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Beware Of Toxic Positivity

Beware Of Toxic Positivity – Facts That Never Known To You

Do you know what is toxic positivity and why you should be beware of toxic positivity? You must have heard many times people saying that positivity is the key to happiness. Yes, that is correct. Positivity is essential for happiness and success in life. But did you know that while practising positivity in a healthy and nontoxic manner you should always keep a few mantras in your mind?

Emotional Decisions Can Be Destructive

Emotional Decisions Can Be Destructive And Here’s Why

Most of our decisions are influenced by emotions in some way. Making emotional decisions is natural because that is human nature. Some emotional decisions are ok, but many times emotional decisions can be destructive for self and also for others. Let’s find why and how emotional decisions can be destructive.

Never Belittle Anyone

Never Belittle Anyone By Making Fun Of Their Weaknesses

You should never belittle anyone by making fun of their weaknesses. When you find weaknesses in others, do you think you are perfect and have no weakness at all? No one is perfect in this world, everyone has weaknesses. Some people find their happiness in making fun of others. This is absolutely wrong.

Work Hard For Success

Work Hard For Success – Avoid Laziness

Work hard for success is the only secret to a happy and successful life. Many things may give you temporary happiness, but hard work will provide you with permanent happiness. Your hard work will help the success of others. When you are successful and happy you will automatically spread happiness in the world.

Think Before Taking Action

Think Before Taking Action

It is very important to think before taking action. If you take any action without proper thinking, that may put you in trouble. Your friends may give you attractive offers, or they may ask you for some help. How do you handle such situations? Many people immediately take action without thinking thoroughly or discussing it with others. You should always think thoroughly before taking any action.

Never Lose Hope

Why You Should Never Lose Hope?

Never lose hope. If you want to achieve success in your life, you need to work hard with confidence. You should live with determination and patience. Even after following all the positive things, still, you have to face challenges in your life. When you fail you should not become hopeless. When you become hopeless, your mind and body will not work well and you will lose everything.

Never Keep Bad Friends

Never Keep Bad Friends

Do you have many friends in the school and neighbourhood? Do you know keeping bad friends is not good because they will take you on the wrong path and damage your life? You should always identify your friends and keep only good friends who can support and guide you on the right path to a successful life.

How valuable you are

How Valuable You Are?

Have you ever tried to realise how valuable you are? What is the real value of your life? Your value depends on the people surrounded by you, where and how you decide to put yourself among them. Remember, each and everyone is a diamond with unique skills and talents. If a diamond is kept in a box hidden, people can’t find its value. All you need is to polish yourselves and be with the people who understand how valuable you are.

Light Up Your Inner Self

Light Up Your Inner Self To Deal With Your Pain

The moment you light up your inner self, your life will become brighter spreading lights for others. We are very much worried about small matters, but we are not looking at the gifts we received from the Almighty. We feel pain about silly matters which we can’t achieve. We are worried about our small health problems. But we have no time to think about the pain of others.

Healing Emotional Pain

How To Heal Your Emotional Pain?

Have you heard anyone ever say before, that emotional pain is a completely normal thing and emotional pain is a process of healing? I found a wonderful video of Sri Gaur Gopal Das explaining emotional pain. He teaches that we are human beings so each of us has all emotional feelings. I thought it would be good to share his talk with others because emotional pain is a major problem affecting most people, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.