself and others. True beauty embodies strength and self-assurance, the profound understanding that genuine beauty transcends external adornments, affirming that your essence, with or without makeup, is where real beauty resides.

No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Beauty emanates from within, and you are the embodiment of that beauty. You are a masterpiece, a living work of art, composed of a unique blend of genes and life experiences that create a one-of-a-kind existence. There will never be another you.

Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself with the same appreciation as you would a piece of art or the wonders of nature. When you gaze upon a flower or a captivating sunset, judgment seldom enters the picture. Instead, you embrace and appreciate them for their inherent beauty and uniqueness. Similarly, within you, there’s a beauty that deserves the same recognition and admiration.

Beauty Isn’t Confined To Appearances

In the quest to comprehend the beauty, we find ourselves drawn into a realm of endless wonder and complexity. It’s a concept that defies confinement, one that thrives on individuality and diversity. While external attributes like colour, height, and shape undoubtedly play a role in our perceptions of beauty, it’s the inner beauty—the love, kindness, and genuine thoughts—that truly resonate with our souls.

In the end, we must acknowledge that beauty is not a singular, universally accepted entity. It’s a symphony of individual perspectives, each as valid and meaningful as the next. It’s the realization that, in the grand mosaic of life, beauty resides everywhere—in the shared thoughts of a person, the act of forgiveness, or the elements that make life itself. It’s the understanding that beauty isn’t confined to appearances; it radiates from within.


As we navigate the beauty, let us redefine our understanding of this enigmatic concept. Let us celebrate the diversity of beauty in the world, recognizing that each one of us possesses an intrinsic beauty that shines when embraced. In doing so, we not only transform our own lives but also contribute to making the world a more beautiful place, one that appreciates and cherishes the profound beauty that dwells in every corner, in every heart, and every act of love, humanity and kindness.

What is your definition of your beauty?

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