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Personality Development – How to Develop an Attractive Personality

Updated on July 5, 2024

Have you ever wondered about the personality of some people who just walk into a room and light up the entire space? You might have noticed that good personalities people are attracted by others easily. Have you ever wanted to be like that person? Nothing to worry about that, you can also develop a good personality. This article is about 7 easy personality development tips that you can try in your life. Remember that a confident and attractive personality is not an inborn quality. You can develop a good personality easily through self-improvement.

7 Personality Development Tips

7 Personality Development Tips
7 Personality Development Tips

1. Perfect Conversation Ratio – Personality development

Do you know the perfect conversation ratio is 75 per cent listening and 25 per cent speaking? But many of us like to speak 75% and listen 25%. When someone is talking to you, you should cultivate the art of active listening. You can nod your head and use words like wow, yeah, amazing, really, superb, etc which give happiness in the mind of the person talking to you because he feels that you are respecting him. Do you know listening is the best sincere form of respect? When you are not interrupting and listening to a person you are connecting with that person. While talking with a person always maintain eye contact with kind eyes and a warm appreciative smile on your face. That will make people attracted to you like a magnet.

2. Name Card

When you’re talking to somebody try to use their name frequently. You can use like hey (name) how are you, how have you been, haven’t seen you in a while now. But don’t crazily overdo it. When you meet a person after an interval of many days, if you use his name while talking, that means you are remembering that person.

3. Icebreaker Jokes – Personality Development

Do you know no friendly conversation is complete without some jokes, leg-pulling, and laughing? A truly charismatic person makes jokes and confidently laughs and makes others happy. That shows they are comfortable with his words. Saying jokes and making others laugh is personality development.

4. Magnet of friends

Try to build good relationships with people through socialising often because that will be a great source of boosting your self-confidence. It is very important to be genuinely helping others, having kindness, caring, and appreciating people who deserve it. This will not only prove who you are but also will make others happy. If you make others feel good then you will become a perfect magnet for all your friends. Good friends will help to improve your personality development, but bad friends will destroy it.

5. Secret strategy

The secret strategy means that if you tell somebody a secret they think that you trust that person. In return, that person trusts you back. If you want close friends circle make sure that you tell them a little secret about yourself and they will like and trust you that much more and they feel closer to you. But make sure that you’re telling them your own secret only. Never tell the secret of a friend to another friend.

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6. Roots of interest

Try to develop passion and interest in different topics while being sensitive to others and respecting their own maybe preferences, thoughts, and opinions. When you show interest in something that another person is passionate about, he is certainly going to get attracted to you.

7. Art of saying No

For many people, it is difficult to say ‘NO’ to others. Sometimes it is a kind of balance between being a likeable and a rude person. The one who can say ‘NO’ politely and yet firmly is a confident and positive person. You should be able to say ‘NO’ wherever it is necessary, but ensure your ‘NO’ should not have any arrogance. Learn the art of saying ‘NO’, one of the best personality development.


The above are some of the easy tips for personality development. Your personality is the pillar of your success in life. Break negative patterns. You should develop a good personality, a positive attitude and good habits to make your life happy and successful. If you have any bad habits, you must quit bad habits. Try to improve your personality development for a successful life.

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