Payal Jangid The First Indian To Win Global Goals Changemaker Award

17-Year Old Payal Jangid First Indian To Win Global Goals Changemaker Award

Updated on July 5, 2024

Have you heard the news about 17-year old Payal Jangid who won the global ‘Changemaker’ award in New York, bringing more pride to India? If not, continue reading to know about the inspiring success story of this young girl.

17-Year Old Payal Jangid – Changemaker Award Winner

Most people expect children to be either passive followers being ignored and bullied or just spending their days of innocence like infants. Most children are not interested or have no time for any activities other than their studies. Parents also think that children have to concentrate only on their studies and related matters in childhood and teenage.

However, there also are children like Payal Jangid who not only did wonders for herself but also changed the lives of the children around her. She has achieved a lot with her perseverance and awareness about child rights and problems related to children.

India is one of the emerging superpowers of the world, but is still plagued by social evils such as child marriage. Payal Jangid, a 17 year old teenager from Hinsla (a village in Rajasthan), has done her best to contribute to the country for the abolition of child marriage. On Wednesday, September 25, 2019 Payal Jangid won the global ‘Changemaker’ award in New York, bringing more pride to India.

Her father Pappuram Jangid works with a wood craft industry and her mother is a housewife. She has three sisters and one brother.

India’s changemaker – Payal Jangid

Presented by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the award is in recognition of her campaign against child labour and child marriage.

The Gates Foundation has shared Payal’s story on Twitter

In the video, Payal reveals how she had to fight with her own family who wanted her to tie the knot at a young age.

She speaks about how she united children from several villages across the state. They went door-to-door to raise awareness about issues related to children such as child education and the menace of child marriage.

What are Goalkeeper awards?

The annual Goalkeeper awards are given to leaders and individuals for their efforts in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). there are in five categories in the awards. The categories are

  • Progress
  • Changemaker
  • Campaign
  • Goalkeepers Voice
  • Global Goalkeeper

When was Payal Jangid started activism?

According to Payal, her activism and fight to abolish child marriage began at the age of 11, when she had to relent against being married off. She was successful in raising her voice against her parents’ decision and prevented the marriage.

She has then served as the President of her village’s Children’s Parliament (Bal Panchayat). She has conducted a number of field activities and rallies to empower women and children of her own village and villages nearby. Source: News18

Obamas Honor Work Of 12-Year-Old Payal Jangid

These are the lines found on old Huffington post. I thought it is good to quote the lines here.

During a stop on the Obamas’ trip to the South Asian country on Tuesday, photographers caught a smiley exchange between Michelle Obama and 12-year-old Payal Jangid, a victim of slavery turned children’s rights advocate, ABC News reported.

Payal and two other children who escaped slavery met with the Obamas at the Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi alongside Kailash Satyarthi, who won the Nobel Peace Prize last year with Malala Yousafzai for his work promoting children’s rights, according to the Associated Press.

Satyarthi’s NGO, Bachpan Bachao Andolan, is responsible for rescuing Payal.

Source: Robbie Couch The Huffington Post


Payal Jangid is an inspiration to many children. We must congratulate her parents for encouraging and providing all the support to their girl child to become the pride of India.

  • Why people in some parts of the country is still not happy with the birth of a girl child?
  • When will these people realise that women can do wonders for society and the world?
  • When will these people change their thinking and attitude towards girl children?

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