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5 Human Senses: Learn The Importance And Functions

Updated on July 5, 2024

Hey there, awesome kids! Do you like to learn about the 5 human senses and their functions? Have you ever thought about how you can see the colourful world, enjoy yummy treats, hear cool tunes, sniff fragrant flowers, and feel the cosiness of fluffy pillows? Well, guess what? It’s all thanks to your superhero senses! Can you believe you have not one, not two, but five fantastic senses? Yep, you heard that right! These super senses work together like a team to help you explore and have a blast in the world around you. Cool, huh?

Importance And Functions Of The 5 Human Senses

Human Senses #1. Sense Of Smell (Olfaction)

Human Sense Smell

Ever thought about how your nose is like a superhero? Well, get ready to be amazed! Your nose is like a super sniffer that helps you enjoy all the awesome smells around you. Smelling things isn’t just cool – it’s also super helpful!

Imagine the yummy smell of freshly baked cookies or the flowery scent in a garden. Our nose is like a smell detective that helps us find out different scents. When we take a breath, tiny smell molecules travel to a special part of our nose called the “sniffing centre.” This centre talks to our brain and tells us if something smells sweet, stinky, or even like your favourite pizza!

Picture this: you’re about to take a big bite of a juicy, tasty apple. But before you do, your nose wants to join in. It sniffs the apple’s yummy smell and helps you decide that it’s safe and really delicious to eat. But there’s more! Your nose is also like a bodyguard. If something smells bad, like old milk, your nose tells your brain, “Hold on, this might not be good for you!” It’s like having a smell superhero looking out for you.


And guess what? Smells can even bring back happy memories. Have you ever walked into a room where someone’s baking cookies and suddenly felt all warm and fuzzy? Your sense of smell makes magical memories.

Now, let’s have a fun smell experiment. Sniff a flower – wow, it smells so nice, doesn’t it? Now, hold your nose and imagine the stinkiest socks you can think of – yikes, not so great, huh? With your super sniffer, you can tell which smells are awesome and which ones aren’t so nice.

Because of this superpower sense, we can explore the world of smells and find amazing scents that make life even more incredible. So, keep sniffing and enjoying all the wonderful smells around you!

Human Senses #2. Sense Of Touch (Somatosensation)

Sense Of Touch

Have you ever felt the sun’s warmth on your skin or the cosy softness of a plush toy? Our skin is like a super touch detective! It’s covered in special cells called “message senders” that talk to our brain about what we’re touching – if it’s smooth, rough, hot, or cold. That’s how we understand things and know if they feel nice or not.

Your skin is awesome because it lets you feel all kinds of different things around you. When you touch something, your skin talks to your brain and tells it how it feels. Isn’t that neat? Your brain figures out if something is cuddly like a fluffy pillow, or tough like a rock. It even helps you know if something is bumpy like tree bark, or soft like a seashell.


But wait, there’s more – your touch sense is also like a safety guard. It warns you if something is too hot and could burn you, or too cold and might give you shivers. It even helps you be careful with things that might be sharp. So, your sense of touch is like a superhero buddy, helping you understand textures and keeping you safe from harm.

Imagine patting a cute kitten and feeling how velvety its fur is, like a cloud you can touch. Picture touching a tree and feeling the rough lines on its bark, like nature’s secret code. Think about holding a smooth seashell in your hand, like a treasure you found at the beach. Your sense of touch is like a magic compass that helps you explore the world and stay protected. Pretty cool, huh?

Human Senses #3. Sense Of Sight (Vision)

Sense Of Sight

Did you know you have a special power that helps you feel safe? It’s like having your very own guardian looking out for you. Isn’t that really cool?

Now, let’s dive into our amazing Sense of Sight. Our eyes are like tiny cameras that take pictures of everything we see. Light comes into our eyes through the colourful part called the iris and touches a special spot at the back called the retina. The retina takes this light and changes it into messages that go to our brains. That’s how we’re able to see things like the beautiful colours of a rainbow or our favourite cartoons on TV.

Imagine your eyes as magical windows that let you see all the interesting things around you. You’re using them right now to read this! When you look at something, like a cute puppy or a shiny toy, light comes into your eyes just like when you take pictures with a camera. Your eyes then send these pictures to your brain, which is like a super smart computer. It helps you understand what you’re seeing – whether it’s colourful shapes, big things or small things, and everything else in between.


Think about looking at a colourful painting or a really pretty sunset – that’s all thanks to your Sense of Sight. And guess what? It helps us do even more amazing things!

One super cool thing we do with our Sense of Sight is enjoy art. We can look at paintings, drawings, and sculptures that people create and feel really impressed by the beauty they share with the world. Isn’t that awesome?

Another amazing thing is exploring colours. Just like a rainbow with its fantastic shades, our Sense of Sight lets us see all the different colours around us – from the blue sky to the green grass. It’s like having a magical set of colours right in front of us!

So, with our trusty Sense of Sight, we can find new wonders, enjoy really stunning sights, and make our world a colourful and exciting place. How incredible is that?

