ALWAYS TIRED (Never Be Lazy Again)

Why You Are Always Tired? (Never Be Lazy Again)

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you feel always tired physically or mentally drained? How about both? Does it feel sometimes like life is passing you by and that you could do so much more if you just weren’t so exhausted? If yes, this article is for you.

Why You’re Always Tired?

Data from healthspan says that adults report feeling drained for nearly three hours every day. That means we spend more than six weeks a year feeling tired. No wonder we so often feel as if we’re running to catch a train that’s leaving the station without us. Peak performance expert Michael Gervais says fatigue is a great constrictor of the human experience when we’re worn out it’s simply impossible to live our best lives and achieve all our goals. Lack of sleep or low-quality sleep is an obvious reason we feel worn out yet there are some surprising sources of tiredness.

Here are 6 surprising sources of tiredness

always tired Surprising sources of tiredness
6 Surprising sources of tiredness
  1. Over productive and not taking a break to rest
  2. Lack of sunlight
  3. Breathing too shallowly
  4. Dehydration
  5. Too much noise
  6. Negativity

1. Over productive and not taking a break to rest

According to Red Book Magazine, number one is being overproductive and not taking a break to rest. In the present world, people are very busy. Many are working hard without proper sleep and ignoring small health problems. This makes them tired and slowly makes them sick. Many people give importance to earning money and forget about their health. They don’t realise health is wealth. Without good health, you can’t make life successful. For perfect health, your body needs good food and better sleep. You should eat the best foods for sound sleep through the night.

2. Lack of sunlight

Number two lack of sunlight. A study from the University of Massachusetts showed that we experience more depression, anger, and anxiety when we get less exposure to sunlight. Many people are suffering from depression problems. Most of them do not identify with depression or ignore it. If you have depression, you must consult a doctor and follow his advice. You must learn how to convert depression into happiness.

3. Breathing too shallowly

Number three is breathing too shallowly. It decreases the amount of oxygen in our bodies and increases carbon monoxide which makes us tired. For better health, your body needs enough oxygen. There are many breathing techniques in meditation, yoga, and other exercises.

4. Dehydration

Number four is dehydration. You’ve heard all of that encouragement to drink water right? When we don’t get enough, it leaves us feeling lethargic. You might have heard the word dehydration many times from your doctor. Do you drink enough water daily? If not, start today drinking enough water for better physical and mental health. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, you must drink plenty of water.

5. Too much noise

Number five and lastly too much noise. Have you ever had the experience of being exposed to really loud noise for a while and it’s not only irritating but exhausting? For some people, it’s the sound of leaf flows. if you are living in a city, you might have experienced tiring because of the constant sound of traffic. Psychologist Bronzaft says that excessive noise stresses our nervous system which can deepen our energy.

6. Negativity

Number 6 is negativity, one of the biggest and most common things that wear us out and weigh us down every single day starting from the time we wake up. Doesn’t it often feel like everywhere you look most of the headlines and social media posts even messages from your friends and family are negative? Why does it seem like no matter where we turn negativity is just coming at us from every direction? I’m not about that negativity.

Negativity research

When it comes to negativity research tells us some interesting things about human behaviour. Scientists from McGill University set up a study that participants were told was about observing their eye-tracking patterns while they read news from a webpage. Really the scientists just wanted to see which articles the participants picked and overwhelmingly it was negative articles. But why? Another study reported in a week showed that on average negative headlines outperformed positive headlines by 63%. And data from pew reset says that two-thirds of Americans say they feel worn out by the sheer amount of news that’s out there just the quantity is tiring and negative. It’s way too much.

Researchers also estimate that up to 80% of our thoughts every day are negative. How To Stop Negative Thoughts? (Techniques). Here are three ways to lighten your negativity load so you can start feeling more energized and positively engaged. Scientists have concluded that our overconsumption of negativity is due at least in part to something called negativity bias. We’re wired to detect threats. So we give more of our attention to things that are negative.

So let’s say you’re out on a hike in a gorgeous location. There might be 99 beautiful things to take in about your surroundings the birds, the trees, and the cascading waterfall. But the second you hear a little rustle in the bushes all of your attention will go to that one sound because your brain is worried it can be a threat. Did you hear that?

What encourages negativity in our social circles

There’s also research that sheds some light on what encourages negativity in our social circles. According to neuroscientists certain receptors for dopamine the reward chemical actually become unavailable when we don’t give a socially desirable response to others. If your friends say let’s go to the ABC grill for lunch, you’re more likely to get that feel-good dopamine hit if you say sounds great. Even if that’s not what you want to eat our brains want us to fit in. If you’ve ever participated in gossip or other negative behaviour and then wondered why you did that? This helps to explain it well.

