Ultimate Sleep Routine

Ultimate Sleep Routine For High Performance

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you know a good sleep routine is very important for high performance and successful life? Sleep is an essential function that allows us to recharge mentally and physically. Good sleep is the path to take for increasing productivity and optimising your quality of life. In the present world, many people are shortchanging their sleep every night. Sleep is something that should be protected and guarded at all costs. If you want to execute consistently at a high level and optimise for higher output and results, you must have a good quality of sleep.

Easy Tips For Ultimate Sleep Routine

Tips For Sleep Routine
9 Tips For Sleep Routine
  1. Get Sun Exposure
  2. Move Your Body
  3. Stop Eating Crap
  4. Reduce Artificial Light
  5. Separate Your Blankets
  6. Keep The Bedroom Cool
  7. Tape Your Mouth Shut
  8. Fall Back Asleep
  9. Never Set an Alarm

1. Get Sun Exposure – Sleep Routine

Morning sun exposure
Morning sun exposure

One of the most important things that you can do is to get direct sun exposure into your eyes and on your skin first thing in the morning. You want to get out, you want that sunlight to hit your eyes, you want that sunlight to hit your skin because it helps to set your circadian rhythms. It’s one of the most important things you can do to actually get a good night’s sleep but it starts the morning before.

Circadian Rhythms
Circadian Rhythms

2. Move Your Body – Sleep Routine

Make sure that you’re using your body throughout the day. It’s incredibly important to actually be physically active to burn that energy off to make sure that you earn your night’s sleep in a modern lifestyle. Often we’re spending so much time sedentary that we don’t actually tax our body in any meaningful way which means that by the time we’re trying to lay down to go to bed we don’t have the impulse to sleep. Doing things that are physically taxing throughout the day is an extraordinarily useful way of being ready to actually go to bed.

Exploit the power of exercise
Man and woman exercising

If your job is not giving enough physical activity, you must do regular exercise. Do you know the Importance Of Exercise?

Walking has many benefits because your body and mind get many things and healing from nature. Do you know what are the benefits of walking every day?

3. Stop Eating Crap – Sleep Routine

As you go through the day there are certain things you need to be very careful about in terms of what you intake. Doing intermittent fasting is good because having an extended fast is very helpful. You will notice a massive difference in how you sleep if you have your last meal at least three hours before bedtime. You actually have a full three hours of rest between when you had that last bite and when you go to bed.

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Give enough time for digestion before bed

Your digestion stops in the middle of the night. It can create discomfort if your digestion stops, sort of mid-process and you’re sitting with something sitting either still in your stomach or in your upper intestines. That can be very uncomfortable so that disrupts people’s sleep and makes it hard for them to get to sleep. Remember that you have trillions of microbes inside of you and when they’re being asked to sit in all the things that they’re digesting, it can create issues. “WHEN” You Eat Matters More Than WHAT You Eat

If you eat late or drink late without giving enough time for digestion before bed, you may wake up in the middle of the night to urinate and then your brain kicks back in. It makes it impossible for you to fall back asleep. You won’t be doing anything useful other than tossing and turning and ruminating over everything that had happened during the day.

So not only are you fatigued suboptimal cognitively but it’s just really a lame way to spend time because there’s an interesting part of your brain that shuts off in the middle of the night. That makes fears seem way bigger than they will as soon as you’re up and are actually attacking your day. It all feels very manageable but in the middle of the night it feels terrifying, it feels overwhelming, feels like just absolute stress-inducing. That makes it even less likely that you’re going to be able to fall asleep.

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4. Reduce Artificial Light – Sleep Routine

Next thing is to reduce artificial light. Make sure that you are not getting a substantial amount of blue light and bright light into your eyes. Put your computer and smartphone screen on night mode. Make sure you put on blue-blocking glasses to avoid getting an overwhelming amount of artificial blue light from the screen into your eyes. Another thing is to try not to do any work that will be stress-inducing for the final hour before bedtime.

Blue Light smartphones laptop mental health
Blue Light

For the last hour before bed try to do fun things, do things that give you energy, that make you feel light, that is part of your passion, that feel good. You can feel a difference in your stress and anxiety levels, and feel lightness. Before going to bed just feel relaxed, feel joyful, and have a sense of purpose. Let everything go for the day and you climb into bed remind yourselves that you only have one job now, and that job is to sleep. Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind Before You Sleep

5. Separate Your Blankets – Sleep Routine

Sleep Well Stay Healthy
Sleep Well

Use enough blankets or other warm clothes so that you don’t have to wake up feeling cold. If your body feels severe cold or hot, that will distract your sleep. You won’t be able to get a good sleep. Make sure that your room and bed is comfortable for a good sleep during the night.

6. Keep The Bedroom Cool – Sleep Routine

One of the best signifiers to your body into sleep mode is making sure that your room is cool. Keep your room cool enough to signal to your body that it’s nighttime to go to sleep. So from setting your circadian rhythm with getting that sunlight directly in your eyes, on your skin actually being outside to the temperature dropping, the colour, temperature of the light, changing the brightness of the light, changing all of these are signals that keep your circadian rhythm where you want it to be so that you can fall asleep.

7. Tape Your Mouth Shut

Some people have the habit of breathing through their wide-opened mouths while sleeping. This can be due to nasal congestion or other breathing problem through the nose. If you have this problem, you can try some breathing exercises or consult a health expert to solve problems, if any. You must learn to breathe through the nose only while sleeping.

8. Fall Back Asleep – Sleep Routine

Inadequate sleep woman HSP
Inadequate sleep woman on the bed pressing neck with hands

Many people wake up 1/2 times or more during the night sleep. Some people are able to fall back asleep, but some are not. Once they wake up in the middle of the night, their mind is diverted to past incidents or future plans and that kind of negative thoughts disturb their sleep. If you have that kind of problem, you must try your best to fall back asleep.

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9. Never Set an Alarm – Sleep Routine

Many people maintain an alarm on their smartphones or other devices to wake up at a fixed time. For some emergencies it is ok, but don’t use it for daily purposes. Sometimes, you might wake up in the middle of the night and fall back asleep after a few hours and then the alarm starts ringing at a fixed time. This will distract your sleep and also may give an immediate shock to your mind and body. Don’t set a wake-up alarm, but learn to sleep and wake up at a fixed time regularly. Learn How To Wake Up Early Morning Without Using Any Alarm

Here are Tom Bilyeu’s tips to help you prioritise your sleep

  • Introduction to Sleep Routine
  • Get Sun Exposure
  • Move Your Body
  • Stop Eating Crap
  • Reduce Artificial Light
  • Separate Your Blankets
  • Keep The Bedroom Cool
  • Tape Your Mouth Shut
  • Fall Back Asleep
  • Never Set an Alarm
  • Bonus Tip

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Hope that you could find the above points useful to maintain a better sleep routine. As you know, good and proper sleep is essential for better health. If you don’t get enough sleep, your mind and body can’t refresh properly. That will create many unwanted health problems. You must hard work, but that doesn’t mean you work without giving enough rest to your body and mind. Eat healthily, sleep well, and have regular exercises. That’s the secret to healthy living. Maintain a good sleep routine and strictly follow it. That itself will help you to maintain good physical and mental health.

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Are you maintaining a good sleep routine?

Do you have sleep problems?

Do you exercise regularly?

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