How Ravi Suhag Son Of A Farmer Became Top Hacker

Ravi Suhag How Son Of A Farmer Became Top Hacker

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2018)

Ravi Suhag one of India’s Top Hacker

Ravi Suhag is a self-taught coder and hacker. He is considered as one of India’s top hacker with multiple awards and accolades up his sleeve.

While people believe in doing one thing at a time, he believes in “being all you can be.” Ravi Suhag is an entrepreneur, designer, web developer, computer architect, and poet, with an ardent desire to explore his passion completely and be much more.

“I believe in the theory that ‘Be all you can be’. Ravi Suhag
You can be more successful by just doing one thing, But, you won’t be able to explore yourself, you won’t be able to figure out who you are if you don’t do all you can do. Ravi Suhag


Talents of Ravi Suhag:

  • User interface designer with a passion for designing user-centred, clean and functional design. He designs follow structure, simplicity, visibility, and reuse.
  • Full-stack developer with experience in developing complex platforms using the latest technology and modern web frameworks.
  • Data journalist who specializes in building sensor and robo journalism tools/stories around policy, economics, sports, and environment.
  • A maker who loves to play with microcontrollers and electronic boards to design custom embedded and robotic systems.
  • An entrepreneur as founder of Inspiration Edge, a design-driven software company and a community of passionate individuals, thinking disruptively to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change.
  • An athlete who loves to play basketball, chess, volleyball and almost any indoor or outdoor game.
  • A Learner whose best learning of life is that he learned how to learn quickly.
  • A thinker who loves to figure out why things are the way they are.

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Ravi Suhag – Earlier Life and Education

Born and brought up in a village in Haryana.

He spent the first half of his schooling years at a Hindi-medium village school in Jhajjar, Haryana, in a classroom under the tree where both faculty and facilities were subpar.

Ravi Suhag studied by candlelight, snatching sleep between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

In the ninth standard, he switched to an English-medium school, where he initially struggled to get comfortable with the language.

After the first six months, Ravi Suhag started getting good marks in Physics.

Like many other young Indians, when he was in 12th standard, he had set his sights on attending Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). He failed in the entrance examination but he did not lose hope.

Born in a farmer’s family, he did not have a computer while growing up and got one only after joining college. His computer knowledge was limited to the likes of Microsoft Paint.

He was always curious, though he had no access to formal education in electronics.

So, dream with your arms wide open, with your eyes wide open, because that's the thing that matters. Ravi Suhag Click To Tweet


Ravi Suhag – Career

From childhood, he was fascinated with technology and interact with things.

Ravi was always the one who would break little electronic things, trying to figure out how they operated.

Ravi created his first circuit in class 7 and soon a small inverter, all from scrap.

Never quit. Never say never. I don't have that word in my dictionary. Ravi Suhag Click To Tweet

He designed embedded systems and robots for a couple of years during my graduation.

After obtaining a Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, he decided to learn design and code on his own.

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He had a dream to create his own venture. To cut down his expense he taught physics to kids, sold health insurances, gave workshops in colleges.

Because of his village’s spotty internet and also to cut down expenses he moved to rented accommodation that he shared with two other boys.

Like that eventually, he created his company during his years at the engineering college.

“Everyone has a force. All these dreams, all these ambitions. They are fruits of love, emotion, sacrifices and, feeling and emotions. These are all dreams and ambitions, they are fruits of people who love you.” Ravi Suhag

Ravi credits his mentor for finding the potential in him and motivating him to work and build things.

He learned all just within a month, front end, back end and other technical aspects of creating a website.

Till date, Ravi has participated in 13 hackathons and won 11 of them.

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Find How to set goals and become who you were meant to be

Full Video Transcript:

Life, it is simple. Yet, it is so hard. It is about dreaming so big and so far that it seems impossible to everyone.

I was born and brought up in a very small village in Haryana. I studied in a Hindi medium school.

And, I used to learn multiplication tables in Hindi, sitting under a tree.

We didn’t even have a television till I was 14-15 years of age.

Just to watch ‘Shaktiman’, I used to run two kilometers. But, I was a curious kid.

I used to play with electronics, electric wires..whatever I got my hands on.

I built my first circuit when I was in 7th/8th class.

I bought a small electromagnet from a scrap-dealer, in Rs.30 And, I built an inverter, a small inverter with 6-watt battery.

It’d automatically switch itself on when there was no electricity.

And, I was not being taught all this in my school. It was just the curiosity.

Everyone has a force.

All these dreams, all these ambitions.

They are fruits of love, emotion, sacrifices and, feeling and emotions.

These are all dreams and ambitions, they are fruits of people who love you.

For me, my dreams came from seeing my father work in the village, the farms, 20 hours a day.

Especially when the weather conditions were not favourable.

During winters, he had to stand in cold water for 4-5 hours straight.

My mom has serious problems with her leg and, she used to work in so much pain that anybody would have given up.

They don’t understand what I do, not a single bit of it.

They just tell me, samajhdari se a aur imaandari se. (Do it honestly and smartly).

There was this small plate, the school used to give a steel plate.

And, when I won my first steel plate I ran 4-5 kms to the field, just to show it to my dad.

So, like an other engineering student, I wanted to get into IIT. But, I failed. I failed miserably.

When the result came out, I cried so much that I literally fainted.

I was giving the exam and I knew I’ve blown it off.

And, I was sitting in a park, right outside my exam center.

I cried so much that I fainted. I woke up in 20-30 minutes and headed back home.

So, there is one thing I am scared of, letting people down.

And, I knew that day, that I’ve let my parents’ hopes down.

But, then I got into college.