The negativity odds may feel like they’re stacked against us. But we really can decrease the negativity in our lives and we do it through small simple choices made consistently. Going along with your friends even though you disagree is like someone offering you a sugary candy bar it’s hard to resist and tastes great at the moment. But later you feel the weight of that choice when you’re burned out tired potentially depressed. Food analogy can be helpful when looking at the negativity in our lives. Junk food, junk thoughts and junk behaviour are weighing us down.

If you are giving yourself a steady diet of refined sugar and processed food if that’s what you are ingesting you are going to be tired and cranky. If you eat lots of fresh produce, consuming things that are more positive you are going to feel energised. You’ll feel more motivated, your mood will be better and your thoughts will be clearer and that makes it easier to make healthy decisions. It’s self-perpetuating.

Have you ever found it when you’re tired you eat worse? When you eat worse you’re more tired. If our daily diet is made up of judgment and anger we’re going to feel terrible. We won’t be as creative and we won’t feel inspired. Studies even show we won’t be as physically healthy because people who are mostly negative get sick more often.

Here are 3 ways to consume less negativity

  1. Control social media and other apps
  2. Look at the people you’re surrounding yourself
  3. Through service

1. Control social media and other apps

Number one if you’re frequently checking social media news headlines throughout the day, cut down. Metrics from D Scout say the heaviest data consumers touch their smartphones 5427 times a day. Now not all news and social media content are negative. But every time we’re in those apps or looking at those headlines it’s an opportunity for negativity from other sources to creep in and add to our emotional load and wear us out. Check social media for limited times each day or delete the apps if you need to.

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If you can help it do not check your phone first thing in the morning. Whatever you do in the first few minutes or the first hour after waking sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you’re getting weighed down first thing in the morning your day will have a hard time improving. You’ll have to spend a lot of energy and focus trying to get out from under that negativity. That’s one of the reasons that instead of checking email, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos prioritizes spending time with his kids in the morning before they start school. He’ll also putter around as he calls it cleaning up the dishes, and doing some tidying up. So his brain can use this low-focus time to be more creative.

2. Look at the people you’re surrounding yourself

The second way to decrease your negativity consumption is to look at the people you’re surrounding yourself with. List out the five people you communicate with the most whether friends co-workers or family which of them are sources of negativity in your day. Consider how you can either limit your exposure to those people if that’s possible or change the nature of your interaction like maybe a co-worker or friend really tends to complain a lot. Rather than getting pulled into complaining along with them try changing the subject or putting a positive slant on it ‘please change the subject. Like if someone is complaining about a co-worker or public figure like so and so is just the worst, maybe say something like you know who I really think is pretty cool this person.

And here’s why just shifting the conversation to a more positive tone and space can change the whole vibe positive vibes only. Now being positive doesn’t mean you have to pretend everything’s sunshine and roses all the time it’s important to feel our feelings and to be plugged into what’s really going on in the world. But you don’t want to intensify negativity or drama for its own sake or for your own entertainment.

There’s a quote I really love that goes, “you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind”. And that’s the third way of decreasing the negativity in your life. Decrease its impact on you by emphasizing and increasing the positive things in your life. You can do this in three ways. One through gratitude. Instead of checking your phone first thing when you wake up, list three things you’re grateful for. Do it again before you sleep at night. Number two is through meditation. Meditate for at least 20 minutes a day. You can use visualization, chant a mantra or simply notice your breath.

3. Through service

Here’s a huge one number three. Through service. Service boosts your self-esteem and your self-worth and service and gratitude are like armour that protects you from negativity. Identify one way you can serve others. Whether it’s tutoring your friends’ kid online for 30 minutes, a week walking an elderly neighbour’s dog, or volunteering at a local food bank.

How Helping Others Will Brighten Your Life?

Those are three powerful ways to lighten the load of negativity in your life. So you can beat the blues and get into living a life filled with meaning power and purpose.

This Is Why You’re ALWAYS TIRED

I found this motivational video of Jay Shetty and thought that it is good to share with others.

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Hope that you could find the simple reasons for your tiredness. Identify the problems and try to solve them so that you won’t feel always tired. To become successful in life, you need energy. If you walk at a normal speed, you can walk for a long period. But if you walk fast, you feel tired. Life is a journey. Avoid things that can make you always tired.

Why do you feel always tired? Do you like to add some points?

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