Learn To Speak Words Carefully Never Hurt The Listener

Speak Words Carefully Never Hurt The Listener

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2021)

Some people fly off the handle while speaking without thinking about the consequences of the words coming out of the mouth. This is wrong. We should always speak words carefully and avoid hurting the listener.

Speak Words Carefully 

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Moral Story

A man went to his friend‘s home to inform his parents the sad news about their beloved son. When he reached there, he found friend’s parents standing at the gate of the house. They thrilled to see their son’s friend. Because both of them were working and staying together far away from home.

They welcomed him and prepared a feast for him. After the meal, they hand over a packet of sweets filled with the love to give their son.

Looking at the happiness on their face, this man could not speak the sad news about their son. He thought the sad news may hurt the mind of the old parents. Finally he left the place without saying anything.

What do you think, he did it correct or wrong? 

How To Speak Words Carefully?

Many times we face this kind of situations in our life. When we try to know about everything, we face confusion and insecure. All the news is not inspirational.

Advance information is good for precaution, but sometimes it leads to prejudices. Hearing and spreading the news about matters that have no benefit to anyone is the reason behind many quarrels and fights.

Some people can handle any sad news or bad words in any situation. But some other people are not mentally strong and sometimes collapse after hearing such talk. So, it is necessary to understand the listener and the situation before talking about the sad news.

Intelligent people never spread everything to everyone, but say the right thing to the right person at the right time. Right use of the tongue is the symbol of an intelligent person.  

Right use of the tongue is the symbol of an intelligent person.   Click To Tweet


Some people enjoy speaking and self-praising. They speak a lot about their happy and luxurious life in front of people who are going through extreme sadness.

How they enjoy self-praising?

  • Do not have time to share the sorrows of others or console them.
  • Never care about the wrong impact of their talk.
  • Speak anything without understanding the situation of the listener.
  • Find happiness in ‘pouring the oil in the fire’.
  • Speak in a detailed version of their own findings of the incident.
  • Do not mind the listener who is already struggling with the wound in the mind.
Not just the credibility of the information, but also the acceptance capability of the listener is important. Click To Tweet

Sad news affect mental health

Hearing sad news at an improper time may affect mental health and even life. It is better not to speak news that can affect the life journey of the listener. The wound that gives in the mind may not heal in the whole life. That will always rewind and play from the memory causing severe damage to mental and physical health.


The attitude and tone of your words impact everything around you and reflects your personality. Think before speak and choose the words carefully.

Remember your words have the potential to accomplish or destroy anything. One negative comment is enough to hurt and ruin someone’s day or even ruin a person‘s life. Speak words carefully and avoid hurting the listener.

Have you ever faced a situation where someone hurt you with words?

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