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How To Transform Life By Taking Pause

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you want to transform life and experience unlimited success? If yes, it’s important to take a step back and pause every once in a while to refresh your goals and imagine new possibilities. Learn more about the life-changing experiences you can claim when you take a pause.

Transform Life by Taking Pause

We often find ourselves responding rather than listening, reacting rather than being proactive. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is nothing at all. And what I mean by that is instead of immediately acting or responding to something, taking a breath or a minute to pause and to think can transform your life and help incorporate more mindfulness into your day-to-day life. For that reason you’ll make fewer mistakes, you’ll get more done faster and you won’t have to go back and repeat it. It’s easy to get caught up in the world around us with the seemingly endless task lists and projects to be completed daily. We have many conversations, make many decisions and keep moving forward. This causes us to feel stressed and overwhelmed and rarely leaves even a moment to absorb what’s really going on. This can ultimately lead to feeling disconnected and out of control. However taking time to pause, to take a break, your thoughts, your actions, your speech etc is an incredibly helpful tool to re-centring yourself, regaining control and getting back on track stronger and better than ever.

Here are three times to take a break in your life and help you to re-centre to accomplish all of your goals. I personally use these tools in my own life to help me accomplish goals and I’ve seen how much they have helped and transformed the lives of others as well.

When to take a break

Pause before responding – Transform life

The first time to take a break is to pause before responding. There’s a reason why we have two ears and one mouth as we should spend more time listening than we do speaking.

There’s a reason why we have two ears and one mouth as we should spend more time listening than we do speaking.

Brian Tracy

You notice when someone is actually listening and paying attention to what you are saying rather than just waiting for you to be finished so that they can jump in. When we are just waiting for our turn to talk we don’t pay attention to what the other person is saying. We don’t absorb what the other person is meaning. We just want it to be quick to provide our own input. However, if we aren’t listening and understanding what is being said, we may not be providing useful insights with our response. This can lead to miscommunication, misunderstanding, and a waste of everyone’s time. It’s astonishing throughout history how a miscomprehension of a word or phrase or something that someone said or didn’t say has transformed the entire situation.

Active listening

The next time you have a conversation really listen and absorb what the other person is saying. Reflect on their words and be conscious of what they are trying to convey to you. This is called active listening.

Consider these questions:

  • Why are they telling you this?
  • What kind of response are they looking for to receive from you?
  • Are they worried about your reaction?

Taking a pause before you respond and considering your answers to those questions will give you time to formulate a mindful and helpful response rather than a quick reaction.

Before making a big decision – Transform life

The second time to take a break is to do so before making a big decision. We all get caught up in the excitement and anxiety associated with making a big decision. This can cause us to lose sight of the bigger picture, and while spontaneity and risk-taking can be useful in some decision making. Greatness does not come from impulsiveness or acting on a whim.

Greatness does not come from impulsiveness or acting on a whim.

Brian Tracy

That is why it is so important to give yourself a moment to pause and you reflect on the situation. This allows you to ensure that you are making a decision with a sound mind rather than reacting with emotion.

When you have a big decision to make, take a pause and then think through the following questions:

  • Have you done the necessary research on the choices.?
  • Have you considered all possible outcomes?
  • Are you comfortable with the risk that you’re willing to take?

After a decision has been made – Transform life

The third time to take a break is after a decision has been made or a conversation was had to reflect on any lessons learned. After having had an important conversation or having made a transformative decision, we usually find ourselves feeling relieved, the pressure of the situation has been eased and we can move on with our lives. Right? Not quite.

Without taking a moment to pause and consider the implications of the situation, we can short-circuit our ability to grow. That’s why it’s very important to take a moment to reflect on our decisions and conversations after they’ve been had.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What did you learn?
  • How did this make you feel?
  • What can you apply to your next decision or conversation that can make it better?

These reflective moments following an important decision or conversation are opportunities for growth as a person and as a leader. Utilize them to continue your journey to achieving your goals and becoming the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

I promise that if you follow these steps and start taking more time to consider, you will see your life start to transform for the better.

Credits: YouTube

How to Transform Life by Taking Pause | Brian Tracy

Allow your heart the space it needs to manifest your highest desires into existence. When you really just let things be and detach from all outcomes, you give life the opportunity and space to work in your favour. When there is space you can manifest even more and finally receive what you have been waiting for.


A break from routine can bring you a fresh start, a break from tiredness may help to recharge, and a temporary break can help you transform your life and take you on a more motivating journey. Hope this post is helpful to take time off to identify areas of opportunity and evaluate your goals effectively. One important thing you must follow in your life is to not make a decision whenever you are tired or mentally exhausted. The best decisions can be made when you’re well-rested.

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