Beware Of Toxic Positivity

Beware Of Toxic Positivity – Facts That Never Known To You

Do you know what is toxic positivity and why you should be beware of toxic positivity? You must have heard many times people saying that positivity is the key to happiness. Yes, that is correct. Positivity is essential for happiness and success in life. But did you know that while practising positivity in a healthy and nontoxic manner you should always keep a few mantras in your mind?


What Is Compassion And How To Make An Effort To Show Compassion

Do you know what is the meaning of compassion? Compassion is a trait that many times gets forgotten even though that character trait is present in everyone. Compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. Compassion is a human quality without which man is incomplete. Are you a compassionate person?

Why You Are NOT HAPPY In Life?

Why You Are Not Happy In Life? Here Is The Answer

you are responsible for not happy in your life. Most times, the ego is the reason for not being happy. Many people do not know helping others will brighten their life. You don’t need money to help, but you can help by sharing your time, energy, knowledge and other such things. When you help a person not happy because of some problems, you are making him happy and at the same time, your mind also feels happy. His blessings will make your life successful with full of happiness.

How To Change Life By Changing Your Thought Process?

Change Life By Changing Your Thought Process

Do you know you can change life by changing your thought process? Do you know the nature of your thoughts determines the quality of your life? Positive thoughts, Happy, optimistic, emotions and feelings are good for your mind and body. On the other hand negative, sad and gloomy thoughts are bad and force you to …

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What Is True Happiness? Is There Any Magic Solution For True Happiness?

What Is True Happiness? Is There Any Magic Solution For Happiness?

How many times have you said to yourself and others “I want happiness”? How many times you heard that phrase from friends and relatives? Have you ever searched for any magic solution for happiness? If yes, what is happiness means to you and wishing for? Are you clear about what happiness is? If not, it is hard for your wishes for happiness to come true.