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Success Story Of Dr Archana Vijayan: Triumph Over Disability

Updated on July 10, 2024

Dr Archana Vijayan’s success story is an inspiring example of how love, empathy, and determination can overcome significant challenges. When we visit a doctor, we seek to identify the root cause of a health problem and obtain expert advice. Yet, there are instances when a brief interaction with a compassionate doctor makes us feel better even before any treatment begins. This success story of Dr Archana Vijayan highlights how love and empathy can be powerful tools in healing.

Success Story Of Dr Archana Vijayan

Early Diagnosis and Challenges

Archana was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) at the age of two, a genetic disorder that affects the central nervous system, causing mobility issues and delayed motor skills. Her parents believed physiotherapy could help her condition, and despite slow milestones, Archana started walking at five.

Dr Archana Vijayan's Parents

Growing Up With SMA

Archana spent much of her childhood in hospitals. Unlike other children who played outdoors, she was frequently around doctors. However, she noticed a lack of empathy from healthcare professionals who focused more on her medical condition than her emotional well-being. This realization sparked her purpose in life: to change the approach to treating patients by becoming a doctor who listens and empathizes.

Educational Journey

Archana’s father, a postman, and her mother, a homemaker, ensured she received a good education. Despite physical challenges, Archana excelled academically. Her determination was evident as she overcame obstacles, including inaccessible school facilities, with the support of her family, teachers, and friends.

Facing Discrimination

After excelling in her 10th-grade exams, Archana faced discrimination when she was denied admission to the science stream due to her disability. Despite her academic excellence, she encountered prejudice during her medical entrance exams and was initially offered a seat in Ayurveda. Archana refused to give up and persevered, eventually securing admission to Kottayam Medical College after her third attempt.

Overcoming Prejudice

During her counselling sessions, Archana faced severe prejudice and was told she couldn’t become a doctor due to her disability. Undeterred, she approached a national Medical Board and convinced them of her capabilities. She received the necessary medical certificate and joined Kottayam Government Medical College to pursue her MBBS.

Determination And Resilience

Archana’s story exemplifies tenacity and determination. She overcame numerous physical challenges and illnesses to achieve her goal of becoming a doctor. Her journey highlights the importance of focusing on one’s capabilities rather than limitations, setting goals, and working diligently towards them.

Determined to Succeed: The Only Way To Achieve Your Goals

Academic Excellence

Archana’s academic journey was marked by persistence and excellence. Despite the challenges, she never doubted her ability to become a doctor. Her experiences in hospitals fueled her determination, and she envisioned herself as a doctor who listens to her patients, offering more than just medical treatment.

A Vision for the Future

Now entering her house surgency, Archana intends to specialize in paediatrics and work with those affected by SMA. She believes that many people simply need someone to trust them and provide a patient hearing, emphasizing that love is a medicine with immense life-saving value.

Our limit is when we start thinking that we have an issue. We should focus on our capabilities rather than our negatives, set goals, and work towards it,” says the young Dr Archana Vijayan whom many saw as a weak child with a medical problem.

Yes, She is growing with her dreams.
Heavy is the crown and yet she wears it as if it were a feather.
There is strength in her heart,
determination in her eyes and
the will to survive resides within her soul.
A curious girl, a wanderer.
She’s a flame in angel skin.
She is you.
A warrior,
a champion,
a fighter,
a queen❤️

Source: Archana Vijayan SP


Dr Archana Vijayan’s journey from a child with SMA to a dedicated medical student underscores the transformative power of compassion in healthcare. As she continues her journey, may she provide her panacea of love and support to all those who look up to her for cure and succour.

Calling Dr Archana Vijayan a tenacious fighter would barely do her justice. She has conquered numerous physical challenges and illnesses to achieve her dream of becoming a medical doctor.

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