Jay Park Musician Entrepreneur

Jay Park Musician And Entrepreneur

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2021)

Do you know the inspiring success story and top 10 rules for the success of Jay Park, a successful musician and an entrepreneur? Continue reading and watch his videos.

Who is Jay Park?

Jay Park is a man who went from growing up in Seattle, learning and writing raps during high school. He moved to South Korea to further pursue his musical career. He became a successful musician and entrepreneur. He is a Korean American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, model, dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur and actor.

More about Jay Park

  • At a young age, he showed great interest in hip hop music and breakdancing.
  • Started as a B-Boy and dancer.
  • Known for his charismatic performances and stage presence.
  • Became the leader of South Korean boy band 2 PM.
  • Take a Deeper Look, First mini-album, went multi-platinum in South Korea.
  • At the 2011 Golden Disk Awards, he was the only solo artist to win “Record of the Year”.
  • Founder and CEO of the independent hip hop record label AOMG and H1GHR Music.
  • Member of the Art of Movement, Seattle-based B-Boy crew.
  • The first full-length album, New Breed, topped charts in South Korea and internationally.
  • Released his album Worldwide in November 2015.
  • Cites both Usher and Michael Jackson as singers and dancers who influence him vocally and in dance.

Jay Park – Top 10 Success Rules

Jay Park Top 10 Success Rules
Jay Park Top 10 Success Rules
  1. Seize your opportunities
  2. Find your gift
  3. Overcome obstacles
  4. Figure it out on the go
  5. Turn negatives into positives
  6. Follow your gut
  7. Earn respect
  8. Be passionate
  9. Pave your own way
  10. Perform amazingly

At the end of the video Jay Park performing amazingly with a beautiful song.

Lyrics of the song

Born in this country, but I’m feeling like an immigrant,
so we gotta look out for one another,
you’re my brother, I don’t care about your basic color,
get they beating up on you,huh feeling some type of way.
so I’ll make sure that we’re all good to live.
Another day I got compassion in my heart with the mind of a genius,
the hustle of a street do with the pages of Jesus.
When I say it I mean everything to me green
it sorted anybody let them listen
somebody’s younger need to put the pot aside
cuz sometimes the ego is deadly cyanide
ain’t nobody got a guy who ain’t got a rod
y’all both human beings just ain’t seen eye-to-eye
don’t fall trivia business on the caucus system
wanna break it down and get rid of your wit and grit
I wanna see you shackled up and living in the pisses
I mean while they make a stupid money any
Stanley these are my observations
I never go on vacation
this woman be my temptation
I’m cooking on either apron
assalamualaikum – the heavens and earth
say your prayer for my enemies but never at church
but it’s worse than a lot of lonely millionaires
I’ve seen a smile on orphan
all the I can’t fix the world
so I leave it in God’s hands
there’s no little part of me will always care swing

Jay Park – FSU ft. GASHI, Rich The Kid

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Motivational story and success rules of Jay Park will help you to become successful in life. Hard work and dedication will make your life successful. Work for your own satisfaction, and not for others.

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