How To Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity You Get

How To Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity You Get

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2019)

We all do not have equal opportunities, but we all have the opportunity to become successful, to become more than we are, to do better than we did yesterday. We have the option to accept or reject opportunities. Many people ignore small opportunity thinking they will get a better opportunity and later they realise their mistake. If you look at the stories of successful people, you find they have struggled a lot, never gave up and worked hard on every small opportunity. Learn to take advantage of any small opportunity and that will help you find a big opportunity to become successful in life. Never stop believing in yourself even for a second.

How To Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity

In the below video Shibani Bedi speaks about the inspiring story of her journey and how she found her passion in form of theatre. Shibani Bedi is an iDiva artist, a Delhi based theatre and web/TV/film actor. Even after facing many rejections she achieved success by chasing her passion and creating new opportunities.

Lewis Grizzard Life Quote
Lewis Grizzard Life Quote

The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity.

Lewis Grizzard

About Shibani Bedi 

  • She started her acting career at a late age facing rejections and problems.
  • To pursue her dream, she fought with her parents and moved out to Mumbai.
  • Felt pointless of the life she was living.
  • All the hard work and steps taken were getting her nowhere. 
  • Lived in an old house full of pests and rats, dealing with everyday failures, problems and rejections.
  • She worked a full-time job, practising theatre part-time.
  • Her first video with scoopwhoop went viral with 1 million views in a day.
  • Acted in several viral videos, short films, ad films.  
  • Done short cameos in movies like Rang De Basanti and No One Killed Jessica
    and a bunch of stage plays.
  • Starred in a Balaji Telefilms TV soap.
  • Shibani is also a voice-over artist.
  • Worked with organisations like NDTV, India Today, Hindustan Times, ScoopWhoop, iDiva and Times Internet.
  • She has become an internet sensation by starring in iDiva videos like South Delhi girls, West Delhi Girls, maid vs millennials, etc.
  • Appeared in a film starring Kalki Koechlin and Rajat Kapoor, Matra, that released all over India.
  • She has worked in many web series. 
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Shibani Bedi is an inspiration to the aspiring artists and she motivates to never give up. Click To Tweet

With hard work and a strong mind you can reach the top without any previous experience.

The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes.

Benjamin Disraeli

Take Advantage And Turn Every Obstacle Into Opportunity

Watch her inspiring talk sharing her own struggle story and how she achieved success overcoming obstacles with a strong mind and willpower. This talk will motivate and help you to learn how to take advantage of every small opportunity and move forward to successful in life.

Do you know Tough times can make you stronger and help to move forward to success. Never Allow Obstacles Break Success In Your Life.

Shibani never gave up and she never let her problems, rejections and failures define her. She always struggled and believed in acting on any opportunities and her talent. Shibani always kept her options open and never said no to an opportunity and always build doors to new opportunities. Shibani believes that no opportunity is small or big and done a role in a regional movie. This attitude proved beneficial as she came into contact with many big names in Bollywood.

Remember that Positive Attitude And Optimism Affect Your Life.

To reach the top, you have to climb step by step starting from the bottom step. Click To Tweet


To reach the top, you have to climb step by step starting from the bottom step. If you jump from the ground to top, you may fall down and break your legs and after that, you cannot climb even through the steps. Do not ignore an opportunity, take advantage of every opportunity and move forward to success without fear of failures.

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