Teach Children To Read Phonetically

How To Teach Children To Read Phonetically

Updated on July 5, 2024

Teaching how to read phonetically is the only correct way to learn to read. Do you know how to teach children to read phonetically? You can either teach to read phonetically or read by sight. Teaching by sight is the method most schools are following today. Continue reading and watch the videos to learn more about how to teach children to read phonetically.

How To Teach Children To Read Phonetically Tutorial

Hope that you will find this video resourceful and helpful in teaching your children how to read phonetically.

Why Teach Children To Read Phonetically?

Teaching children to read is actually very simple. But people sometimes make it very complicated. You can teach a child to read and this also goes for an adult in two different ways, you can either teach to read phonetically or read by sight. When you teach how to read phonetically the child will decode words. When you teach how to read by sight the child will memorize words and word shapes. So when the child learns how to read by sight and they encounter a new word they will not be able to read it because they have not memorized that word. If a child knows how to read phonetically they will be able to read any word in the English language. So it is important that you do not teach your child to read by sight alone. It is not a good way to teach your child to read because your child will not be a good reader. How to bring that into balance.

How To Teach Children To Read Phonetically?

First, teach children to read phonetically, Decoding words by sound. And also bring in, sight words, because sight words are also important so that the child becomes a fluent reader. So one of the first things that you want to do when teaching reading is teaching the alphabet. And now a lot of people what they do is and also in the school systems. They teach the alphabet by teaching the letter names. So they teach the letter names and so forth and they also associate a sound with it and an object. So they’ll say when you teach a child how to read like that it takes longer and because they’re having to memorize three things, the letter name, the letter sound, and the object that you are relating the letter to.

Teach letter sounds in the beginning

The best way to teach reading is to only teach letter sounds in the beginning. You get flashcards from a through z, lowercase, preferably you want to get black and white. You can create these out of index cards very easily very inexpensively but you can also buy these as well. You want to get lowercase because lowercase are more common in print when reading and those are the letters that they will encounter the most. So you want to introduce lowercase first. So to teach the letter sounds is very easy. You do this one minute a day to teach letter sounds and you want to start with the lower with the short vowel sounds.

The English language has 44 sounds. At first, you just want to start with the short vowel sounds and the consonants. Once the child has learned the letter sounds from a through z you can start blending. It is that easy. That is why teaching letter sounds is more effective to teach for teaching reading because once the child learns the letter sounds and they start blending they are reading. So it is very quick. So at this point, once they have learned the letter sounds you can move on to blending short vowel sounds with consonants. Here is a chart showing how to blend. You can also create flashcards out of these if your child is distracted by a lot of different letters in one board like this. You can definitely just create flashcards out of these.

You can start with ba, be, bi, bo, bu like that and that is very good practice for them. You can use a pointer to go over the different blends. Once they have learned how to blend the consonants with the short vowels you can move on to two and three-letter words like ‘at’. Blending is something that takes time to achieve. So you want to have them elongate when they read. You don’t want them to be choppy because then they’re not going to be able to blend that. You want to go ‘ah’ as if they’re singing a song.

Once your child has mastered the concept of phonics, you want to introduce sight words because sight words are important. Sight words are the word the most frequent words in the English language which do not use the regular phonic rules for reading. So a lot of these words need to be memorized by sight. So you want to do is you want to get flash cards, make flash cards and teach the sight words.

Just create flashcards and introduce about five at a time and have the child as much as possible try to sound out the words. If they are not able to be decoded phonetically then have them memorize them by sight. And this way the child will become a fluent reader. Once they see these words they will be able to recognize them right away and that’s very important because these are the most common words in the english language. You want them to be able to recognize these words but you also want them to be able to fall back on phonics if there is a word that they cannot recognize.

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Teach a child to read 1 Minute a day: Letter Sounds

Teach letter sounds: Show this letter sound video twice a day:

Note to parents: be patient with your child and don’t compare your child. If you are a CONSISTENT teacher, they will learn (catch on) eventually.


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