Human Senses #4. Sense Of Hearing (Audition)

Sense Of Hearing

Do you enjoy listening to your most-loved songs or the sweet chirping of birds? Our ears are like magical sound catchers. When something makes a sound like a bell ringing or a friend’s laughter, it sends teeny-tiny sound waves through the air. These waves go inside our ears and travel to a special part called the “cochlea,” where they turn into messages that our brain understands as sound. Pretty cool, huh?

Guess what? Your ears are like super-duper sound catchers! They can pick up all sorts of awesome sounds all around you. Imagine that! Sound is like a special wave that flies through the air when someone talks or plays music. Just like a secret code, your ears catch these sound waves and send them on a trip to your brain. And you know what’s even cooler? Your brain is super smart at figuring out these messages and changing them into sounds you can hear!


Think about it – when your best friend giggles, your ears catch that giggle and tell your brain, “Hey, your friend is laughing!” Or when your most-loved song plays, your ears grab those musical notes and tell your brain, “Time to dance and groove!”

Remember when your mom tells you those three special words, “I love you”? Your ears act like little messengers of love, carrying her words straight to your heart.

So, with your amazing Sense of Hearing, you get to enjoy all the incredible sounds around you – from your buddies chatting to the tunes of your favourite melodies. It’s like having your very own concert no matter where you are! How cool is that, huh?

Human Senses #5. Sense Of Taste (Gustation)

Sense Of Taste

Have you ever stopped to think about how awesome your tongue is? It’s like having your very own flavour adventurer! With the help of teeny-tiny taste buds on your tongue, you get to enjoy all the fantastic flavours around you. Isn’t that totally amazing?

Tasting your most-loved snacks is like throwing a party in your mouth! The real heroes here are your taste buds. They’re these small bumps on your tongue that can spot different flavours – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and even umami (a super tasty and savoury flavour). These taste buds send messages to your brain, making it possible for you to savour the yummy flavours of ice cream, pizza, and all those other treats you adore!

Imagine your tongue as a taste detective. When you take a nibble of something, your taste buds jump into action. They help your brain figure out if what you’re eating is sweet, salty, sour, or bitter. So, when you dig into a tasty scoop of ice cream, your taste buds tell your brain, “Hey, this is sweet and incredibly yummy!” Or if you munch on a salty pretzel, your taste buds chime in, “Yes, that’s salty and oh-so-delicious!”


But wait, there’s more! Your tongue doesn’t just satisfy your taste buds’ cravings – it’s also a safety champion. It helps you decide if something is safe to eat. If you take a bite of something that tastes strange or not so good, your taste buds send a message to your brain that says, “Hmm, maybe this isn’t the best idea.” So, having a keen sense of taste helps keep you away from any food adventures that might not be so great!

Because of your incredible sense of taste, you can relish all the mouthwatering flavours of your best-loved foods – like a cheesy slice of pizza or a bite of scrumptious cake. Yum, yum, yum!

And here’s the fun part – your taste sense helps you tell if a lemon is too tangy or if a fruit has gone a little wonky. Thanks to your taste buds, you can explore different flavours and decide what tickles your taste buds with happiness and what might not be your thing.

Isn’t the sense of taste just totally fascinating? Keep enjoying those delightful flavours and having a blast with your super-duper sense of taste!

Five Human Senses – Infographic

5 Human Senses
5 Human Senses

5 Human Senses: Animated Video For Kids’ Learning


Let’s gather around and have another look at our incredible five senses, each represented by a special part of our body. It’s like having a team of superheroes working together to make our world amazing!

First up, we have our eyes – they’re like magic windows that let us enjoy the colourful and beautiful world around us. They’re the champions of our Sense of Sight!

Next, say hello to our ears – they’re our trusty sound catchers, helping us groove to music, chat with friends, and hear all the exciting sounds of the world. They’re the heroes of our Sense of Hearing!

Then, we have our nose – our scent detective! It helps us sniff out the wonderful aromas of flowers, and yummy food, and even warns us if something might not be safe to eat. It’s the superstar of our Sense of Smell!

Our tongue steps up next – it’s our flavour explorer, letting us savour the sweet, salty, sour, and bitter tastes of all the delicious things we eat. It’s the mastermind behind our Sense of Taste!

Last but not least, meet our skin – our ultimate texture explorer! It lets us feel the softness of a puppy’s fur, and the roughness of a tree’s bark and helps us stay safe by sensing things that might be too hot, cold, or sharp. It’s the guardian of our Sense of Touch!


Having these five incredible human senses makes our world an amazing place full of fun and excitement. Just like taking care of our superhero pals, it’s really important to look after our eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and skin. When we do that, we can keep on discovering all the fantastic wonders the world has in store for us.

Remember, human senses are like precious keys that open the door to endless adventures and turn every day into a fantastic journey. They team up like superheroes, helping us explore and understand the world in the coolest ways. They’re like our protectors, letting us know about things like hot stoves and loud noises, and they make life even more awesome by letting us enjoy our favourite things.

So, whether you’re watching a movie, hanging out with friends, or savouring a delicious treat, make sure to give a little shout-out to your amazing senses. They’re the reason you get to enjoy every single moment to the max. They truly are a special gift that adds extra magic to our lives!

Keep on exploring, keep on learning, and keep using those super-duper senses to turn each day into an exciting adventure!

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