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7 Keys To A Positive Personality

Updated on July 5, 2024

Are you aware of the fact that a positive personality can have a significant impact on your success and happiness in your life? Many of us are not born naturally optimistic. But that doesn’t mean we can not become more positive in life? Remember, just like you have the power to control your physical fitness, you have some control over your mental health. By learning what it takes to adopt a more positive personality, you can adopt some of its most coveted traits. In this article, you can find 7 keys to develop a more positive personality helpful to boost success and happiness in your life.

Positive Personality

Perhaps, rather than any other factor, a positive personality will have more of an impact on your success and happiness. As you know, your physical diet has a large impact on your levels of health and energy. If you avoid the foods that are bad for you, and eat only fresh healthy high quality foods of all kinds, you’ll have more energy. Your body will be resistant to most diseases, you get better sleep and feel healthier and happier.

In the same way, your mental diet largely determines almost everything that happens to you in life, including your character and your personality. When you feed your mind with positive ideas and information, positive conversations with positive people and positive thoughts, you develop a more positive personality. You become more influential and enjoy greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

Those people who work with computers use the expression Daigo or garbage in, garbage out. But the reverse is also true, good in, good out. When you make a clear unequivocal decision that you are going to take complete control over your mind eliminate the negative emotions and thoughts that may have held you back in the past and become a completely positive person. You can actually bring about your own personal transformation. Your job is to be the best you can be. Mental fitness is like physical fitness. You develop high levels of self-esteem and a positive mental attitude with training and practice.

Here are the 7 keys to becoming a completely positive personality

  1. Positive self-talk
  2. Positive visualization
  3. Positive people
  4. Positive mental food
  5. Positive training and development
  6. Positive health habits
  7. Positive expectations
Keys To A Positive Personality
7 Keys To A Positive Personality

1. Positive Self-Talk

Speak to yourself positively. Control your inner dialogue and use affirmations, positive statements phrased in the positive present and personal tents. “I can do it”, “I feel terrific”, “I am responsible.” This is how top people think most of the time.

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Psychologists say that fully 95% of your emotions are determined by the way you talk to yourself as you go through your day. This is called your inner dialogue. It’s the stream of words and thoughts and feelings that course through your day like a river going through your mind. The sad fact is that if you do not deliberately and consciously talk to yourself in a positive and constructive way, you will by default think about things that will make you unhappy or cause you worry and anxiety. Remember your mind is like a vacuum. It will not remain empty. If you don’t fill it with positive thoughts that will fill with negative thoughts. Your mind is like a garden. If you do not deliberately plant flowers and tend them carefully weeds will grow without any encouragement at all. If you don’t think positive thoughts and can take good care of them, negative thoughts will grow in your mental garden without any effort on your part.

“Your mind is like a garden. If you do not deliberately plant flowers and tend them carefully, weeds will grow without any encouragement at all.”

Brian Tracy

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2. Positive Visualization

The second key to positive personality is positive visualization. Perhaps the most powerful ability that you have is the ability to visualize and to see your goals as already accomplished. See your life as ideal in every way. But will you do this is you create a clear exciting picture of your goal and your ideal life and replay this picture on the screen of your mind over and over again. The rule is that all improvement in your outer life begins with an improvement in your mental pictures and you completely control the pictures that you play on the screen of your mind. As you see yourself on the inside you will start to be that person with those accomplishments on the outside.

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3. Positive People

The third key to positive personality is positive people. Your choice of the people with whom you live and work and associated will have more of an impact on your emotions and your success than any other factor because they control your self-talk and your mental pictures. So decide today to associate with winners, with positive people, with people who are happy and optimistic, and who are going somewhere with their lives. On the other hand avoid negative people at all cost. Negative people are the primary source of most of life’s unhappiness. So resolve that from day onward you are not going to have stressful or negative people in your life. That one decision alone can transform your thinking.

4. Positive Mental Food

The fourth key to positive personality is positive mental food. Just as your body is healthy to the degree to which you eat healthy nutritious foods, your mind is healthy to the degree to which you feed it with mental protein rather than mental candy. Read books, magazines, and articles that are educational, inspirational or motivational. Feed your mind with information and ideas that are uplifting and that make you feel happy and more confident about yourself and your world. Listen to positive constructive CDs and audio programs in your car and on your mp3 player or iPod. Feed your mind continually with positive messages that help you think and act better and make you more capable and competent in your field. Watch positive and educational DVDs, educational television programs, online courses, and other uplifting, enriching material that increases your knowledge and makes you feel good about yourself in your life. Did you know that every time you learn something new that you feel can help improve your life, your brain releases endorphins which are called nature’s happy drug and you actually feel happier even before you take action on a new piece of idea you feel happier that you have learned a new idea in the first place.

5. Positive Training And Development

The fifth key to positive personality is positive training and development. Almost everyone in our society starts off with limited resources, sometimes with no money at all. Virtually all fortunes begin with a sale of personal services of some kind. All the people who are at the top today were once at the bottom and sometimes they fell through the bottom several times in their journey through life. The miracle of lifelong learning and personal improvement is what it takes to get you from rags to riches, from poverty to affluence, and from underachievement to success and financial independence.

As Jim Rohn said “Formal education will make you a living. Self education will make you a fortune.”

When you dedicate yourself to learning and growing and becoming better and more effective in your thoughts and actions you take complete control of your life and dramatically increase the speed at which you move upward to greater heights.

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6. Positive Health Habits

The sixth key to positive personality is positive health habits. Take excellent care of your physical health. Resolve the day that you’re going to live to be 80 or 90 or a hundred years old and still be dancing in the evenings. The way you do this is you eat excellent foods, healthy and nutritious and you eat them sparingly and in proper balance. An excellent diet will have an immediate positive effect on your thoughts and feelings. Resolve to get regular exercise. At least 200 minutes of motion per week, that’s 30 minutes per day of walking, running, swimming, bicycle, cleaner, working out on equipment in the gym. When you exercise on a regular basis you feel happier and healthier and experience of lower levels of stress and fatigue than a person who sits on the couch and watches television all evening. Especially in this busy world get ample rest and relaxation you need to recharge your batteries on a regular basis especially when you’re going through periods of stress or difficulty.

Vince Lombardi once said “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.

Some of the factors that predispose us to negative emotions of all kinds are poor health, fatigue, lack of exercise, and non-stop work without rest seek balance in your life.

7. Positive Expectations

The seventh key to positive personality is positive expectations. Having positive expectations is one of the most powerful techniques you can use. They become a positive person and to ensure positive outcomes and better results in your life. Your expectations become your own self-fulfilling prophecies, but if you expect with confidence seems to come into your life. Since you can control your expectations you should always expect the best expect to be successful, expect to be popular. When you meet new people expect to achieve great goals and create a wonderful life for yourself. When you constantly expect good things to happen you will seldom be disappointed.


Hope you could find the above helpful to becoming a positive personality. Help others. Remember, being a positive minded, with positive ideas help you grow better as an individual person, ready to face whatever circumstances that comes in your way. Being positive person is a GIFT. Avoid negative thoughts and negative people. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Always Stay Happy And Smile At Life

Are you following any of the above 7 keys for a positive personality?

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References: Brian Tracy – YouTube

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