Learning To Question

Learning To Question: Empower Yourself In The New Year

Updated on July 5, 2024

In a world where some individuals seek to dominate us unnecessarily, learning to question becomes a vital skill for asserting our independence and safeguarding our freedom. The tale of the tiger, the bear, and the rabbit serves as a compelling illustration of the transformative impact questioning authority can have on our lives. This New Year, let’s make a resolution to learn to question, challenging those who attempt to exert control over us and paving the way for a more empowered and liberated future.

Learning To Question

As we usher in the New Year with aspirations of self-improvement and growth, let’s delve into a crucial aspect often overlooked in our resolutions: the power of questioning. However, one aspect often overlooked is our ability to question and challenge authority. In the wild, a simple rabbit teaches us a valuable lesson about standing up for ourselves and not succumbing to unnecessary domination.

Short Story – Learning To Question

Once upon a time, a tiger roamed the forest in search of a meal. During his journey, he encountered a bear. Assessing the bear as a potential prey, the tiger decided in his mind, “He is a good catch.” Addressing the bear, he declared, “You are my feast for tomorrow. Come to my den then.”

Despite the bear being nearly as strong as the tiger, the ferocious appearance of the predator intimidated him. Fearfully, the bear agreed, “Okay, I will come.”

How foolish and timid the bear proved to be, succumbing to the tiger without attempting to defend his own life. Undeterred, the tiger continued on his path and spotted a rabbit, finding a new target. “After devouring the bear, I can savour a different taste by feasting on the rabbit,” the tiger schemed in his mind.

Addressing the rabbit, the tiger declared, “I wish to consume you tomorrow. Therefore, you must come to my den.”

Challenging the tiger, the rabbit promptly asked, “What if I refuse to come?”

This unexpected resistance caught the tiger off guard. Fuming with anger, he thought, “Even the bear was willing to comply, but this small rabbit is not!” The tiger glared fiercely at the rabbit.

Undeterred, the rabbit questioned once more, “What will you do if I don’t come?”

In a surprisingly meek tone, the tiger responded, “Then I will seek someone else.”

Unfazed, the rabbit retorted, “Well, then, you go and look…” With that, the clever rabbit vanished into the depths of the forest.

In the heart of the forest, a tiger roamed, seeking to exert control over those it deemed weaker. The bear, initially intimidated, surrendered to the tiger’s command without questioning. On the other hand, the rabbit, despite being inferior in strength, refused to submit and chose to challenge the tiger’s attempt to control its freedom.

Lesson About Learning To Question

Reflecting on this tale, it becomes evident that some individuals try to dominate us unnecessarily. They use power and influence to threaten and enforce obedience. Often, we succumb because we fail to recognize our strength and power. The bear, representing those who are unaware of their capabilities, obediently followed the tiger’s command.

The Inspiration Of The Rabbit

The rabbit, though physically inferior to the tiger, became an inspiration by refusing to accept domination. It dared to question and challenge, highlighting the importance of realizing our strength and standing up for our freedom and autonomy. This simple yet powerful lesson from the rabbit encourages us to adopt a mindset of questioning authority.

Simple Takeaways For A Refreshing New Year

New Year’s Resolution

As we set resolutions for the New Year, let us add a powerful commitment to our list: “I will question anyone who attempts to dominate my life and control me.” Often, we become slaves to authority because we fear asking questions. This avoidance can lead us into dangerous situations.

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Empowerment begins with the courage to question and challenge authority. Let the story of the tiger, the bear, and the rabbit be a reminder as we embark on a new year. By daring to question and refusing unnecessary domination, we reclaim control over our lives and foster a sense of empowerment that will guide us through the challenges that lie ahead.

Are you ready to learn to question?

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