Pranjal Patil (Visually Challenged Woman) Became An IAS Officer

How Pranjal Patil (Visually Challenged Woman) Became An IAS Officer?

Updated on July 5, 2024

Where there’s a will there’s a way is a proverb. This proverb means if there is a determination to do something, you will always find a way to accomplish it regardless of obstacles. We should use this in a positive sense, as when referring to a tireless worker who gets a job done. Pranjal Patil, proved it by becoming the first Visually Challenged Woman IAS Officer in India.

Pranjal Patil (Visually Challenged Woman) Became An IAS Officer

Pranjal Patil, a 26-year-old lady, a visually impaired Ulhasnagar resident, has proved it right by clearing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams in 2016 and getting an All-India rank of 773. 

Despite Being Blind Pranjali Cracks IAS Exam

Watch the celebration of her success in UPSC Exam.

Pranjal Patil – Thiruvananthapuram Sub-Collector

India’s first visually challenged woman IAS officer

Pranjal Patil, India’s first visually challenged woman IAS officer took charge as Sub Collector of Thiruvananthapuram on Oct 14, 2019. Originally from Maharashtra’s Ulhasnagar, Patil lost her eye-sight at the age of six. But, she didn’t lose hope and completed graduation in Political Science. Patil studied in Kamala Mehta Dadar School for the blind and underwent operations to reattach her retinas but they were unsuccessful.

On Monday morning, October 4, 2019 Ms. Patil was greeted with bouquets and ‘laddoos’ (sweets) at the Thiruvananthapuram Collectorate. She arrived accompanied by Assistant Collector Anu Kumari. She was immediately ushered to her office on the first floor. 

While speaking to media on her first day at the office of Thiruvananthapuram’s Sub Collector Ms Patil said:

We should never be defeated. We should not give up. Because with all our efforts, we will definitely get that one breakthrough moment that we are waiting for,

Pranjal Patil IAS

About Pranjal Patil IAS

  • Born in Wadaji Village, Jalgaon, Maharashtra.
  • Her father, Lahen Singh B Patil, is an engineering assistant.
  • Her mother, Jyothi Patil, is a homemaker.
  • Born with a weak eyesight, Pranjal lost her vision completely when she was just six.
  • She had made up her mind to be an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer.
  • Her schooling was in braille in Kamala Mehta School for the blind, Dadar, Maharashtra.
  • She pursued her intermediate from Chandibai Himatlal Manshukhani college in Ullhasnagar.
  • She did her graduation in Political Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.
  • Did her Master of Arts in International relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi.
  • She pursued her Master of Philosophy (MPhil) from JNU and then her PhD in International Relations from JNU as well.
  • Pranjal Patil was instantly interested in the civil services, and she decided that she’ll pursue a career in civil services.
  • In 2015, when she was pursuing MPhil, she started preparing for the UPSC entrance.
  • She took the help of technology and she used a software named Job Access With Speech (JAWS) to prepare for her exam.
  • As all of us know, it is difficult for candidates to clear the UPSC in one attempt. But Pranjal Patil has achieved it.
  • She cracked the Union Public Services Examination on her first attempt with a rank of 773.
  • Ms. Patil was refused a job in 2016 in the Indian Railway account service.
  • In 2017 she attempted the UPSC exam for the second time and got the rank of 124th.
  • In 2018, she completed the first leg of her training from the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussorie, Uttarakhand.
  • Ms Patil, 30, made history last year when she received her first appointment as Assistant Collector in Ernakulam, Kerala.
  • Pranja Patil’s appointment as Assistant Collector in Ernakulam had grabbed headlines.
  • On 14 October 2019, Pranjal Patil took charge as the Sub Collector of Thiruvanthapuram.
  • She also became India’s first vision-impaired woman IAS Officer.
  • On her first day, she was greeted and welcomed by the District Collector of Thiruvanthapuram, K Gopalakrishnan.
  • In December 2018, she came into the spotlight when she became an organ donor in her brother’s wedding.

In an interview, Pranjal Patil stated that it was very hard for her to prepare for her exams. Since JAWS can only read out printed documents, she had to scan the books which she had to prepare from for the exam. She also had to find a writer for her to prepare for her exams. Her friend Vidushi used to help her with her preparations.

Pranjal never took any coaching classes for her preparation for the UPSC entrance exam.

What Is JAWS (Job Access With Speech)

JAWS, Job Access With Speech, is the world’s most popular screen reader, developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse. JAWS provides speech and Braille output for the most popular computer applications on your PC. You will be able to navigate the Internet, write a document, read an email and create presentations from your office, remote desktop, or from home. Read More about JAWS

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Inspiring Story Of Ms. Pranjal Patil – Interview

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The success story of Pranjal Patil proves that determination and hard work is the key to success. Never worry about your weaknesses or disabilities. Have a positive attitude, move forward fearless of failures and achieve success in life.

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