Shrestha Anupam Of Bhagalpur

Shrestha Anupam Of Bhagalpur Cracked UPSC CSE 2019 With AIR 19

Updated on July 5, 2024

Have you heard the success story of Shrestha Anupam of Bhagalpur who cracked the UPSC Civil Services Examination with AIR 19? This is a proud and joyful moment for the people of Bhagalpur, especially for the students and administration of St. Joseph’s School and SKP Vidya Vihar of Bhagalpur.

About Shrestha Anupam

  • A resident of Gurudwara Road, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India.
  • Passed ICSE 10th from St. Joseph’s School, Bhagalpur 2012 batch with 2nd rank at the national level.
  • District topper in CBSE 12th exam from SKP Vidya Vihar, Bhagalpur.
  • Graduate in Chemical Engg. from IIT Delhi in 2018.
  • Cracked UPSC exam on 2nd attempt with 19th Rank at National level.
  • After graduating in Chemical Engg from IIT, Delhi, he didn’t try for any job placement because his aim was to crack the UPSC exam.
  • He managed to maintain his average scores in IIT semester exams despite UPSC preparation.
  • His father Dilip Kumar Amar is a businessman. He also studied at Delhi University. He also wanted to enter civil service but could not succeed in the examination. He is very happy with the success of his son.
  • Shrestha Anupam gives all credits for his success to the Almighty God and to his loving parents.
  • The motivation, guidance and support from the parents helped Shrestha Anupam to achieve this success.

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Shrestha Anupam was interested in literature and history but after the 12th exam he ended up preparing for JEE. He got a much lower JEE rank than expected and got admitted as a Chemical Engineering student at IIT Delhi. He had no interest in any Chemical Engineering course. Hence tried for dept change, but the plans of Depc vanished in thin air.

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Finally, Shrestha Anupam decided to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Examination. He researched a lot on how to crack the exam, the question pattern, requirements etc. He set effective goals, hard-worked with dedication and achieved success in the goal.

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Shrestha Anupam Shares His Overall Strategy

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Today, many parents don’t allow their children to select and study subjects related to the choice of their interests and skills. Instead of allowing them to choose the right career of their choice, parents force children to study courses which they think are best for their future. The parents of Shrestha Anupam allowed him to choose the career of his choice and that is the most important factor for his success. It would be better if parents allow their children to select the career of their interest.

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Summary of the sources Shreshtha Anupam referred to:

For Basics, standard reference books:

  1. Polity – Laxmikant
  2. Modern history -Bipin Chandra and spectrum
  3. Economy – Ncert and Mrunal
  4. Geo and env. – NCERT and Shankar

For current affairs, mainly online sources:

  1. Hindu newspaper
  2. Rau’s IAS Daily News Simplified videos series
  3. Visions monthly magazines and 365
  4. IAS baba current affairs and ILP
  5. Insights on India toppers strategy

UPSC 2019 TOPPER Interview – Shrestha Anupam: AIR – 19 – Mock Interview

Why I am interested in publishing the success story of Shrestha Anupam?

We lived the best years of our life in Bhagalpur and were also well connected with St. Joseph’s School where he studied from LKG to 10th. Hence I am very happy and proud to write this post with available information and publish it on my site. I don’t know this gentleman personally, but as I came to know this happy news I wished to spread this joyful news to the world.

From my experience I can tell Bhagalpur, well known as the ‘Silk City Of India’, the 2nd city in Bihar is a beautiful place. People of different communities are living in harmony and peace in Bhagalpur. Festivals of different communities are being celebrated with full co-operation and support from all the people. People of other communities also visit and wish the people of particular community festival celebrations. You may like to read the Wikipedia article about Bhagalpur.


The success story of Shrestha Anupam is inspirational to young students. Let us wish Shrestha Anupam all the success in his life. May God give him strength and courage to face challenges fearless of failures, overcome obstacles in his challenging profession and turn failures into success. Let us hope to get many more successful persons from Bhagalpur, the silk city of India.

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Featured image photo of Shrestha Anupam: Facebook

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I came to know about this news today only and tried my best to collect information from the internet and publish this post. If you find any wrong information, or if you know anything more about Shrestha Anupam, kindly send the details to [email protected] for updating the post.

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