Self-Protection – Teach Kids To Handle The Situation

Self-Protection - Teach Kids
(Last Updated On: December 4, 2018)

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It worries all parents about the safety of their kids when they are out of sight. It is a major concern for every parent because they watch and read many real stories daily. The best way to protect from predators is to teach your kids specific street-savvy skills. Self-Protection – Teach kids to handle the situation. Educational institutions also should give proper training to children how to handle any unexpected situation when alone.

It doesn’t mean you should not communicate with strangers or completely ignore a stranger. Many times a stranger will be helpful in trouble.

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Self-Protection – Teach Kids To Handle The Situation

Short story – Little girl cheated by strangers

Mother used to pick the little girl from the bus stop every day after school. While she was in class 4, she assumed she was old enough to walk by herself from the bus stop to home. So she discussed the matter in the family and decided she will walk back home by herself.

One fateful afternoon as she was walking from the bus stop to home, two ladies walked up to her. One lady won the trust of the little girl with her sweet words. The lady kept the girl busy while the man keeps a watch. She said she is a friend of the girl’s mother and she had asked her to pick the child from the bus stop.

However, she added that the child had to take off her gold earrings since it was not safe to wear them while alone.  She said she will pack those earrings safe in a crumpled piece of paper and hand it over to the girl.

Trusting the words of the lady like her mom, the little girl agreed, walked back home. After reaching home she told the entire story to her mother and handed over the packet to her. Her mother found the crumpled piece of paper filled with pebbles to match the weight of the gold ornaments. The little girl could not figure out when the lady who won her trust had swapped stuff. She shocked to see it.

This incident hit the girl’s mind hard. She stopped trusting people, blamed herself for allowing someone to take advantage of her trust.

This kind of stories is appearing often in the media. The question is how to stop this? It is difficult to stop but can teach your kids to take precautions and also how to handle such situations with a strong mind.


 Siri Hustvedt Quote Children Safety
Quote Children Safety

Children are not in a position to assess risk and safety; it must be done for them, and it must be done carefully. Siri Hustvedt

Don’t talk to strangers

For generations, many parents have a strict rule to kids, “Don’t talk to strangers”. In childhood, you also might have heard this rule from your parents. Are you applying this rule to your kids also?  Instead of making such a strict rule to your kids you can teach your kids about when it’s appropriate to talk to strangers and when it is not.

Things to teach your kids

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Sometimes stranger offers a ride, treats or asks for help with a tricky task and wrong intention. There can be occasions of a stranger, relative or friend ask the child to keep a secret, tries to touch the child’s body with the wrong intention. Teach them to understand the situation better and step away yell “No!” and leave the area immediately.

Encourage them to don’t feel shy or fear to tell such incidents to parents or another trusted adult like a teacher at the earliest.

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Try to find out the reason with a calm and lovable way and never get angry over the matter.

Kids need the love and support from parents. The incident happened must wound their mind and your anger will make the wound more complicated which their small mind cannot handle.


Corey Feldman Quote Self-Protection
Corey Feldman Quote Safety Of Child

I look for the safety of my child. I don’t really care about me. Corey Feldman

As you know these days, it is difficult to identify the character of a person by the look, dress or talk. Most child molesters and abductors are regular-looking or even smart looking people. Many talk and behave friendly, safe, and appealing to others. So, it is better to not judging a person by appearance or sweet talk. Teach kids to judge people by their actions.

Stranger Danger – Self-Protection – Teach Kids

Don’t trust  all strangers

While sitting in a coffee shop or train you want to go for nature calls and you ask someone sits near you to watch your luggage until you return. Many people have to face this kind of situation when they travel alone. They have to trust strangers because they have no other option. Some strangers are trustable, but others are not.


Today technology is being updated daily and smartphones have become the most important thing in the life of most people. It has become an integral factor in life. For some people, they can live without food and water, but they can’t live without the smartphone in a single day.

Social media 

Social media has a major role in the usage of smartphones. It is a fact that social media has founded and being maintained with good intention and for good cause for the benefit of the people. But today many people are misusing the technology by creating fake usernames, displaying wrong profile photos and innocent people are falling into the trap of such wrong people. They disclose their personal information to these strangers sitting in far away in other countries and later they find that all the investments are emptied by those fake people.

A new trend is to get stranger’s phone calls from unknown numbers introducing as the official from banks asking for your secret credentials to add more facility or unlock your blocked ATM. Many people have come under this kind of attack and lost lakhs of money from their bank account without their knowledge.


Trust none stranger on social media or internet. Disclose no personal information, even your correct name, address and discuss no family matter with them. Of course, if you find that person is genuine and trustable you can share a little information, still not full or confidential matters.

Do you  Keep your child safe on the internet?

Positive parenting is important for the bright future of your kids.

What do you think, should we trust strangers?

Have you experienced any sad incidents in your life from strangers?

How do you teach your kids self-protection?

Share your views in the comment box below.

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Self-Protection - Teach Kids To Handle The Situation
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Self-Protection - Teach Kids To Handle The Situation
The best way to protect from predators is to teach your kids specific street-savvy skills.
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