Effective Skincare Tips

Simple And Effective Skincare Tips – Do’s And Dont’s

Updated on July 5, 2024

Are you searching for simple and effective skincare tips to get healthy and glowing skin? In this article, Radhi Devlukia explaining about her skincare routine which is very helpful for you. Before starting the first thing really wanted to stress is that you should remember every single person is unique. Your skin is different from other people’s skin. So you really need to understand your skin better so that you can heal it, nourish it, and feed it in the way that it needs.

Simple And Effective Skincare Tips

Simple And Effective Skincare Tips
Simple And Effective Skincare Tips

Effective Skincare Tips – Radhi Devlukia

Radhi Devlukia wants to point out that this is stuff that has worked for her skin. Each person is so different. So this video is just a guideline and not a treatment. For eg., she used coconut oil for years and her skin was great with it. For others, it can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. So experiment and understand your skin to know what it needs and works best with.

Disclaimer: If you are having serious skin issues it is recommended that you go to see an Ayurvedic skin specialist before you try any of these treatments. This site or Radhi Devlukia will not be responsible for any loss or damage to your skin or body.

Effective Skincare Tips – Points Discussed

  • 00:00​ Earth Month – Majo Medicine
  • 01:01Intro
  • 01:27​ Understanding Your Skin
  • 02:20​ Cleansing
  • 03:37​ Exfoliate
  • 05:36​ Moisturize
  • 07:44​ Taking Care of the Skin Around Your Eyes
  • 09:06​ Hydration
  • 10:12​ Sunblock
  • 10:59​ Products
  • 11:49​ Self-Care Ritual
  • 13:08​ Mask
  • 13:24​ Outro

1. Understand your skin type

The first tip for you is to understand your skin type. There are many tests that you can do, and many different methods but the one that works best is using the Ayurvedic skin type test. There are so many you can find online but to break it down and make it a little simpler let us break it into three different groups. Dry which is Vata, Sensitive which is Pitta, and Oily which is Kapha. So you can actually be a combination of two of them but for the purpose of the video and to keep it simple let us stick to those three broader types.

Understanding your skin is definitely the key because it will determine what products and oils you use. Actually, your skin will change depending on the climate and the season. So the more you understand it the easier it will be to balance it out a little.

2. Cleansing – Effective Skincare Tips

Next up let’s talk about cleansing. What’s actually the point of cleansing? Cleansing is vital to remove all the makeup, dirt, and pollution that builds up on your face. If you don’t cleanse your face, it can actually lead to the accumulation of all of these bad things on your face clogging up your pores and reducing blood circulation and collagen production. So basically it reduces all the things that you need for healthy glowy skin.

Now one thing cleansing should absolutely not be doing is stripping our skin of its oils. So you have to make sure you’re not using harsh chemicals on your skin. Keep it as gentle and natural as possible. There are so many ways that you can make DIY ones at home. Here are some of the good natural ayurvedic brand cleansers that have been using for a long time and have really noticed an incredible difference in the skin using them.

Cleansing skincare
Lady cleansing her face

There’s blue beauty fly’s Calendula oil cleanser, True Botanics. They have a cleansing oil too. And I also use Ranavat’s luminous ceremony cream cleanser too.

Some natural options that you can just make at home. If you have dry or sensitive skin rose water works great. If you have oily skin then witch hazel toners are the best for you. Always use only natural Ayurvedic cleansers. After you’ve cleansed your skin you feel calm and relaxed.

3. Exfoliate – Effective Skincare Tips

You can exfoliate two to three times a week. Gently exfoliate every single day and you find it really really helps brighten your skin and give it a glow. You have to exfoliate after you cleanse because cleansing takes off all the impurities. With exfoliation, you’re really rubbing off all those dead skin cells. Exfoliating allows you to remove all the dead skin cells that are underneath and nail it. Exfoliating actually increases the amount of blood flow going to your face.

So it really helps give you that rosy healthy look a brisk rub down with a large soft towel top off the bath. It speeds up the flow of fresh oil from the oil glands to help keep the skin soft. Don’t exfoliate too hard most exfoliators have little granules in them. So it’s doing the work for you just exfoliate gently around your skin because if you don’t it can actually end up leaving little scabs underneath your skin which makes your skin look duller rather than bright and glowy.

