Road Safety And Traffic Rules For Kids

Road Safety And Traffic Rules For Kids Learning

Updated on July 5, 2024

Hello Kids! Do you know about the importance of road safety and traffic rules? Watch the animated video explaining road safety and traffic rules for kids learning.

Road Safety And Traffic Rules For Kids Learning

What do the colours on the traffic signal mean?

Red light means stop. When the signal turns red all the vehicles have to stop.

Green light means go. Only when the signal turns green are vehicles free to move ahead.

Yellow means that the vehicles on the road must slow down.

These are the traffic rules for the vehicles.

Traffic signals for pedestrians

You should not cross the road if you see a red board with a man drawn on it. Go ahead only when the walking man’s signal turns green.

Traffic warning signs

The traffic warning signs are triangular in shape and have a red border with a white background.

The drawing in Black indicates the danger

The slippery sign means that the road ahead is slippery. Hence one should avoid the path or should slow down.

The construction sign means that the road ahead is being constructed and is dangerous. One should not go ahead.

The school and kids sign means that there is a school ahead and one should drive slowly and carefully.

Traffic forbidden signs

It means that the activity signalled on the signs should be avoided. For example, the pavement is a bicycle-forbidden area. You must not ride your bicycle here. This is for pedestrians only.

There is a no-entry area. You are restricted from entering this place.

Pedestrian forbidden area. We cannot walk here.

What safety measures should one take while on the road to cross the road?

Always use the zebra crossing only when the vehicles have stopped at the red light and the walking man signal is green. Before crossing the road look to your left, then to your right and again to your left to be sure there isn’t any approaching vehicle. Never cross the road if the vehicles are moving in your direction.

One should always wear a helmet when riding a two-wheeler in order to avoid injuries.

You should always be conscious when moving on a sidewalk.

One should never forget to put on the seat belt while in a car. It protects us from harmful movements.

One should also not run or play on roads.

Avoid driving fast or it may lead to a serious accident.

Never stick your hand out of a moving car or you might harm yourself.

Always use the footpath to walk.

Conclusion s

It is important to follow the traffic rules for our safety and for those around us. The road is not for playing, but for vehicle movement. You should never ignore traffic rules. Learn the traffic rules and also encourage your friends to learn and follow road safety and traffic rules.

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