Never Forget Parents Struggle And Sacrifice For Your Success

Never Forget Parents Struggle And Sacrifice For Your Success

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2021)

Do you remember or know your parents struggle behind your success? Many children forget or take it as duty parents fulfilled. Is it good? You should never forget parents struggle and sacrifice for your success. They will be much happier to get your love than getting more money.

Why parents struggle for their children?

Today many parents having limited income wish to educate their children in good schools even though that is beyond their capacity. Of course, every parent wishes to have their child’s bright future. After a certain age, their children compare their parents with parents of classmates who are professionals, business people and rich.

They feel like their parents look and culture is not up to the standard of others. They find their parents have no culture in their words and actions. That kind of negative thoughts affects their mental health and also their relationships with parents.

Never Forget Parents Struggle And Sacrifice

A talk between the counsellor and a little child

The counsellor shocked to hear the first sentence from the child.
Child –  “I hate my mother, I have that much anger to kill my mother. My mother made my brother enemy.”

Like that many things,  the child told to the counsellor.

Counsellor  – Which school are you studying?
Child            – In an international school.
Counsellor  – Where did your mother study?
Child            – Mother studied in a local school in the small village.
Counsellor  – Up to which class your mother studied?
The child replied the level of mother’s education.

Counsellor  – With her little knowledge, if your mother is comparing your brother with you, ignore that and forgive her. You should realise about the little knowledge and struggle of parents to meet the high expenses for educating you in an international school which is beyond the capacity of a normal family in a small village.

Child           – That all are ok, but I don’t like the cultureless behaviour of my mother.

Where did this child get a good culture? This child told her parents’ culture is not good. Since this child is studying in an international school, has the chance to expose and meet a few people from a high-level background. This child forgets the blessings to study in an international school which is not imaginable for a child from a normal family in a small village. Also forgets the parents’ struggle and sacrifice to meet the heavy expenses for the education.

When the child judged, criticised, and downgraded the value of parents in the talk the counsellor told:

” just imagine like this. Your mother has a major disease and your father has to spend the whole money on her treatment. In that case, they cannot pay your school fee even for a month in this school. At present, the major portion of their income is spending in this school for your education. Since they can’t afford the expenses, they transfer you to a local school in the village. In that school, you will feel all the students and teachers are cultureless. Imagine your mother becomes serious and the financial situation in your family become critical. Your father has to go to work for the daily bread and also to manage other expenses including treatment of your mother. Since no other person in the family to take care of your mother and being the eldest child, you stopped studying. Think about this situation.”

The counsellor asked, “When you sit at home, will you not lose this culture, freedom of boys and girls relationships, freedom of using the internet the whole day, other freedom and entertainments?”

Hearing this question, the child kept quiet and thought over the words of the counsellor. But even so, requested the counsellor to ask the mother to talk more decent.

The child also told the counsellor, ” they should not have been my parents, I could have got better parents.”

The counsellor replied, “we can buy a dress and a pair of shoes of our choice from a shop. But has God given us a choice to select a good looking, highly qualified, very capable parents?”.

Neighbour uncle is handsome and neighbour aunt is cute. So I am selecting them as my parents.

Is anyone reading this post selected their parents of your choice like this?

No, none can select their parents. God has not given this choice to anyone in the world.

We are born from a particular sperm selected to join with a particular egg. Remember this selection is from thousands and lakhs. This is God’s plan.

We never expected or didn’t know our arrival in this world and also don’t know the departure from here.

Inspired by WhatsApp Message.

Always trust and share problems with parents. They are the best to give you the proper advice.

Always remember parents struggle

Some parents are not well educated and some are illiterate. But today we can see many parents try their best to give a good education to their kids. Some of them take bank loans because higher education is very costly. They have a dream about their kids’ future.

Never forget parents struggle and sacrifice. Never criticise or hurt parents. Do not compare parents with other people. Give proper respect and love to your parents. That is the best reward you can give to them.

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Understand the real value of parents and learn how to treat them.

Do not feel bad to introduce your parents to others. Be proud of them. Remember, their sleepless nights, care, struggles and sacrifice are the reason behind your success. Take care of your parents in their old age. Never leave them alone or in the old age home. Because at that age they need the love of their children and play with grandchildren. That will make their mind happy. Always have a healthy relationship with parents.

8 Things that can change your life

  1. Stop complaining.
  2. Always feel happy with what you have.
  3. Appreciate how lucky you are every day.
  4. Be thankful for everything.
  5. Set goals and commit, never look back.
  6. Keep friends who bring positive energy into your life.
  7. Avoid bad friends.
  8. Boost self-confidence.

Do not hurt the child’s self-esteem

  1. Avoid criticising the child for everything.
  2. Do not continuously harp about mistakes.
  3. Do not tell the child’s dreams and goals are impossible to fulfil.
  4. Never compare children to other children or siblings.
  5. Never evaluate intellectual capacity upon marks and grade.
  6. Do not demand blind obedience.
  7. Appreciate and praise for every small achievement.

Teach your kids self-protection to handle any situation.

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Be humble, help others, avoid hurting others, respect parents and elders, don’t judge or criticise others, be loyal to work, avoid negative thoughts and never keep bad friends. Try your best to make this short life happy and successful. Smile and make others smile.

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How do you treat your parents?

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