Success Story Of Sanu Dhanraj Indian Actor And Director

Sanu Dhanraj Indian Actor And Director From Bhagalpur

Updated on July 5, 2024

The success story of Sanu Dhanraj Indian actor and director from Bhagalpur, Bihar made his poor parents proud of their son. The school, teachers and the entire Bhagalpur are proud of Sanu Dhanraj. Many people have a wrong thinking that children of normal income or poor parents can not become successful in life. They don’t have enough money to educate their children, and hence they can’t choose the right career of their choice and fulfil their dreams. But the success story of Sanu Dhanraj Indian actor and director, the son of a school bus driver, proves everything is possible if you have the power of dreaming big and setting effective goals to achieve success in life. Continue reading the success story of Sanu Dhanraj Indian actor and director and watch his short films to know more about his creativity and skill.

The Success Story Of Sanu Dhanraj Indian Actor And Director

Sanu Dhanraj is a young Indian actor and director who predominantly works in Hindi films, television and regional language films. He has directed short films ISKAT (Because I never existed), MAATI Kahani Kissan Ki and MAATI 2 Kahani Kissan Ki.

He has Directed 5 Short films. He is the owner of Sanu Dhanraj production located in Bhagalpur.

Early LifeOf Sanu Dhanraj Indian Actor And Director

Sanu Dhanraj was born on 05 August 1997 in Champanagar, Bhagalpur, Bihar. His father Niranjan Yadav is a School bus driver at St. Joseph’s School, Kabirpur, Nathnagar, Bhagalpur, and his mother is a housewife. Sanu Dhanraj studied in the same school where his father was working. His parents are not highly educated, but they educated their children in whatever way possible and allowed him to choose the right career of his choice. Since childhood, Sanu Dhanraj has wanted to become an actor. He is the first child among his two other siblings.

Sanu Dhanraj Family
American guests at his house with his parents.



The story of the short films directed by Sanu Dhanraj Iskat, Mati and Mati 2, is basically based on the problems of the farmers. That film became a big hit. A few months ago, he was selected as the Creative Director for the serial Kumkum Bhagya to be aired on Zee TV, one of the famous Indian television channels. He has also played many characters in this serial. Shanu Dhanraj worked hard with dedication to raise the prestige of his parents, teachers, well-wishers, home locality, Nathnagar, and the entire Bhagalpur, the silk city of Bihar.

In a conversation with the media, Sanu said that “being born into a poor family, he has closely seen the basic problems of poverty and farmers. By working hard, he has reached this stage today. Now he wants to take the responsibility for the whole family on his shoulders. His aim was to make Babuji’s (father’s) dream come true.

Sanu Dhanraj’s Quotes from Facebook Posts

Sanu Dhanraj Quote
Sanu Dhanraj Quote

I like to stay focused, chase my dreams and move towards my aim and destiny.

Life is a one-time offer, use it well. Life is never easy for those who dream. You change your life by changing your heart.

Believe in your dreams and that anything is possible

The most difficult part of life isn’t taking risks but not taking risks in fear of failure.

Lock Down – Short Film

Sanu Dhanraj’s first project at Royal Opera House Academy. The short film is based on lockdown, about parents who are stuck due to lockdown in another state, showcasing the struggle of two children, troubled by hunger and other difficult circumstances!

ISKAT / Short Film

The film is about mother and daughter exploring their relationship from childhood right up her to marriage, but this story isn’t as simple as seems.

MAATI Kahani Kisaan ki | Part-1 | Best Hindi Short Film 

This film is about the child of a farm labourer who wants to study, In today’s era, technology is most important for farmers so that they can do farming and the farmer can become self-sufficient by producing good crops.

  • Mvise – Maati (Kahani Kisaan ki..) (2022) Hindi Short Movie part –1
  • Genre:- Drama, Release Date:- 23h, January 2022
  • Story/Writer by- Vedant Kumar Sugam, Arpit
  • Directed by:- Sanu Dhanraj
  • Producer by:- SANJEET KUMAR SANGAM
  • Music by:- SD Music
  • Production:- Rajan Kumar Sangam and Nitish MGR
  • Action/Fight:- N/A
  • Editing by:- Sanu Dhanraj
  • Trailer Edit by – Chandan Yadav
  • DOP:- Abhishek Cruzone
  • Colour:- Chandan Yadav
  • Dubbing – Sanjeet Kumar Sangam and Arya Raj Avtar
  • Studio –: MATTIX ACADEMY of Arts Patna
  • Language:- Bihari Hindi

MAATI 2 Kahani kisaan ki | super hit Hindi movie 2022 

  • Film – Maati 2 Kahani Kisaan ki…
  • Genre:- Drama, Comedy, Action
  • Filmmakers Sanu Dhanraj films
  • Story/Writer- Sanu Dhanraj, Vedant Kumar Sugam
  • Directed by:- Sanu Dhanraj
  • Producer by:- SANJEET KUMAR SANGAM
  • Music by:- SD Music
  • Production:- Rajan Kumar Sangam and Harsh Raj Savan,
  • Editing- Sanu Dhanraj
  • DOP :- Manish Chaudhary

Inspiration to write this success story

I came to know about the success story of Sanu Dhanraj through a WhatsApp message with an image of news from Live Hindustan. Thanks to Ms. Sharmila Rozario for sending this information to me, who was his teacher in LKG, now retired. That message proved her joy and proud feelings for her little student. Hearing the success stories of their students is the happiest moment for teachers.

I know his father Niranjan Yadav very well, and he knows our family. My wife also was a teacher at St. Joseph’s School and our children also studied there and also travelled by his bus. Niranjan Yadav is a very humble person and I could see that same humble look on the face of his son Sanu Dhanraj. We all are extremely happy to know about the success story of Sanu Dhanraj. I don’t think Niranjan might have ever imagined his son will become famous and successful as he achieved today.


The success story of Sanu Dhanraj Indian actor and director is a lesson for parents who underestimate or restrict their children. Always support and promote the skills of your children. Never force your children to choose a career of your choice to earn more money, but allow them to choose the right career as per their choice. Money can not buy everything required in life.

It is also a lesson for children of normal income or poor parents. Don’t compare your parents with other rich parents. Study well with whatever source is possible for your parents. Set effective goals and hard work with dedication to achieve success in life. Understand the real value of your parents. Children should always have a healthy relationship with their parents. Children should realise the true love of their parents because their parents’ love never ends. You should never forget your parents’ struggle and sacrifice for your success.

Wishing all the success to Sanu Dhanraj.

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