Skincare Exfoliating
Man exfoliating and washing his face in the tap water

If you have sensitive skin, take some ground oatmeal. Mix it with water. Leave it to set a little bit and it’ll become a bit gloopy. Rub that gently onto your face and wash it off again with warm water. And lastly, if you have oily skin then you can make some coarse cornmeal or some rice flour with some oil. Rub it in circular motions and again wash it off with warm water. So my go-to is usually oil mixed with some sugar I find it works really well for my skin. But if you want some brands that I have also used, I absolutely love Ranavat facial polish and blue beautiful pineapple enzyme exfoliant. It smells incredible.

4. Toning – Effective Skincare Tips

Next, let’s talk about toning your skin. Toning actually tightens and preps your skin for your moisturizer but it also helps to close up your pores again after having exfoliated and cleansed. So it reduces the amount of dirt that can accumulate and clog up your pores.

5. Moisturizing – Effective Skincare Tips

So when it comes to moisturizing which is going to be your next step. I personally love using oils but you have to be really careful about the quality of the oils too. So I recommend getting organic because sometimes the nutritional value and the benefits of the oils are damaged and ruined by the extraction and the process that they go through before getting into the bottle. The crops that the oils come from may also be sprayed with pesticides and chemicals if you don’t buy organic which you really don’t want going on to your skin. So usually I will have oil and then I’ll also add an essential oil that makes a really really good nourishing moisturizer.

So there are different oils that you will be using depending on your skin type.

  • If you have dry skin you can use avocado oil, almond oil, and sesame oil.
  • If you happen to have sensitive skin, you can use coconut oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil.
  • If you have oily skin you can use safflower oil, mustard oil, or almond oil.
  • Now in Ayurveda usually they recommend medicating your oils with either essential oils or herbs. Now you may not have heard of many of these but they are very much so available across amazon and lots and lots of different herb stores online.

So if you have dry skin we have Shatavari and Ashwagandha for your herbs and for your essential oils you should be using Jasmine or Bergamot oil.

For sensitive skin, you can use Neem oil or Shatavari as your herb and for your essential oils, you can use rose oil or lavender.

For oily skin, you can also use neem. It has wonderful qualities that go across many of the different skin types and for your essential oils you can use tea tree oil and rosemary oil. Recently came across an oil called Helichrysum. Had never heard of it before but found out it’s often called the immortal flower. Heard that it has incredible anti-aging properties and really soothes sensitive skin. It’s great for all skin types and I usually just at night add in a couple of drops into my oil and can honestly say really have seen a difference since have been using it.

Also recently found out that citrus oils are photosensitizers which basically means that it makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight. So these are best used in your skincare products at night.

6. Taking care of the skin

Now let’s talk about taking care of the skin that’s around your eyes. Actually, it’s the thinnest part of your skin and so you have to be really careful about the heavy oils and heavy moisturizers that you use. Ideally, when you use any eye creams you should be patting them around your eyes but not close to the eyelids underneath your cheekbones where you should be putting your eye cream or oils. Then the oils actually absorb up towards your eyes and take in the right amount that it needs.

The skin around my eyes actually used to be very very dry and I used to have quite dark circles around them too. And I really think it was because I was using the products all wrong and I actually think I was overhydrating them and putting way too much product on them which was making them look duller and puffier.

One thing my mom absolutely swears by and by the way she’s been doing this for 40 years. She splashes cold water on her eyes every morning now she says that we should do about 20 times in each eye. But I will say that it’s never good to have extreme hot or extremely cold water on your skin. It’s just like the seasons when we go outside in cold weather it dries our skin out and the same thing when we go out in extremely hot weather. So it’s exactly the same when it comes to the water that we use.

So there are two companies that I have used religiously for the past few years when it comes to eye care. Dr Dennis Gross has a variety of serums and eye creams that I swear by. Buy Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum: for Wrinkles, Loss of Elasticity, and Rough Texture, 0.5 fl oz or if you want more of an oil-based serum renovate has the saffron serum which smells divine.

