Sharing Problems With Family Is Important For Happiness

Sharing Problems Is Important For Happiness
(Last Updated On: October 27, 2018)

Do you know the benefits of sharing problems with family? Do you share your problems with your family or keep everything in your mind thinking others cannot solve your problems? Never think like that.

Importance of sharing problems with family

There should be a discussion about the happenings of the day among family members at least once a day. Since daytime will be busy, the dinner table can be a suitable place for this discussion. Share the happenings of the day, problems and find solutions. This kind of communication will give confidence and trust between parents and children and also prove love and affection.

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Some people always have a smile on their face, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any problem. When you see them, you may think they have no problems and only you have problems in life.  That is not true. Remember, there is no person without problems in life. Family problems, office problems, business problems, health problems, community problems and the list will go a long way.

The real problem with most people is that they do not share their problems with others, not even with their family members. They keep everything in their mind and that causes stress, depression and other mental and physical health problems. You can not share secrets with others, but try your best to share whatever possible and free up your mind for good health and happiness.

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Short story – Sharing problems gave peace of mind

Here is a short story I heard on a spiritual programme on Television Channel. This is a small story, but I think we can learn something from this story.

Once a man attended a week retreat in a spiritual centre. At the end of the retreat day, he approached the director of the centre and requested to allow him to stay there for a few more days. The director asked him, “why is he interested to stay in a retreat centre instead of returning to his home where family members need his presence.”

He responded, “he is in big debt and if he reaches home, all the lenders will reach and ask for the money he had borrowed from them. He cannot return the money. So it is a safe place for him because people will not disturb him.”

The director asked him, “how much he has to return“. He replied, “what is the benefit of informing the amount to the director because a spiritual retreat centre director does not have that much money to help him.”

The director replied, “it’s ok, don’t tell me the amount, but during the retreat did you tell God about your problem and amount.”

He replied, “No, because I thought if it is a small amount I could ask God to help, but it is a big amount and not good to ask God to help such a big amount.

The director asked him “does he love his family members and did he tell about this problem to his wife.” He replied, “No, because if he tells his wife he is in debt of such a huge amount she will either collapse or get angry at him.”

Is that such a huge amount?”, The director again asked him.

He replied, “yes, it is in crores.” The director surprised to hear the amount because the look of the man was not enough to believe he is a debtor of such a big amount.

The director asked the man to go home and come back with his wife to solve this problem. He was not willing to do, but the director again requested and assured him to find a solution to his problem. He went home and returned with wife and approached the spiritual director. The director asked him to first discuss the matter with his wife and then meet him.

They went out, and he told the matter to his wife with a fearful mind. After hearing the story tears came out from her eyes and she cried for a few minutes. He could not understand what to do.

His wife stopped crying and hold his hand and told him, “don’t worry about this problem, we will handle it together.’ He could not believe this reaction from the wife, but he felt his mind is free and light.

Both met the director. The director asked the result of the discussion between them. He replied whatever happened during the discussion. He told he doesn’t want to stay in the retreat centre, but want to go back home and stay with family. They left for home.

After a few months, again they came to the retreat centre and met the director. They told they could not repay all the debts, but could repay a good part of the same and will try to complete it soon.

The spiritual leader replied to them,

Sharing is Love, sharing is Caring. Where there is love and caring, it will solve all the problems. There will not be any more tears, but only happiness will fly there.

Quote about sharing problems with family
Sharing is Love, Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Love, sharing is Caring. Click To Tweet

Where there is love and caring, it will solve all the problems. There will not be any more tears, but only happiness will fly there.

If you are not sharing problems with your family, start sharing problems with your family today and look for the changes in your life.

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Love and trust are important for happiness. Share your problems with others, with your family members. That will solve your problems whatever it may be. If you don’t share and keep everything in your mind, that will give you stress and other health problems.

Do you share problems with family?

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