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PregBuddy Healthcare Startup - Pregnancy Care
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(Last Updated On: December 26, 2018)

Today, many graduates in different fields from top institutions are struggling to find a suitable job to enhance their skill for their daily bread and also to make the world wonderful with their knowledge and talent. Social Media groups like Facebook and WhatsApp has become a major platform for passionate and energetic youngsters, to begin with, startup and become successful entrepreneurs. PregBuddy Healthcare Startup Founded by Grad From IIT Kharagpur has an amazing success story.

PregBuddy Healthcare Startup

When two or more people share their passion and skill that create new ideas. When they connect more talents to their network, that teamwork develops amazing success story which they might have never dreamt in their life. 

Some unexpected incidents make us feel sad because we never realise sometimes that incidents can change the life to a success story.

But it is not true for everyone. When S. L. Sivareena’s cousins had a miscarriage in the fourth month of her pregnancy, she discussed the matter with her friend Subhadeep Mondal and found a solution to help pregnant women through healthcare using digital technology. They found an attractive and very meaningful domain name PregBuddy and decided to work together in the healthcare space and bring about a positive change in people’s lives. 

This kind of positive thought does not come from the business mind, but from the mind realising the problems of common people and the possibility of using the new technology for a fast solution to use sitting at home.

Good thoughts and good qualities are the gifts of good institutions. Click To Tweet

Good thoughts and good qualities are the gifts of good institutions. Both graduate from IIT Kharagpur, one of the prestigious and well-known institutions changing the quality of the students through quality education, activities and leadership.

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Started out with a WhatsApp group and as a peer-to-peer instant reassurance platform for expecting mothers, PregBuddy is today trusted by 100,000 expecting mothers (as displayed on PregBuddy) and has been growing month-over-month.

S L Sivareena and Subhadeep Mondal founded PregBuddy in October 2016.  

The story of PregBuddy Healthcare Startup

During pregnancy changes in the body and mind happens daily. Click To Tweet

During pregnancy changes in the body and mind happens daily. It is important that the pregnant lady should be always happy because any kind of unnecessary stress can affect the baby and her health too.

Some pregnant women find it difficult to visit a Doctor every time because they feel uneasiness and tired after the travel. In the new technology world, many things are possible with the touch of a button and can consult with expert Doctors face to face sitting at home. 

Aim, Objective and Vision of PregBuddy.

PregBuddy is an AI-enabled care continuum platform for care providers and their expecting patients to intervene early, increase revenues and enhance care delivery process.

PregBuddy is a comprehensive platform for helping pregnant women. Click To Tweet

Aim – Provide personalised care through health experts and doctors, from pre-conception to the early years of motherhood.

Journey of PregBuddy

This is the startup journey of PregBuddy and how they are supporting pregnant women through their journey

Objective – Provide personal care and knowledge to urban women, trying to conceive, pregnant, new recent mothers and help them make better decisions for them and their child.

PregBuddy at Google Launchpad Solve for India

Google selected PregBuddy for its first cohort of Solve for India and its Launchpad Build programme.

Stay Informed, Stay Healthy, Stay Organized

  • Get doctors verified, simple and easy-to-understand articles containing tips about pregnancy, baby’s growth, body changes, diet.
  • Post your doubts, questions, reports and get answers from expecting mothers.
  • Live chat with expecting mothers in your language, from your region or having the same medical conditions.

Start your day by reading morning tips customised to the current day of your pregnancy.

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Track your visible symptoms, vital changes on a daily and weekly basis. 
No need to go to hospitals and wait for hours to consult the Doctor. You can stay connected with your own gynaecologist throughout your pregnancy.

Akshay Kumar and IAN awards PregBuddy at Startup SuperHero 2018

It has recently awarded by actor Akshay Kumar, Asian Business Angel Forum, and DST – Government of India for its contribution to the healthcare sector.

Key achievements

Funded by

  • Rajan Anandan (VP SEA & MD Google India)
  • Madhusudhan Kannan (CBO Uber India)
  • Jayant Kadambi (Ex-Chairman of YuMe IPOed 2013)
  • Puneet Gupta (COO Times Internet) & Indian Angel Network.
  • Awarded as StartupSuperstar of 2018 by actor Akshay Kumar and Franchise India.
  • Selected in the 1st cohort of Google’s Solve for India program, 2018.
  • Selected in ET Power of Ideas 2018 by Economic Times and DST- Govt of India.
  • Selected in Startup Chile Seed Program 2018 and BlackBox Connect 22.
  • Selected in Google Launchpad Build program in India.
  • Represented Indian delegation at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, by Govt of India & USA.
  • Among top 3 winners in Venture Engine 2017 at Asian Business Angel Forum, Sri Lanka.
  • Selected in Facebook’s FBStart & SheLeadsTech programs by Facebook.
  • Among the few startups selected in YCombinator Office Hours.
  • Among top 15 women-led ventures in empoWer 2017 cohort in Zone Startups. 
  • Bootstrapped and profitable for 1.5 years before raising funds.
  • Featured in VC Circle, TechCircle, The Hindu, Economic Times, ET Tech, ET Rise, Business Insider, Times of India, YourStory, , Inc42, Times Now, ZeeBusiness, News18, EHealth, and offline media houses: Economic Times, The Hindu, Times of India and Deccan Herald.
  • PregBuddy’s journey covered by Entrepreneur Mag, AsiaBiz, HerSaga, Asian Entrepreneur & IndianWomenBlog.
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Credits – Sivareena S.L. Co-Founder PregBuddy (Google Launchpad)

“We’ve seen stories of expectant mothers and how we’ve helped them. That’s something which keeps me going every day. More and more women are joining the team to create an impact at such an early stage, and that’s success for me,” said Sivareena

Source: Yahoo News India


Some incidents helps to awake your thoughts and find a new path in your life. Always keep connected with good friends who have passion, goals and teamspirit. Share knowledge and ideas to develope something new and betterment for the people. Success will follow you and take you to the top of the ladder.

Motherhood is a not a state of mind or body, it is an experience to be lived and journey full of memories. PregBuddy, one of the best pregnancy apps ever, shall prove to be the best buddy for your pregnancy period.

Download PregBuddy Android application from Google Play.

Sivareena explains the whole story about PregBuddy starting from the genesis of the idea to their vision for PregBuddy.

Healthcare startup Pregbuddy raises investment from IAN’s Rajan Anandan, Pradeep Jaisingh and others.

Do you know Sundar Pichai Google Ceo is also studied in IIT Kharagpur?

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