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15 Most Funny English Words That Would Make You Laugh

Updated on July 5, 2024

In this article, you can find 15 most funny English words that would make you laugh. Some of the words you might be using in your daily conversation. If not, I am sure you would love using these English vocabulary words in your everyday English conversation to sound more interesting and funny. Your listeners would also love listening to you as you use these funny English words in your spoken English.

15 Most Funny English Words

Do you know certain odd funny words are part of English vocabulary? If you actually use these funny words in your day-to-day life or your chat messages or your e-mails probably your English will certainly sound very decorated. These words are funny but meaningful. In this article, 15 funny English words with their meaning and example sentence showing their use are given for your easy understanding.

15 Most Funny English Words
15 Most Funny English Words

1. Blubber

Let’s get started with our first very funny yet very useful word, BLUBBER. It means to cry in a noisy way like a child or to throw tantrums like a child. Of course, it sounds very funny and you may not know what it means unless you use it in a sentence.

Stop blubbering like a two-year-old.

There he sat, cowering against the wall, blubbering like a child.

Oh, stop blubbing! Your knee can’t hurt that much.

My kids have been blubbering since morning.

I have been taking care of the kids they have been blubbering since morning, you take care of them now.

2. Doozy

Moving forward from blubber we have the funny English word doozy which means something special or unusual, especially something unusually bad. If you want to express something that is extraordinarily good or bad you can use a doozy.

For example, if a show was embarrassing or if the host made a few mistakes and you want to just talk to your friend about it. This is how you can say “hey do you remember that show just was a doozy.” You just mean that it was really embarrassing for the host and everyone felt bad about it. It just means really bad or good. Another example is “did you eat french fries at that restaurant? It’s a doozy.” We had one doozy of a contest. You just mean it’s really good and yummy and tasty.

3. Flabbergasted

Next, we have flabbergasted. How funny English word is flabbergasted? It just means you are really astonished or surprised. Feeling shocked, usually because of something you were not expecting. Here are examples for you, which means extremely surprised.

When I checked the price of that dress online I was flabbergasted.

When they announced her name, the winner just sat there, flabbergasted.

She is flabbergasted by the whole affair.

4. Festooned

The fourth funny English word is festooned. This word really sounds like a party word. But festooned actually means to decorate a room or other place for a special occasion by hanging coloured paper, lights, or flowers around it, especially in curves. For example, you can say

The streets are festooned with lights during festivals.

I have festooned my Christmas tree this time.

5. Fuddy-Duddy

Here is another really funny English word Fuddy-Duddy but a very useful word. Fuddy-Duddy is used to say about a person who has old-fashioned ideas and opinions. When you believe in something that is old-fashioned. That is when you say that person is fuddy-duddy.

They think I am an old fuddy-duddy because I don’t approve of tattoos.

6. Gibberish

The next funny English word is gibberish. Meaning – spoken or written words that have no meaning. You might have heard this word before. Do you remember hearing this word ever? When a drunk person speaks, you may say,

I don’t understand what this person wants, he is speaking gibberish.

I was so nervous, that I just started talking gibberish.

Now you might have understood what it means. It just means a language that no one can understand.

7. Shenanigans

Moving from gibberish another funny English word is shenanigans. Meaning – secret or dishonest activities, usually of a complicated and humorous or interesting type. Means problematic activities or tricks that some people do. For example, you can say,

You have to stop all this and need to start working otherwise your shenanigans are going to get you into trouble”

All of you stop with your shenanigans.

8. Squabble

Another funny English word is squabble, means an argument over something that is not important. It just means fighting and that too for a very small reason, for very stupid something. You can say,

My parents have been squabbling since morning.

Stop squabbling about where to eat. Let’s just go and find a place to eat.

They were having a squabble about who was going to hold the dog’s lead.

9. Wishy-Washy

Have you ever heard the funny English word wishy-washy? This word means having no colour, firm ideas, principles, or noticeable qualities of any type. Means someone who is very confused while making decisions.

Don’t be wishy-washy about what you want to eat just be calm and decide something very simple.

The candidate gave a few unsatisfactory wishy-washy answers.

You have to stop being wishy-washy about your decisions. (That means you have to stop being indecisive.)

10. Hodgepodge

The last funny English word is hodgepodge means untidy. A confusing mixture of different things.

Do you have a table which is completely hodgepodge?

Is your wardrobe completely hodgepodge?

11. Bamboozle

Bamboozle is really a funny English word. Meaning – to trick or deceive someone, often by confusing them. Why bamboozle is funny? Because you may not find a person saying this word with the serious facial expression you would have after being bamboozled.

She was bamboozled into telling them her credit card number.

12. Brouhaha

The word Brouhaha is a funny English word. Meaning – a lot of noise or angry complaining about something. Why brouhaha is funny? Because the ‘Haha’ (laugh) is literally already built into it. It is practically impossible to say out loud brouhaha without cracking a smile.

There was a big brouhaha when the town council decided to close the park.

13. Goggle

Don’t get confused with this funny English word Goggle with Google. Meaning – to look with your eyes wide open because you are surprised. Another meaning is close-fitting glasses with side shields. (You might have heard and used Goggle in this meaning.) Why Goggle is funny? Because when a person goggles at something, their eyes are really big and they look a bit silly. Sometimes they goggle with their mouth open.

The cathedral was full of goggling tourists.

14. Nincompoop

Nincompoop is a very funny English word. Meaning – a foolish or stupid person. Even though calling someone nincompoop is an insult it is just funny.

15. Malarkey

Malarkey is another funny English word. Meaning – silly behaviour, nonsense, rubbish. Why malarkey is funny? Because malarkey is a hilariously nonsensical word which describes something rubbish.

I like socializing but I can’t be bothered with dressing up and all that malarkey.


Hope that you enjoyed reading these words. This is not a complete list, just a few words found and selected. You might have heard or used some of these funny English words. Don’t think these words are just funny but are very useful and meaningful words. Funny is only in the sense of reading and pronouncing.

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References: Cambridge Dictionary English

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