The Magical Tree

The Magical Tree – Moral Stories For Kids

Updated on July 5, 2024

The moral story of the magical tree teaches the lesson that a good deed done will always return to you in some form. We must always be kind and helpful to each other. This is a beautiful and meaningful moral story. Watch the animated video and also you can read the transcript.

The Magical Tree

Video Transcript – The Magical Tree

Long long ago there lived a man named Malaya. He went to the forest every day, collected firewood and sold it for a living.

There was a banyan tree in the same village. It wasn’t any ordinary banyan tree but a willie one. It scared everyone who came near it and used to eat them too.

Malaya saw two pigeons stuck in a thorny bush. They were crying out for his help. He felt sad for the pigeons and saved them. They thanked him heartfully saying ‘you saved our lives Malaya, we would never forget your good deed.’

Malaya was very happy with himself for saving the birds. He walked too far unknowingly forgetting what he came for and the way too. He did not know which way to go in the dark forest and sat under a tree. It was nothing but the willie banyan tree itself. But he did not know that.

He thought to himself how do I go home now? There is nobody around. I have never come here before and it is getting late too.

In the meanwhile, the banyan tree censored the scent of human beings and burst into laughter. Malaya got scared and said shakingly ‘who is that?’

‘It’s me the mighty banyan tree. You must have heard about me.’

‘Oh my God, is that you?”

‘Yes, this is going to be your last day. It’s been a long since I had a human being for breakfast.’

And so it swung into roots and tried to capture him. Malaya ran for his life while crying out for help. The tree chased him.

The two pigeons saw the scene from a tree top. They thought the man looks like Malaya who saved our lives. We got to help him out too. Let’s go.

They followed Malaya and the tree. They went to him and said, ‘do not fear Malaya, we are here to save you. Do as we say. They caught the towel around his neck with their legs and asked him to follow them with its help.

As he was doing so the banyan tree was screaming, ‘stop here Malaya there will be no escape from me’.

The pigeons took him to a village temple. The banyan tree got scared on seeing the temple. It could not enter inside it. It angrily said, ‘you hit me on my weakness and got saved, but there is no saving you. The next time I get you and disappeared.

Malaya thanked the pigeons for saving his life. The pigeons replied saying do not worry about it Malaya it is only your kindness that saved you. That’s it. And flew away.

The lesson to learn

A good deed done will always return to you in some form. So always be kind and helpful to each other.


Always help others in whatever way possible because it makes your life more meaningful. Remember, No candle will lose its light while lighting another candle. The best way to become happy is by helping others in need. When you help others you will be overjoyed with a sense of contentment. When you see the happiness on the face of others, your mind will feel happy.

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