Patience Is Essential For A Successful Life
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Patience Is Essential For A Successful Life

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2019)

The two things, anger and stress, are enough to ruin a person’s health and life. The best antidote to both these illnesses is Patience. Patience is essential for good physical and mental health because patience helps to overcome challenges with more flexibility in a better way than your expectation. 

Patience Is Essential For A Successful Life

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None can make anyone angry or calm from outside. Then what is happening? When a person speaks or acts in an angry mood, his inner anger is coming out.

It is impossible to blow the fire from the oven without a spark. Like that, if a person has no inner anger, you cannot make him angry with any provocative words or action.

He will smile and ignore your words. After the talk, you may feel bad or stressful, but there will be no change in his mood. Do you remember such a person ever met in your life?

Moral story of the weaver and boys

There was a weaver who was selling clothes on the footpath. He was always calm and never used to get angry even though someone provokes him.

Knowing about his calm nature, two young boys decided to make him angry at any cost. Both of them went near the man, picked up a cloth and asked the price. The man told the price to them.

One boy cut the cloth into two pieces and said, ‘I need only half, so what is the price for half piece’. The man said half of the price.

Again the boy cut the cloth and said what is the price of quarter length. The man replied 25% of the original price. The boy tore the cloth into many pieces and it has become unusable. But there was no change in the man, he was still calm.

At last, the boys accepted their failure and gave him the price of the cloth. But the man denied the money and said, “I don’t need the price for the cloth, because it is unusable to anyone.

We can find many people like this man who never get angry even if they have to face any kind of loss or insult.

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

Bible Matthew 5:5

I have noticed some gentlemen and ladies in the media debates, never get angry or speak anything hurting others. They keep smiling and reply in a calm voice for the arguments by the anchor and other participants.

But many other people cannot control their emotions. They shout, their body language changes, face become reddish and even we can notice the vibration on their face.

Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools.

Bible Ecclesiastes 7:9

I remember in the past I was getting angry for silly matters. I had no patience and was quickly responding. Thanks to God for some improvement now. But still, sometimes anger burst out, but not often as earlier.

If you have the anger problem, you can learn and try to cope with anger. Anger is a very bad emotion, which can cause unexpected and unwanted damage to self and others.

How to Remain Calm With People

Remaining calm around people who annoy us is one of the great life skills.

From a rose flower, fragrance only will come out, and odour only from the waste. The reverse will never happen.   Click To Tweet

Patience – Poem

Author – Subi Nanthivarman 2019

Patience is an enigma
Too much and one is a doormat
Too little and one destroys

Patience in right doses
Patience with the right people
Patience at the right times

Patience to build
Patience to persist
Patience to nurture

Patience is a balance
Patience needs practice
Patience has its own rule book

Patience comes with maturity
Patience comes with experience
Patience takes time to get right

Patience to learn patience
Patience to Know Thyself
Patience to work within

Patience to uplift others
Patience to empower
Patience to let things take their time

Patience to let others find their path
Patience to travel their journey
Patience stay the course

If I master all of these
I shall be overjoyed
That I untied
The Gordian knot
That is Patience

This poem originally published in LinkedIn today. I have added in the blog post with permission from the Author.


It is easy to express negative feelings, but we should control it. The calmness of one can calm the family, society and even the whole country. Remember patience is essential for happiness and success.

Do you think patience is necessary for a happy life?

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