Never Forget Parents Struggle And Sacrifice For Your Success

Never Forget Parents’ Struggle And Sacrifice For Your Success

Updated on July 5, 2024

In the pursuit of our dreams and successes, it’s easy to overlook our parents’ struggle and the sacrifices they have made to pave the way for our brighter future. Many of us tend to view our parents’ efforts as a duty fulfilled, forgetting the emotional and financial hardships they endured. Is this perspective healthy? Perhaps not. Instead, cherishing and acknowledging our parents’ struggles can deepen our appreciation for their love and dedication.

Never Forget Parents Struggle

Parents, often facing financial constraints, aspire to provide their children with the best education, transcending the limitations of their income. Naturally, every parent harbours the hope of securing a prosperous future for their offspring. However, as children grow older, they may inadvertently compare their parents to those of their more affluent classmates—professionals, businesspeople, and the financially well-off.

This comparison can lead to feelings of inadequacy, with children perceiving their parents as lacking in sophistication and cultural refinement. Such negative thoughts can impact not only the mental well-being of the children but also strain the parent-child relationship.

In truth, our parents’ struggles are a testament to their unwavering commitment to our success. The desire to see their children excel often drives them to surpass their financial limits, prioritizing education even when it seems beyond their means. Yet, as their children ascend the ladder of academic and professional achievement, it becomes crucial to recognize the sacrifices that were made to get them there.

Understanding the reasons behind parents’ sacrifices unveils a narrative of love and devotion. It’s not merely about material success but about fostering an environment where their children can thrive. As we navigate the challenges of life, it’s essential to remember that our parents’ sacrifices extend beyond the tangible—reaching into the realms of emotional and psychological support.

Rather than dismissing their struggles as a duty fulfilled, let’s embrace a mindset of gratitude. Our parents will undoubtedly find greater joy in receiving our love and appreciation than in any material reward. After all, their sacrifices were not just for our education or financial stability but for the intangible bonds that make a family resilient and strong.

Never Forget Parents’ Struggle And Sacrifice


A Counsellor’s Conversation With A Child

In a candid conversation between the counsellor and a young child, the initial shock gripped the room as the child uttered words of anger towards their mother, blaming her for creating discord among siblings. The child unfolded their emotions to the counsellor, revealing a tale that echoed the sentiments of many.

Counsellor: Which school do you attend?

Child: I go to an international school.

Counsellor: And where did your mother study?

Child: She studied in a local school in a small village.

Counsellor: How far did she go with her education?

The child shared the extent of their mother’s education.

Counsellor: Your mother, with her limited knowledge, might compare you and your brother. Ignore that and try to forgive her. Recognize the struggles parents face to afford their education in an international school, beyond the means of a typical family in a small village.

Child: I understand, but I dislike my mother’s cultureless behaviour.

The counsellor questioned the source of the child’s idea of good culture, considering the exposure gained in an international school. The child seemed to forget the blessing of attending such a school and the sacrifices made by their parents.

In response to the child’s judgment and criticism, the counsellor offered a thought experiment:

“Just imagine if your mother had a severe illness, and your father had to spend all their money on her treatment. They might not afford your school fees for even a month. Picture yourself in a local village school, feeling surrounded by people you consider cultureless. Envision your family in a critical financial situation, with your father working tirelessly to support the family and your education. Would you be willing to sacrifice your current lifestyle?”

The child paused, contemplating the scenario. Despite this, they requested the counsellor to ask their mother to communicate more respectfully.

Expressing a desire for different parents, the child stated, “They shouldn’t have been my parents; I could have had better ones.”

The counsellor responded, “We can choose a dress or shoes, but we can’t choose our parents. God hasn’t given us that option. Our birth is part of a divine plan, a selection from thousands and lakhs. We didn’t anticipate our arrival or know when we will depart from this world.”

Always trust and share problems with parents. They are the best to give you the proper advice.

Always remember parents struggle

Some parents are not well educated and some are illiterate. But today we can see many parents try their best to give a good education to their kids. Some of them take bank loans because higher education is very costly. They have a dream about their kids’ future.

Never forget your parents’ struggle and sacrifice. Never criticise or hurt parents. Do not compare parents with other people. Give proper respect and love to your parents. That is the best reward you can give to them.

Understand the real value of parents and learn how to treat them.

Some parents may lack formal education, and others may even be illiterate. However, in today’s world, numerous parents earnestly strive to provide quality education for their children. Many go to great lengths, including taking out bank loans, as higher education comes with a significant financial burden. Behind this effort lies their heartfelt dream for their children’s future.

It is imperative never to overlook the relentless struggle and sacrifices made by your parents. Avoid criticizing or causing harm to them, and refrain from comparing them to others. Offering genuine respect and love is the most meaningful reward you can give. Don’t hesitate to proudly introduce your parents to others, acknowledging that their sleepless nights, care, struggles, and sacrifices have played a pivotal role in your success.

As your parents age, it becomes crucial to care for them. Never leave them alone or consider placing them in an old age home, as, during this stage of life, they yearn for the love of their children and the joy of playing with grandchildren. This simple act can bring immense happiness to their hearts. Cultivate and maintain a healthy relationship with your parents, recognizing the profound impact of their efforts on your journey.

8 Things that can change your life

  1. Stop complaining.
  2. Always feel happy with what you have.
  3. Appreciate how lucky you are every day.
  4. Be thankful for everything.
  5. Set goals commit, and never look back.
  6. Keep friends who bring positive energy into your life.
  7. Avoid bad friends.
  8. Boost self-confidence.

Do not hurt the child’s self-esteem

  1. Avoid criticising the child for everything.
  2. Do not continuously harp about mistakes.
  3. Do not tell the child’s dreams and goals are impossible to fulfil.
  4. Never compare children to other children or siblings.
  5. Never evaluate intellectual capacity upon marks and grades.
  6. Do not demand blind obedience.
  7. Appreciate and praise for every small achievement.

Teach your kids self-protection to handle any situation.


In conclusion, the unwavering commitment of parents, irrespective of their educational background, to provide a better future for their children is a testament to their love and sacrifice. As recipients of this dedication, it is our responsibility never to forget the struggles they endured on our behalf. Criticism and comparison should be replaced with genuine respect and love, acknowledging that our parents’ contributions are the cornerstone of our success.

As time progresses, the care and support we provide to our ageing parents become increasingly significant. Leaving them alone or in an old age home should never be an option, as they crave the companionship of their children and the joy of interacting with grandchildren. By nurturing a healthy and appreciative relationship with our parents, we not only honour their efforts but also create a lasting bond that transcends generations.

Let us be mindful of the profound impact our parents have had on our lives, remembering that the best reward we can offer is the enduring respect, love, and care that they rightfully deserve.

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How do you treat your parents?

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