Phrases For Healthy Child Development

Important Phrases For Healthy Child Development

Updated on July 5, 2024

There are certain important phrases for healthy child development and helpful for their success in life. Many parents do not use these phrases because they are not aware of the importance of these phrases in the growth of their children. Children learn many things from the family, from the words and actions of their parents. In this post, let us discuss a few important phrases for healthy child development.

Phrases For Healthy Child Development

Phrases For Healthy Child Development
  • I love you
  • Sorry for shouting at you
  • Let’s sort this out
  • Get up and try again
  • Everything will be ok
  • That is better, well done.
  • Everything will be ok
  • Don’t be scared, go on
  • What shall we take with us

I love you

I love you is an important phrase for healthy child development. Children need to know that whatever happens, you love them. Children may disagree and argue about many things. But those minor arguments are because of their trust in the love of their parents. When they realise their parents love and support them in any situation, that is the most happiness in their life. Some parents think it is not important to say to their children ‘I love you’. Children wish to hear their parents saying ‘I love you’. Hold your children, hug, kiss and say with affection ‘I love you’.

Sorry for shouting at you

When you are disturbed by other problems you may get angry and shout at your children for small matters. Shouting from parents will surely hurt the children. If you are wrong, after a few mins, you can apologize to them. This will free up the wound in their mind and they will be happy.

Let’s sort this out

Sometimes children make minor mistakes and small fights with siblings and friends. You should discuss it with them and say ‘Let’s sort this out’. Don’t get angry or punish them for their mistakes. Help them realise their mistakes and console them.

Come on, try again

Your children need support and encouragement from parents. When they fail, you should encourage them by saying, “come on, try again”. Your encouraging words will motivate them and they will surely achieve success. Explain that success means mistakes, patience and persistence.

Everything will be ok

Sometimes children will be upset because of something done wrong or anxious about what will be the result. Teach your children not to suppress their emotions. Parents should not discuss the negative side, but motivate them by saying ‘everything will be ok’. That proves your love and support for them.

That is better, well done.

Everyone likes to hear praise. Your children will be happy when they hear praising words from you. You should praise them for minor achievements, whether in studies or other matters. You should praise them for their success and growth.

Don’t be scared, go on

When children face fear or difficulty in doing something hard, your support is important for your child. You should make them realise failures are part of life. Teach your child to overcome their fears. Encourage them to move forward by saying, ‘don’t be scared, go on.’

What shall we take with us?

When you are shopping with your child, you can ask your child’s opinion about purchasing something. This way, the child learns to express their opinion and also feels his suggestions have value. Sometimes the suggestion from the child may be better than yours.


Hope that you found the above-mentioned phrases for healthy child development. Teach your children that for happiness in life they need nothing exterior to themselves; no person, place or thing because true happiness is found within. Teach your children that defeat is merely fiction. Every attempt is a success, and every achievement will lead to victory. The first small victory is no less honourable than the last. Teach your children that they can do everything in this life. Remember, what you do will be reflected in your children and how you live today will be how they live tomorrow.

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