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Success Story Of Sanu Dhanraj Indian Actor And Director
Success Stories

Sanu Dhanraj Indian Actor And Director From Bhagalpur

Manya Singh Miss India 2020 Runner-Up
Success Stories

Manya Singh D/O An Auto Driver Crowned Miss India 2020 Runner-Up

The inspirational success story of Manya Singh proves that “Dreams do come true, no matter how tough the situation is.” While watching the shows and competitions of the glamour and glitz in the world of showbiz make us believe that girls from strong financial background and high-status can only enter beauty pageants. The proud daughter of an ordinary auto driver, Manya Singh broke all the glass ceilings and proved that status and financial background is not a barrier, but one should dream big and give their best shot to achieve the goals in life.

assistive technology Haroon Kareem T K
Success Stories

Haroon Kareem T. K. Blind Student Wrote Kerala Class X Exam Using Laptop

Veena Venugopal
Success Stories

Veena Venugopal India’s First TV Anchor In A Wheelchair

Being in a wheelchair is no barrier to Veena Venugopal who is always vivacious, like a gurgling stream. She is always speaking with joyous abandon and a sense of optimism which is unparalleled. Her never give up attitude and the help of an NGO MIND, helped her overcome challenges and change her life into success. The wheelchair doesn’t limit Veena Venugopal from proving the power of dreaming high and achieving success in life. Her dedication and commitment helped her to achieve her goal to become the TV anchor in a wheelchair in India. Let’s congratulate and support her for success in life.

Anju Rani Joy Paraplegic Woman World Record Winner
Success Stories

Anju Rani Joy Paraplegic Multi-Talented Woman

Have you read or heard the inspirational and unbelievable success story of Anju Rani Joy from Ernakulam, Kerala? Anju Rani Joy is a paraplegic woman, multi-talented and world record winner for the longest time lifting two glass jars (1kg each) upside down with two fingers of each hand. Anju Rani Joy is a multifaceted woman and her accomplishments so far have been stupendous. Anju is an actor, theatre artist, model, entrepreneur, record holder, media person, social worker and much more. Anju Rani Joy proves that difficulties make you a jewel.

Kerala Man Sets Up Food Bank And Serves Free Lunch Daily
Success Stories

66-YO Kerala Man Sets Up Food Bank And Serves Free Lunch Daily

Pranjal Patil (Visually Challenged Woman) Became An IAS Officer
Success Stories

How Pranjal Patil (Visually Challenged Woman) Became An IAS Officer?

Aryan Mishra 18 Year Old Indian Astronomer
Success Stories

Inspiring Story Of Aryan Mishra 18 Year Old Indian Astronomer

14-YO Wonder Girl Janhavi Panwar | Motivational Speaker
Success Stories

Janhavi Panwar 14-YO Wonder Girl

Tough Times
Self Improvement

How Tough Times Can Make You Stronger

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