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The Young Samurai And The Wise Hermit – Moral Story

Updated on July 5, 2024

In this cool story, a young samurai wants to learn the special power of being calm even when everything around him is crazy like a wild battle. He goes on a big adventure to find a wise person who knows the secret. The wise person takes him to a loud waterfall and shows him a rock that doesn’t move, even with all the splashing water. The samurai learns that he needs to be like that rock, staying calm inside. When he goes back to the battle, he remembers what he learned and stays strong and focused, even when things are really busy. This story teaches us that being calm inside is like having a superpower, and it can help us stay strong no matter what happens around us.

The Young Samurai And The Wise Hermit

In a faraway land called the Land of the Rising Sun, there lived a young Samurai who was really good at using his sword. But even though he was brave and strong, he felt a little restless inside. He wanted to learn something special, something that would make him feel peaceful no matter what was happening around him.

One day, he heard about a wise old hermit who lived deep in the forest. People said the hermit knew amazing things, like how to be still and calm even when everything was crazy. The hermit had a secret – the power of Stillness.

Curious and excited, the young Samurai decided to find the hermit and learn from him. After travelling for many days, he finally reached the hermit’s home. The hermit was really old and had kind eyes that seemed to know everything.

The Samurai asked, “How can I be still and peaceful, even when there’s a big battle happening?”

The hermit took the Samurai to a noisy waterfall nearby. It was super loud and wild, just like a battle. The hermit asked the Samurai to look at a small rock in the middle of the waterfall.

“See that rock? It’s not moving, even though the water is splashing all around it. That’s the power of Stillness,” the hermit explained.

The Samurai realized that he needed to be like that rock – calm and strong, no matter what was happening. He understood that being still inside would give him clarity and strength.

Feeling inspired, the Samurai went back to the battlefield. Even though there were lots of swords clashing and loud noises, he stayed really calm inside. His movements became smooth and graceful, and he felt a special kind of power that came from his inner stillness.

The Samurai’s story shows us that finding stillness inside ourselves is like having a superpower. Even when things are really busy and chaotic, we can stay calm and strong. It reminds us that our biggest victories come from having peace within us, even in the middle of life’s battles.

Moral Of The Story

The young Samurai’s journey teaches us that amidst the chaos and challenges of life, true strength and power lie in cultivating inner stillness.

By finding a sense of calm within ourselves, we can navigate even the most turbulent situations with clarity, grace, and unwavering strength. Just like the rock in the midst of the roaring waterfall, our ability to remain unaffected by external chaos empowers us to triumph over adversity and discover the transformative potential of inner peace.

The Power of Stillness – The Young Samurai And The Wise Hermit


The tale of the young Samurai and the wise hermit is a timeless reminder of the profound impact of stillness amidst the chaos. In a world that often pulls us in a thousand directions, the journey within – to discover the serenity that resides at our core – becomes a priceless treasure. Just as the Samurai harnessed the power of stillness to triumph over the chaos of battle, we too can embrace this inner calm to navigate the storms of life. By anchoring ourselves in stillness, we uncover a wellspring of strength, clarity, and resilience that empowers us to face challenges with a tranquil heart and a steady spirit. As we reflect on this parable, let us be inspired to seek the refuge of stillness in the midst of life’s whirlwinds, knowing that within its gentle embrace, we find the unwavering power to triumph over adversity and emerge victorious, not only in battles fought with swords, but in the battles, we encounter within ourselves and in the world around us.

What did you learn from the story of the young Samurai and the wise hermit?

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