Pursuing Dreams

Pursuing Dreams: Moral Story On Overcoming Discouragement

Updated on July 5, 2024

In the enchanting world of dreams and aspirations, lies a tale of resilience and self-belief. “Pursuing Dreams: A Moral Story on Overcoming Discouragement” takes us on a journey through the life of a determined individual, who faces adversity and discouragement while striving to reach their deepest desires. In this heartwarming narrative, we explore the significance of holding steadfast to our dreams, even when confronted with scepticism and doubt from others. Join us as we discover the power of unwavering determination and the transformative impact of believing in oneself, against all odds. This story serves as a timeless reminder that the pursuit of our dreams is not merely a destination but a transformative path that leads to personal growth and inner fulfilment.

Pursuing Dreams- From Flower Hawker To Regret

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who found himself in a difficult situation. To help support his family, he resorted to hawking flowers on a busy and dangerous highway. One fateful day, an old man happened to pass by and noticed the boy’s precarious occupation. Concerned for his well-being, the old man approached him and inquired, “Why do you hawk flowers on such a busy and dangerous road?”

With a hint of sadness in his voice, the boy responded, “My family is poor, and we can’t afford to pay for my school expenses.”

The old man, understanding the boy’s plight, offered some advice. “But you’re taking a great risk, young boy. Running through this main road puts your life in danger. Do you realize that you could get hit by a vehicle?”

In a soft whisper, the boy replied, “I just need to earn money so I can go back to school.”

The old man’s tone became stern as he emphasized the importance of life over education. “But your life is more valuable than education alone. Many successful people never attended school, yet they achieved greatness. Are you willing to risk your life just to pursue education? Listen carefully, if you were to be hit by a car, your life would be lost, and without life, education becomes irrelevant. Do you understand me?”

With those words lingering in the air, the old man added, “Education is not the sole key to success. Don’t jeopardize your life for it.”

The poor boy pondered over the old man’s words as he watched him walk away. Days turned into weeks, and the boy found himself deeply contemplating the wisdom imparted to him. He made a solemn vow to himself that he would never again sell flowers on the highway.

Fifteen years flew by, and the once-poor boy had transformed into a young man. However, life hadn’t been kind to him, and he found himself even poorer than before, struggling to make ends meet. One day, he chanced upon an old man and approached him with a plea, “Excuse me, sir. Could you spare some change?”

The old man’s face contorted with frustration as he retorted, “Why didn’t you study and make something useful of yourself?”

Sorrowfully, the young man replied, “My parents were impoverished and couldn’t afford to send me to school.”

Without holding back, the old man burst out, “Don’t blame your parents. Many individuals worked tirelessly and took risks during their childhood to pay for their education, knowing its importance. But you did nothing, so the fault lies with you!”

The young man’s spirit sank, feeling hurt and disheartened by the old man’s biting words. It was then that he realized this was the same person he had encountered fifteen years ago, the very same old man who had cautioned him against risking his life for education.

Moral Of The Story – Pursuing Dreams

The moral of the story of pursuing dreams is to value both education and life and to make informed decisions based on individual circumstances. It highlights the importance of education but also emphasizes that one should not risk their lives in pursuit of it. It reminds us to consider the wisdom and advice of others, but ultimately, we must make choices that align with our own aspirations and circumstances. Additionally, the story warns against judging others based on their circumstances, as everyone faces unique challenges and opportunities. Ultimately, the moral encourages us to believe in ourselves, take control of our destiny, and not let the discouragement or opinions of others deter us from pursuing our dreams.

Think About Pursuing Your Dreams

How frequently do you lend an ear to those who attempt to dissuade you from pursuing your aspirations? How often do you allow the judgments and opinions of others to engulf your thoughts? Have you realized that those who discourage you from chasing your dreams are often the ones who later fault you for not achieving them? They are swift to criticize your choices but offer no assistance when you’re in need. It’s time to seize the reins of your destiny. Have faith in yourself. Brush aside the naysayers. You hold the power to shape your own path, and the opinions of others should hold no sway over your aspirations.


In the captivating tale of “Pursuing Dreams: A Moral Story on Overcoming Discouragement,” we learn the significance of staying true to our aspirations despite the doubts and negativity of others. It reminds us to prioritize our own beliefs and not let external opinions hinder our journey. Through resilience and self-belief, we can conquer obstacles and find fulfilment in pursuing our dreams, proving that our determination and unwavering spirit can lead us to extraordinary heights.

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