But, I didn’t give up on my dreams because I knew I had to do something different.

It is not just studying, that’ll get me there, I knew that.

I organised electronic workshops, I was in the first year when I made my profile, I conducted electronic workshops in various colleges.

I calculated I needed 16K to start my company, to register it and get into the entire process.

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I didn’t want to ask my parents for that money.

My parents used to give me 3K per month, So, just to save some money I switched to a room which was 5’8 feet.

There was only place for a bunk there. You could either lie down or sit on that, this was how I’d save about Rs.400.

The second thing I did was. I was good at physics, I failed IIT, but I was still good. I started giving tuition to the kids in my neighbourhood.

The third thing I did is, I sold health insurance.

Till date, I know about every health insurance out there. I used to sell it for a long while.

The other thing I mentioned is, I started doing workshops in various cities. I conducted electronic workshops.

So, just to get 16K, I took up all these jobs.

I did not just end up earning those 16K, I started earning 12-13K a month.

And, I didn’t just register my company.

I gave my parents my first salary of 12K when I was a 20 year old.

And, to a kid from a really good background, this doesn’t seem much.

But, to a student who just came out of a small village, who just received loads of bad feedback on his language and dressing sense.

And, the cool guys and girls would just kick me out of the group.

They’d literally just ask me to walk away.

And, it was a lot that was a lot to me, at that time. And, it was all hark work and sweat.

I registered the company, but I wasn’t the CEO or Director.

I didn’t even have the legal documents to do that.

I didn’t have the pan card or the voter card, I had no documents.

So, I made my parents the directors.

Even today, they are the directors. Although, they know very little about the position they hold.

But, that was when I started doing coding.

Because I needed money to build my website and I started learning design and coding on my own.

That’s how it all started. I had very little knowledge of computers at that time.

I knew a little bit about building websites.

But, then I joined this company and met my mentor.

He saw something in me, I don’t know what.

But, he saw something in me, with no background in computers.

I had electronics in

He saw something in me and then he gave me a chance for a month.

He said, look “I’m giving you one month to prove yourself.”

And, they wanted to hire me for the front-end position, to design the pages.

Not just that, in one month, I ended up learning design, front-end, back-end and every piece of technology used in that particular company.

I ended up learning all that. And, that’s how it all started.

After that, I participated in a Hackathon which was organized by Peer Hack.

And, I won that particular hackathon.

So, hackathons have been like a really integral part of my journey after that.

They just push you to do so many things in straight 40 hours of coding.

You cannot imagine that, you just have to push yourself and show what you are.

So, after that first hackathon, I have participated in 13 hackathons till date, and I’ve won 11 of them.

People always say that, do one thing and focus on that.

I have been focusing, but I have been focusing on too many things.

I’m a designer, I’m a developer, I’m a web-architect, I do sketching as well.

I used to write poems, and I do everything, I organize events. I do every single thing I can.

I believe in the theory that ‘Be all you can be’.

You don’t have to limit yourself, you don’t have to restrict yourselves, in terms of your thoughts.

You can be more successful by just doing one thing, But, you won’t be able to explore yourself, you won’t be able to figure out who you are if you don’t do all you can do.

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You don’t have to make a career out of everything you do. But, try as many things as possible.

There are two things I’ve learned in life that I can suggest you, one is that, Don’t learn one thing.

If you ask me what is that one thing you’ve learned in life, I’d say I’ve learned how to learn really fast.

I learned that art. I’m not a computer genius.

I’ve won many hackathons, built great products, but, I’m not a computer genius even today.

I don’t know a lot of things. But, I know how to make things work.

I can learn really quickly, that’s what I’ve spent time in, learning that skill how exactly can you learn so fast.

Second is, never quit. Never say never.

I don’t have that word in my dictionary.

I have been running a company for 5 years, I’m a one-man army, I’ve been profitable since the past 5 years.

And, I have failed more than I can count.

But, it is about never giving up and learning fast.

But, I have big dreams. I want to build a lot of things.

But, there is a cost. Most of the time, I feel like I’m missing out. I’m not moving fast enough.

I haven’t achieved enough. How I know this is, I never measure what I have achieved.

I ask myself, what is out there for me to achieve. It always keeps you on your toes, but there is a dark side too.

You’re always angry that you’re not moving fast enough, it is always there.

I can say that I’m not happy most of the time.

Maybe, 80% of the time I’m not happy. I’m just fighting and struggling.

You’d ask, why I’m doing this. I’ll tell you exactly why. why I’m always angry and still fighting. So, when I go home.

So, after failing IIT when I went home, everyone in the village would make a comment on it, they told my father how much of a failure I was.

And, when I go back home after a month or two of struggling, they tell me small-small stories, not big things.

The one I’d like to share is, when I go home now, I’m told that we don’t tell your salary to anyone, because, no one in the village would believe that.

And, that they’d say to your face that you’re lying.

In that moment, all those 5 years of struggle.

I always live a hundred years in that moment.

When I see that I’m my parents’ pride, I live hundred years in a moment.

So, when I say I’m an entrepreneur who’s struggling, fighting and unhappy, I’m just doing stuff, But, that is the moment I’m fighting and living for.

I had to give up a lot You have to give up way more than you achieve, but it has to be worth it. And, that’s what I’m doing.

So, dream with your arms wide open, with your eyes wide open, because that’s the thing that matters.

Thank you!



Ravi Suhag is one of us, yet so different, just another creative geek. He is a very curious person both personally and professionally.

He proves that even if you didn’t get a chance to study in high-level institutions, you can still be successful and achieve many things in life, provided you have desire, goal, and attitude to hard work without the fear of failures.


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