Childhood Phrases

Childhood Phrases That Can Cause Problem In Adulthood

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you know some parents are saying certain wrong childhood phrases to their children that can cause problems in their life? Parents use many short phrases to control their children. They are not saying these phrases negatively. But some phrases give the wrong effect on the minds of their children and stick in their minds even after they become adults. Parents should be careful when speaking to their children so that their words should not give any wrong effect on their life. Let’s discuss some of the wrong childhood phrases that parents should avoid.

5 Childhood Phrases

  • It is too early to rest. Be more serious in your studies
  • We are doing all of this only for you
  • Stop whining, are you a baby?
  • Don’t try to be clever
  • Don’t touch, else you will make a fool of yourself again
 Childhood Phrases
Childhood Phrases That Can Cause Problem In Adulthood

It is too early to rest. Be more serious in your studies

In the new education system, children have to study a lot in class and also at home. Many times, children do not get enough time to rest and relax. This is causing stress and other related problems for some students. Sometimes, children feel tired and they want to sleep by 8 or 9 p.m. Some parents do not realise their tiredness and they force the children to study more by saying ‘It is too early to rest, be more serious in your studies’. This phrase give a wrong effect on their mind. Even in adulthood also some of them find an inability to relax even after they are tired of their daily work. Their mind will recall the childhood advice to be more serious and they feel they have to work more without proper rest.

We are doing all of this only for you

Many parents say to their children, ‘we are doing all of this only for you, we are taking all these troubles only for you’. Parents are saying this positively to make the children realise their love and affection. Actually, that is true. Parents are sacrificing many things for their children. In childhood, children do not mind these words of their parents, even they will be happy to hear this as proof of their love. But after they become adults, if they have no job or if they find problems in their family, they may think all the problems are because of them. They face a constant feeling of guilt.

Stop whining, are you a baby?

Everyone has emotions, and we should not always suppress our emotions. Let the emotions come out. No need to feel shy about this. If we control our emotions, sometimes that can create many health problems. There are many occasions for children to cry, especially toddler tantrums. They cry when they have to get something from their parents or when they have health issues. Some parents treat it as bad, especially when children cry loudly in public. They feel it as a shame for them. So, they ask their children, “stop whining, are you a baby?”. They are not babies, but the mind of a child is soft and can not handle everything as an adult with a powerful mind. When they become adults also, they cannot express their emotions. They try to suppress emotions and sometimes that creates problems for them.

Don’t try to be clever

Some parents do not give proper value to the talk of their children. When children say something, parents use the wrong phrase “don’t dry to be clever.” When they hear this from their parents, children feel that what they said is wrong. This affects their self-confidence to speak or do anything in the future. As you know, self-confidence is very important for expressing effectively. When they become adults and have to speak in public or at the workplace, they lose their trust in success. They feel it is better to shut up, otherwise, I may speak something wrong.

Don’t touch, else you will make a fool of yourself again

Mistakes are the steps to success. Every successful person makes several mistakes before achieving success. Many parents do not allow their children to do anything after they make a minor mistake. When children try to do something, parents have the command, “Don’t touch, otherwise, you will make a fool of yourself again”. A mistake does not make a man fool, but this is a wrong phrase some parents are using to their children. When these children become adults, their self-doubt does not allow them to do anything new because their mind speaks to them ‘what if it doesn’t work out? Everyone will laugh at me, better not to try this”


Parents should be careful when using childhood phrases with their children. BY evening, studies and other activities of the day might have exhausted children. If they feel tired and need rest, allow them to take proper rest. Do not discourage your children from trying and learning new things. Never tell them they are fools. Allow them to express their emotions. Give proper value to their words. There is no need to tell them always that their parents are doing everything for them. The almighty has selected you to take care of your children because he knows they are safe in your hands. Encourage your children, boost their self-confidence, and help them develop a positive attitude to overcome obstacles and make life successful with full of happiness. That is the best gift you can give them.

What are the childhood phrases you are using with your child?

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