7. Hydration – Effective Skincare Tips

Now let’s talk hydration. Without water, our organs can’t function properly and if our organs are not functioning properly it naturally seeps through to our skin too. Our skin health is a direct reflection of our internal organs too and so when we hydrate our bodies actually the hydration goes directly to the places that we need them first which is our vital organs. So we have to make sure that we’re drinking enough to replenish them but also to replenish our skin too.

Remember our skin is the largest organ over our body. So we need to make sure we are drinking plenty to hydrate each part of us. Luckily our skin usually tells us when we’re not hydrated enough you will see your skin getting flaky dry and a little bit crusty too. So pay attention if you see different parts of your skin going dry then you probably are not drinking enough water. But also remember that it’s not just water where we get our hydration from it’s our fruits and vegetables too. Pick hydrating vegetables that have high water content like cucumbers and squashes and celery. There are so many vegetables that are actually predominantly water and so we can also hydrate through our food too.

8. Sun block – Effective Skincare Tips

The next thing to talk about is sunblock. You might have probably heard about it so much but to mention it anyway just in case someone hasn’t. Sunblock is essential. It really helps protect our skin from the harmful UV rays that come from our beautiful sunshine. Those UV rays can actually affect the collagen production and elasticity of our skin which contributes to the premature ageing of skin but also has been linked many times to skin cancer also. And so it’s very very important to make sure we are wearing our sunblock.

So when it comes to sunscreen or sunblock products there are many out there with a lot of chemicals. The ones I found are the most natural and that protect me the best is the mineral sunscreens. Three brands that I’ve been using recently are Pacifica beauty, alba botanicals and bubble botanicals


Let’s finally talk about products. You must read your labels. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and actually, every single thing that we put on to it absorbs into our body and into our bloodstream and into our organs. If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face. Sometimes when you go to stores and you’re looking for a moisturizer or a cleanser or any product for your skin, it can be quite difficult because when you look at the ingredients it has all of these chemical names that you probably have no idea about if you want to find out. More about that there are so many articles online listing the dirty dozen of skincare and you should really try to avoid at least those 12.

But basically, if you start going as natural as possible you will save yourself so much more time by not having to look at each ingredient at the back of your products and having to decipher them into the language that you understand. Now let’s talk about a little self-care ritual that you can do either in the morning or the evening or both.

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How to do a face massage?

Face massage according to Ayurveda is a vital part of your skincare routine. It helps increase the circulation to your face but also helps keep it tight and firm. Here is a simple face massage that I learned from an Ayurvedic masseuse in India and I’ve been using it ever since.

First of all, take the oil and massage your neck. First, all you’re doing is simple strokes upwards towards your chin. Next for your cheeks, you’ll do simple circular motions around your cheekbones all the way down to your chin. For your forehead, do long strokes where you’re pushing from the middle of your eyebrows all the way up to your head. And then do horizontal strokes all the way down to your temples. For your eyes, use circular motions using your ring finger going all the way around your eyes but also taking it from the middle of your eyebrows all the way to your temples again.

The reason we actually take a lot of the toxins towards our temples is because in Ayurveda it says that’s where some of our detox channels are in our face.

Exercise – Effective Skincare Tips

Lastly, exercise is not just for our body it’s for our skin too. When we sweat, it actually removes a lot of the toxins that are lying deep within our skin. So exercising daily can really help take out all those toxins and replenish our skin making it look absolutely vibrant and lovely. If you feel like your skin needs deep nourishment you can do a mask once or twice a week. My favourite one to make at home is Avocado, Lemon and coconut oil. But if you fancy buying them my favourite one is the blue beautify blue tansy face mask.

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Hope that those effective skincare tips were useful. Remember that we can only do so much from the outside. Our skin is directly linked to our gut health, our digestion, and our organ health. And so really understanding our bodies and helping to nourish them is vital. Control your diet, exercise, and take care of your skin. You should take care of your skin with effective skincare tips for healthy and glowing skin.

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